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Sobre mim

Hi, my name is Kristoff. Well, actually, it's not really Kristoff but Kristoff is a decent first-order approximation. And everyone calls me Kristoff. So let's say it's my Wittgensteinian name.

I'm a linguistics student at the State University of New York at Buffalo. I deeply resent all the money I will have to shell out to this frozen hellhole. Even so, after I get out of Dodge I'd like to go to grad school for philosophy, then become a professional troll. No one is a better troll than I am.

I scrobble YouTube videos with Python. Ask me for details.

binge - cringe

sloppy - binge

sloppy mincing
eyedropping - biopsy
cyclops overlooks
optic functions
rotten - showstopper - skinpopper
babbler dabbler - self-confessed criminal
tore pen in vein
instant still spellbound
game stock - talk back rock
reencounter incident
subsistence is inexistant
unwitted - oblivious
habitual resistor
roughed up edge - fluent nudge
pre-collect ignition
motivation inexistant

wasted views
that's all they see blue
hot blood
optic nerve
with the right attitude you will succeed blue
self abusive recluse
too late for me
made shifting peace
unsettling - crazy - do crazy things
keep your eyes open
soft spoken changes nothing
a view so cruel (a view!)

dog's body comatose
torchlight roast
disinterest! disinfect!
retold - impressed by possession
insiders know refresh
detained - contest
author's pure
sure tonight
freeze in time
shadows climb - distractions override
instincts evolved
over and over

I can see again??

wasted truth
why call at all blue
hot lines
eventual decline
with the right attitude you will succeed blue
resent that discontent
define the state of things so far
crazy things
soft spoken at
with your eyes open
you know soft-spoken changes nothing
a view so cruel
a view so cruel

binge - cringe - on the fringe
rotten, showstopper, skinpopper
a babbler and dabbler!

oil removes shred, tear
radiation, vapor air
it's the fear, so unclear
man in motion, going nowhere
in our homes, stuck in your face
spreads the dirt to populace
yellow journal, yellow journal
set the pace, feel the rage
manifestations of a sort
so insidious off the point
simple solution, never confused
sport a gun, kill a cop
crazy world of weary thought
so receive me had enough
lock me up, lock me up

rot and assimilate
hot to annihilate (tear your face)
rot and assimilate
so hot to annihilate (hit with mace)

deviation tonic mess
prolonged existence in a sense
see he who speaks isn't weak
wheelchair future so to speak
bubonic plague, the truth of a.i.d.s.
community avoids decay
in the trench of pestilence
the bible screams "announce your faith"
mutterings of death to bring
suffocate a newborn thing
degradation of an age
venereal, it's all sensation
protect design, the moral plan
infallible as propaganda
completely black
with no steps back

hot to assimilate (go nowhere)
rot or annihilate (tell yourself)
hot to assimilate (search your soul)
we'll rot or annihilate

agony, the inner thinking brain
clanking change
growing pain

mutterings of death to bring
suffocate a new born thing
degradation of an age
venereal, it's all sensation
protect design, the moral plan
infallible, no propaganda
completely black
with no steps back

agony profusely stains
the inner thinking of the brain
accusations clanking change
experiments with groans of pain
it's all preferred that no one blames
the terror in an animals screams
in cages our future
the answers insane

rot and assimilate
(show no faith)
so hot to annihilate
(each adds assimilate)
rot and assimilate
(each one assimilates)
so hot to annihilate

reach for an airway

our own death

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