Yee Gads!


Fev 18 2011, 7h30

Here's another journal entry.


  • Rmwbauer

    And here's a comment so you'll look and see that it says "1 Comment" and you'll always think someone left a comment but then you'll see it was just you and you'll be full of disappointment for a brief period.

    Fev 18 2011, 7h59
  • Metzger84

    And other people will expect the same thing. And feel similar disappointment upon discovery of this falsification, albeit to a lesser degree.

    Fev 25 2011, 7h50
  • Rmwbauer


    Fev 25 2011, 7h59
  • Rmwbauer

    Aw. Foiled.

    Mar 2 2011, 4h49
  • Rmwbauer

    Aw. Again. Damn it.

    Mar 24 2011, 0h13
  • Metzger84

    What chu need and what chu get ain't always the same thing, boy.

    Mar 29 2011, 6h31
  • Rmwbauer

    Yes. A comment. This click was worth it now.

    Mar 31 2011, 2h46
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