Guitar Solos


Jan 19 2007, 22h21


  • WDave40

    Not so much solos as these songs are instrumentals but Satch Boogie, The Extremist and Surfin with the alien by Joe Satriani are great, and For The Love Of God by Steve Vai is good too. Good luck with the guitaring too.

    Jan 19 2007, 22h26
  • Resplended

    Oh dear, how could I forget Satriani?! :o Thanks, list updated. Quick reply too! I don't believe I have Satch's The Extremist or Vai's For The Love of God so I'll check them out. :)

    Jan 19 2007, 22h37
  • chrisday

    I like alot of Opeth's solos.. they don't seem to do as many nowadays, but on older albums like Orchid and My Arms Your Hearse there are some good ones. Also the one in Godhead's Lament from Still Life is excellent. Actually their album Damnation has some good, slower solo stuff, check out Ending Credits. I like the solos in Metallica's slower ballads too.. aside from One, I think Fade to Black and Sanitarium have some good ones.

    Jan 19 2007, 23h51
  • Last_On_Bleach

    Personally, i have always loved the solo in Freak Scene, really great solo that doesn't get in the way of the song like many solos do

    Jan 20 2007, 7h03
  • Resplended

    Cheers, I'll look into them. :) Keep 'em coming!

    Jan 20 2007, 13h14
  • Tutanchamon

    These are my favourite ones: Dreams of Eschaton / Epilogue Child in Time Mr. Crowley Hotel California To Mega Therion Hallowed Be Thy Name Fabryka Keksów W sobie Flaming Metal System Blood Brothers

    Jan 20 2007, 16h17
  • Tutanchamon

    I forget about Phantom of the Opera and Halloween

    Jan 20 2007, 16h23
  • MarekDragon

    An aspiring dream...Dream Theater! Almost any of their solos are amazing, but good luck pulling them off!

    Jan 20 2007, 16h28
  • Ironman_pt

    Phanton of the Opera. need to say more. guess not. Up the Iron's.

    Jan 20 2007, 19h17
  • Lancymelv


    Jan 21 2007, 1h03
  • Ferris_Bueller

    [u]Some favorite classic guitar solos[/u]: Comfortably Numb (Pulse Version) Child in Time Freebird Sweet Child O' Mine

    Jan 21 2007, 7h57
  • Resplended

    Thanks, updated! Lance: I'll be like that in no time. ;)

    Jan 21 2007, 11h16
  • BRMExtrEmE

    FREEEEE BIIIIRD! Truly the greatest. :)

    Jan 25 2007, 20h57
  • Resplended

    I never expected so many replies! :) Was away through the week, looks like I have some work to do. :P

    Jan 26 2007, 19h03
  • MarekDragon

    People are very defensive of their of course they want to promote them! Have fun adding them!

    Jan 27 2007, 10h03
  • studencik

    My favourite Iron Maiden solos are in Aces High and Transylvania. There is a cool and easy intro in Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner.

    Jan 31 2007, 22h00
  • studencik

    Ahh, and check out into to Van Halen - Ain't Talkin' Bout Love. It rocks!

    Jan 31 2007, 22h03
  • Resplended

    [quote=MarekDragon] People are very defensive of their of course they want to promote them! Have fun adding them![/quote] Heh, seems you are right. Thanks again everyone, updated. Still got a lot of these to listen to! :)

    Fev 3 2007, 20h05
  • Siberian_Louis

    Seventh Son of a Seventh Son My favourite guitar solo of all time, bar none. and my favourite Iron Maiden song ever, on my favourite Maiden album... Simply amazing.

    Mar 31 2007, 4h21
  • Seasonreaper

    Pantera - Planet Caravan Vesperian Sorrow - Windswept Iron Maiden - Strange World Iron Maiden - Remember Tomorrow Opeth's cover of Remember Tomorrow =D Through The Eyes Of The Dead - When Everything Becomes Nothing Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Two Inches From A Main Artery Wintersun - Death And The Healing Amon Amarth - Amon Amarth Amon Amarth - Gods Of War Arise Amon Amarth - Under The Northern Star

    Abr 7 2007, 17h02
  • Foreign10

    it's cool that carcass' carnal forge is in there, both of the solos are awesome and bill steers sounds great over the riff under it. I really don't get what's so great about the solo in stairway to heaven. some other great ones... Death - Trapped in a Corner CKY - All Power to Slaves Disincarnate - In Sufferance

    Abr 15 2007, 4h04
  • MarekDragon

    Canon Rock! I believe that's Yngwie Malmsteem, but I don't know.

    Abr 21 2007, 11h49
  • Resplended

    Wow this journal is still getting replies? Looks like I'm in need of an update, thanks guys n gals!

    Abr 21 2007, 23h03
  • kafamgirsin

    ted nugent - stranglehold

    Jun 12 2007, 18h16
  • etrenocturne

    In Flames - December Flower. amaaaaazzzzzing solo.

    Jul 10 2007, 23h20
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