Favorite Artists And Why I Love Them


Ago 14 2007, 5h16

1. 宇多田ヒカル
She's an amazing singer and songwriter, who has produced some of the most infectious beats and melodies I've ever heard. Ever since I first heard her songs, I've been hooked on this Japanese singer.
First Song I Heard: First Love
Favorite Song So Far: 誰かの願いが叶うころ
Favorite Album: DEEP RIVER

2. Shakira
She earned the love of millions of fans around the world with her masterful writing and her unique voice. Many of Shakira's songs are my favorite, because of how well they're written and how wonderful their music is composed.
First Song I Heard: Estoy Aquí
Favorite Song So Far: Que me quedes tú
  Favorite Album: Dónde Están los Ladrones?

3. La Ley
La Ley was a Chilean rock band that recently disbanded. They wrote songs that became instant classics among the Spanish-speakers of the world and had a vocalist who has one of the most amazing voices ever.
First Song Heard: Aquí
Favorite Song So Far: Dia Cero
Favorite Album: MTV Unplugged

4. Maná
Anyone who loves rock music (or even listens to music, for that matter) in Latin America can tell you that this is one of the greatest bands today. I didn't start listening to them heavily until recently, but I've found that all the praise they've gotten is very well-earned.
First Song Heard: Oye mi amor
Favorite Song So Far: Vivir sin aire
Favorite Album: Amar es Combatir

5. L'Arc-en-Ciel
This band is amazing. Considering that I can only understand about 50% of what they're saying...but anyway. They're amazing. They've released many, many albums and singles and the great majority are just great. Hyde's voice is like no other, and the band isn't like any other band that sounds the same -- this band definitely has a distinct sound.
First Song Heard: LOVE FLIES
Favorite Song So Far: TIME SLIP
Favorite Album: Real


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