Out 5 2011, 12h10

Wooden Shjips, Secret Chiefs 3, Barn Owl, The Book Of Knots, Cave In, Hella, Retox, Caïna, Bee Mask, Spectrum Spools, Necro Deathmort, Dead Elephant, Blueneck, Next Life, Plus live action: Eyehategod, Sonisphere, Mono, Godflesh + Goatsnake! Plus over 100 album reviews, including 400 Blows, A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Alias, Ancient Vvisdom, Avichi, Balaclava, Battles, Årabrot, All Pigs Must Die, Biosphere, Cave, Cloak of Altering, Contemporary Noise Sextet, Controlled Bleeding, Crystal Antlers, Dirge, Damo Suzuki & Cuzo, Earthling Society, Electric Moon, Ellen Fullman, The Ergon Carousel, Falloch, Fire!, Elysian Fields, Eternal Tapestry, fragment., Goes Cube, Grumbling Fur, Hail!Hornet, Hot Head Show, Helms Alee, Richard A Ingram, Franz Kirmann, Loscil, Loss, Marconi Union, Manorexia, Morne, Prurient, Omega Massif, Motorpsycho, Nerve, Planks, Premonition 13, *shels, Roll the Dice, Primus, Sankt Otten, Scream, Sepultura, Seven Sisters of Sleep, Son Lux, Splashgirl, Splice, Slabdragger, Today Is The Day, Syndrome, Robert Stillman, SSS, Tattie Toes, The Thing, Unkind, Victims, VIBRAVOID, Mika Vaino, YOB, Jozef van Wissem, Xibalba, Big Business, Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, Bohren und der Club of Gore, Brainoil, A Fucking Elephant, Conan/Slomatics, Okkultokrati, Temporal Marauder, Heaven in Her Arms, Richard Youngs, Velnias, Spunk, Broken Arm, Heinali and Matt Finney, Divorce, Throat, and more!

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