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Ago 30 2010, 20h34

Sun 29 Aug – Fischer-Z

I was in the second class of the Senior General Secondary Education, when Fischer-Z scoored a minor hit with Marliese, not shortly after I saw a performance of John Watts during the No-Nukes festival on the Dutch TV. A broadcast that still brings back warm memories, cos it also introduced me to the music of The Stranglers, The Sound and Ideal. Since then I have been following John Watts, unfortuantly never been able to see him live. I bought his solo records, the album of The Cry and the later albums of Fischer-Z re-incarnation.

So I was kind of surprised learning that John Watts would play two concerts in the Netherlands, one as a support of Simple Minds. Since I've seen quite some concerts of the Simple Minds over the past few years, I decided to visit the Fischer-Z concert at the Mezz in Breda.

It turned out to be a good decision, since John Watts] and co did a great concert, with a great setlist of songs from the first three Fischer-Z albums. With Sam Walker, Matthew Gest and Matthew Waer John Watts got a great band, which are able to perform in a high standard. The performance of the tracks was outstanding, and the major part of the setlist are favourites of mine.

So I really enjoyed the concert and I am looking forward to new dates of this line-up of Fischer-Z, silently hoping John Watts will play a solo concert soon as well.


Remember Russia
Wax Dolls
The Worker
Pretty Paracetamol
Room Service
So Long
Crazy Girl
In England
Battallions Of Strangers
Red Skies Over Paradise

Pick Up / Slip Up


John Watts - Vocals, guitar
Sam Walker - Drums, backing vocals
Matthew Gest - Keyboards, backing vocals
Matthew Waer - Bass, backing vocals


  • EdwardH

    Thanks for posting the setlist! A correction: the title of the first encore is "Pick Up/Slip Up" instead of "Where Did It All Go Wrong". I've made a copy on

    Set 1 2010, 17h33
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