Studio Laspes


Abr 4 2010, 12h57

It gets kinda crazy while in the studio. I was there today when a couple artists that were doing their business Jay Blaze, Rick GhraphiXxX, Champ, Black&Mouse. They put like two 'in the air' and I lasped over and over from Tiredness.. dozin' off, just being awake for so long many times this week.


  • RippedtGhraphiX

    Yeah it gets hectic

    Abr 4 2010, 12h59
  • SoulSouPreeM

    Id love to be in the studio with some artist like that

    Abr 5 2010, 3h28

    Guys.. Rick doesnt even sleep.. the only times is when he comes ova to see his sis.. yay!! btw.. lol And we watch Scarface, Madagascar, and Happy Feet.. lol Dont tell him I said this.. hes supposed to be the "Fresh Rapper" to col for these things.. lol But Im baby sis.. . ;DD

    Abr 6 2010, 9h26
  • MuseekfaLyfe

    that happens during all finals week(s) for me studying working like crazy

    Abr 9 2010, 10h37
  • RippedtGhraphiX

    You mean just the dozing off Right tIFFy?

    Abr 12 2010, 7h27
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