Top-10 Artists in my charts for 2 years (05.07.2008-31.08.2010)


Ago 31 2010, 16h39

1) Demonic Dismemberment
from USA, with a message. One of the best and unique projects I've ever heard.

2) Murder
/, excelent punk music.

3) Last Days of Humanity
Most brutal and fast in the world I guess. I rested with their music after hard studying at University.

4) Vomitorial Corpulence
First band in my life (in 2006). Before I was listening just to and a little.

5) No Innocent Victim
One of the first -bands in my life, one of the most favourite bands. Listening them since 2004. Was playing cover to their My Beliefs song at St. Paul Crew

6) Rubufaso Mukufo
Good / from Czech. Saw them live at Ukrainian tour, bought a Tour T-Shirt. At New Year 2009 night I was listening to them :)

7) P.O.D.
They led me into big interest in music. First band more harder then I was listening before. At summer 2002 saw their clip "Youth of the Nation" at Ukrainian Music Channel "Enter-Music" and noticed that their music is not like other music that was played on this channel. The big surprise for me was to see them on the cover of the new Christian magazine "Pro-Rock" when I came to shop at church. I wasn't know that exist bands. Bought their CD and after that I was a big fan of this band since 2002 to 2006 and began my long and wide musical way and musical development, the results of which can be seen in my charts (since 05.07.2008). Even made a D.I.Y. T-Shirt and have a stripe.

8) Meshuggah
One of the most favorite bands. One of the most unique bands in the world, best sound & unique sound, amazing otherworldly atmosphere, groovest . Found them in 2006 thanks to friends. Have a T-Shirt and stripe.

9) Agnostic Front
Another Voice is one of the best albums in my opinion.

10) Bad Balance
My interest in music began from in 2000-2002.
Каменный Лес is album I 'was listening to the holes'. In 2007 I began to listen again and since Summer 2009 is a lead music I'm listening. So I'm back to my roots and this band even joined in the Top-10 artists for last 2 years.

Truly most fav artist (mentally, not by charts) is number 8, 7, 5, 2, 1, 10, 9. 3 and 6 are fav in this genre, 4 is not fav, just epic (for me and as phenomenon).


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