Oh How Us College Kids Love Relient K


Abr 2 2012, 19h03

Sat 31 Mar – Relient K, We Shot the Moon, The Workday Release
It was great to have my all time favorite band headline a show here at Biola University. It was a treat for us College Kids who first began singing along to Be My Escape back in the 8th grade. I had been to one of their shows in 9th grade, when they were touring with Switchfoot, but this concert meant a lot more to me now that I've had a chance to follow them through the years. They played my all time favorites, and I sang along with them all. They put on a great show, and there was a lot of energy in the audience. Condolences to the Thiessen family on losing Matt's grandfather last week. That was hard to hear about, and it was both touching and powerful that they played Deathbed for the finale. What a blessing to have the life-changing Message of salvation delivered in artistic brilliance by so many of Relient K's songs, that one especially. Thank you for coming to Biola! Good luck on your upcoming album! Relient K


  • kalsonberry

    That's so cool that Relient K came to your college! My college is bringing a random electronic band in a couple weeks haha....does Relient K play a good mix from all their albums? Nice to hear that We Shot The Moon is still around as well, I was a big fan of Waking Ashland.

    Abr 2 2012, 20h34
  • Relient22

    Yes, it was a pretty even selection from throughout the years! I'd say they took the most from Five Score and Forget and Not Slow Down though.

    Abr 8 2012, 22h41
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