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"Travellers are Travellers for all eternity.
Travellers were Travellers in ancient history.
Travellers, I would say it world wide,
Travellers are Travellers I will say it with pride."
--Bernard Power

Travellers are an indigenous minority who, historical sources confirm, have been part of Irish society for centuries. Travellers long shared history, cultural values, language (known as Gammon, Shelta, or Cant), customs and traditions make them a self-defined group, and one which is recognisable and distinct. Their culture and way of life, of which nomadism is an important factor, distinguishes them from the sedentary (settled) population. Their contribution to music and story-telling has been of great importance to these traditions. Travellers were the link between isolated communities in a rural society. They carried the music, stories and news from village to village. They also kept these traditions alive during the oppression of the British, who tried to destroy Irish Culture.
While it is clear that Traveller have long suffered from discrimination and prejudice in Irish society, up until recently very little was known about these experiences, and Travellers are often invisible to policy and decision makers. However these gaps have begun to be closed in recent years but though legislation has been enacted to address discrimination against the Travellers, discrimination is still an issue. The Traveller community in Ireland experiences social exclusion and discrimination at all levels of society. Travellers live with the daily reality of being refused access to a range of services including shops, pubs, hairdressers and laundrettes. Systematic efforts were made to assimilate Travellers into the dominant population on the assumption that it was the best interests of everyone. In a public attitudes survey published by the governments 'Know Racism' campaign in February 2004 72% of respondents agreed that the settled community do not want members of the Traveller community living amongst them, while 48% disagreed that Traveller make a positive contribution to Irish society. Since 1999 Irish Travellers have been recognised in English law as an ethnic group and protected under the Race Relations Act.

Renato Ventura
Nomads - Single


  • zerofish9

    Hey R.=Thxz4 connecting this journal here! It's enjoyable to have a bit of historical knowledge going thru the brain & Lfm every so often/-Nomads is a nice trak, and a good shift as well,...& we could use some more world & neoworld music in the fusion mix here at the group! I can relate to the travelers=I've been one most of my life(been called a vagbond more than once-hA!)--I'll play Nomads for my Irish landlord-she should like it;) peace->

    Dez 17 2007, 8h12
  • RenatoV

    Thanks to you for the attention :-). I remember that you said that a bit of world fusion can have a place @ ambiOfusion group (and the fact that I'm in the connections confirm your words) so I'm here to present this piece. I'm really glad that you liked it! ... ah ... remember ... tell me the opinion of your (for sure nice) landlord, I'm curious of to know what thinks an irish of the celtic feeling of a sicilian ... lol. Ciao

    Dez 17 2007, 18h47
  • northcape

    Wow, sounds very authentic (at least until the obviously electronic sounds enter). Nice stuff. I'm interested to know how this was produced- is it based on a traditional irish tune or is it brand new? And is it all electronic? Its hard to tell...

    Dez 17 2007, 21h06
  • RenatoV

    Alastair, nice hear from you :-) The piece is totally new and not based on any traditional irish music ... at least this was my intentions ;-). It's a MIDI composition, the acoustic sounds (pipes, violins and strings) comes from a Roland JV-2080 (expanded) and from an Alesis QSR, so I can say that it's all electronic also if I haven't used any genre of audio samples.

    Dez 18 2007, 10h16
  • RenatoV

    Tony, for sure you don't know that my hair aren't brown, just colured ... I'm a [color=red][b]redhead[/b][/color] ;-)

    Dez 20 2007, 9h26
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