a flat major is the best fucking key signature ever a rhythm so infectious the head bobbing is involuntary about as sophisticated as darkness gets air drums song airborne rush of wind that you can feel through your hair usually atmospheric better than radiohead bone shuddering close your eyes considerably better live damnit damnit damnit goddamnit goddamnit im sorry i just love this song so fucking… dramatic fucking ravaged and emotionally drunk sitting in the corner of a railroad car… ghaaaaaaaa just gtfo of my head already great harmonies great intro great music video great outro great vocals how very ponderous i am very glad i decided to listen to this just now and it just might be my best… i apologize to love and humanity but this is exactly what i was looking for and yes… i blame the drugs for making me want to listen to this i dont know what it is about it but i like it a lot i had ignored it for such a long time because i judged it to suck before giving it a… i mean fuuuuck come on i really wish it lasted longer i think i would be less contemptuous of it if it didnt remind me of something im… i'm sorry influential innocent and mostly harmless music it all makes sense now and it might even be okay in the end its been a little while its kind of a funny story keep it weird kick ass kickass like listening to an old friend magnum opus mercy the things id do and the music id listen to for that bitch is unbelievable motherfuckin creepy music i normally hate music that makes you feel like youre underwater my latest obsession no nostalgic songs not even better than radiohead on my infamous and excessively long list of songs to cover overlooked for its musical value due to its upbeat nature pisshole of sorrow music play it so damn loud it dont hurt anymore pleasuably messy pleasurably messy proof that there is such a thing as good pop music so grossly overpopular it overlapped itself and is ironically but perversely… spiraling winds of energy and imagery that beautifully climax and say god damn i am… strong sad subtle but sinister sunrise music sure i might not listen to it like i did but i have yet to completely forget about it syrupy and ballady but still very listenable temporarily appreciated now forgotten radio music that deserved better thanks though that feels so good lets go kick some serious ass right fucking now the one song in the entire discography that doesnt get old they broke me this is war motherfucker too hard to ignore no matter how lame it is why did this not ever become popular woah words escape me would make a great graduation song wtfs how the hell does he or she do that yeah i get it now