• Clarity

    Out 23 2011, 19h00

    I want to serve you as good as I can with my Scrobbler so tell me:
    How is your policy on Artist with ' The' before the name?
    Wich artist have that and wich not?
    Also, names with punctuaction, how is your policy on that?

    I'd be very thankfull if you could tell me.

    Greets Rinetzko.
  • It's really unfair

    Out 21 2011, 9h32

    I'm a huge advocate of the Scrobbler, let that be said.

    It's handy to keep track of what you are listening to and howmuch you listen to each band.

    There is, however, one problem.
    I have Windows Vista (yes it fails, I know) and on this platform the scrobbler sometimes randomly freezes up.
    Wich means, I have to re-install and thus shut WMP off while I rather listen on.
    And even if I did this, it only works for 2 months before it freezes up again.
    I have Windows 7 on my laptop, and there is doesn't freeze up.
    I had to re-install it once versus the 10 times I did that on Vista.

    My point being: It is very annoying to discover that the Scrobbler froze up an hour ago, leaving 10 songs unscrobbled.

    I have asked to please invent a Vista-proof scrobbler, but that request has yet to be answered.

    With regards, Rinetzko
  • It's really unfair.

    Mai 30 2011, 19h17

    Going through my 'records' here, I suddenly noticed a lot of Girl Talk-plays.
    Wich, and this is not an excuse, just unfair, isn't really true.
    Feed the Animals, by this artist is basically a medley divided into tracks.
    Now, I've come to enjoy this medley for it's originiality and partymoments, despite the fact that unfortunatly still counts every song seperatly.
    So, I think that it would be more fair if my Girl Talk-plays were divided with 12, so it doesn't overshadow the true musical geniuses any more.

    But, than again, I'm a dull and simple lad, having to live with the fact that one Girl Talk-medley counts for 12 tracks.

    Have I already said that it's really unfair?