Joe's concert review - February 19th, 2012


Fev 22 2012, 16h25

Yesterday, Joe gave a concert in Paris, as he was touring Europe.

A French R&B singer called NJ opened the concert. I had already heard about him, but I never listened to his songs as I never listen to French R&B. It doesn’t sound natural to me.

Anyways, he played for 30 minutes and he had a lot of success. I liked his songs, although I wouldn’t buy his album. He did a good work, and thanked us all for listening to him.

Then came Joe at 20.50. No sooner had he appeared on the stage than all the girls were screaming.

He started off with Where You At and If I Was Your Man (from the Ain’t Nothin’ Like Me[/abum] album) and then, he carried on with Stutter (from [album artist=Joe]My Name Is Joe), Don’t Wanna Be A Player (from All That I Am) & his big hit Ride Wit U (from And Then…). We kept singing and the girls kept screaming.

I was with my friends, and we were just in front of the stage. I had never been that close. I really liked it, although I was being pushed all the time.

Joe continued singing with Let’s Stay Home Tonight and What If a Woman (from the Better Days album). He also sang More & More (from And Then…). As soon as he started I Wanna Know, the whole venue sang the whole song, and Joe was really impressed. He carried on with All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do) (from his 2nd album, All That I Am).

Before taking his guitar, he sang "Closer". Afterwards, he took his guitar and sang a some extracts of All That I Am (from the album of the same name) and No One Else Comes Close (from the same album).

As the concert came to an end, he sang an extract of Slow Kisses (from his latest album, The Good, The Bad, The Sexy and Losing (from the same album).

Just before leaving, a fan brought all of her albums for him to sign, which he did. He also said that those CDs where his book of love and he thanked her for bringing them. He then left the stage.

The concert ended at 21.50 with no encore, although I thought there would be one. My friends went to see him backstage and talked to him for 10 minutes, as he knows them well.

I loved this concert. I’ve always wanted to go see him live and I was very happy to be there. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact the using of the albums instead of a real band, but it’s alright though, I liked his performance.

This concert also allowed me to meet 2 Spanish friends of mine, whom I met on Last FM 3 years ago. We’ve been talking since the beginning and I hope this meeting made our friendship stronger. They are amazing girls and I’m glad I met them :-)

Thanks for reading :-)


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