Recruiting to Music?


Dez 15 2007, 22h23

RecruiterGuy here... Just getting some things done over the weekend that managed to get away from me during the week.

Is it just me or is it hard to concentrate during the holidays? Of course, it's one of the busiest holiday's I've ever had.

I am the Associate Director of Recruiting for AT&T's NonManagement staffing teams. My team is responsible for the talent acquisition of all external recruitment efforts tied to occupational titles at AT&T. And yeah... we're BUSY.

This week consisted of looking for people that have sales experience and would enjoy earning up to $30k to over $50k in base salaries plus commissions - in various markets. These jobs, AT&T Senior Consultants, AT&T Sales Representatives, and AT&T Sales Associates, all work in fast-paced call centers and have competitive benefit and compensation packages.
Hard to recruit? Nah - there are just so many in so many locations that it truly keeps our teams hustling.

The music I've been jamming to while posting ads, mining boards, and working with our teams on great strategies?
As follows:
Amy Winehouse - while working through my budget numbers.
Collective Soul and Radiohead - while sourcing boards and putting Google to work for us.
Godsmack - while working with the team to iron out strategies.
Rascall Flatts - while Facebooking this week.

Coolest thing put on the web this week? Fun to watch, and yeah, my feet get to tapping... but I've no clue who the tunes are by. (catch this vid live at any of our job fairs - you know you wanna'. LOL)

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