My band/artist of the month: October 2009


Out 30 2009, 10h22

I've just had an idea to a new hobby to kill time, I'm going to put up my band or artist of the month at the end of each month. Starting with October 2009, here are my top 5 from the list of candidates.

1. Devin Townsend, including his other monikers, The Devin Townsend Band and Devin Townsend Project
The metal genious, mad scientist of metal, you name him whatever you want, I've listened to his discography for over 2 years and I'm still trying to get into what's rest of his works. I've finally come to appreciation of his album Ki, which was released this year, and I hope his next album Addicted will at least as good as its predecessor. If it succeeds, it will surely own the rest of the candidates for the next month
2. Textures
Now as I've heard their album Silhouettes, I've played it numerous times and found plenty of favourites that are worth my high ranking. If their track Storm warning wasn't available for free download from earlier like it ain't now, it would've been a low to no chance for me to give these progressive death/thrash metal musicians a shot. Besides, their tracks need time to grow on you in order to find some real appreciation, so my hats off for Textures as well. Watching their videos on their website shows that they have some warm humor as well. :D
3. Animals as Leaders
Who here likes guitarist's instrumental solo album? If you don't, maybe because those you've listened to was nothing but technical wankery and self-indulgent guitar playing. Animals As Leaders would beg to differ, since not only is it full of Tosin Abasi's talent in playing 7 & 8 stringed guitar tunes that speaks the language of emotion and shows off some original tricks but it's also accompanied by electronic synth to build the atmosphere around the songs for its distinction's sake (at least my theory). Even the drums are technical, they were actually programmed for the self-titled album but has finally a drummer that can fulfill the duty organically. The music ranges from progressive metal in the veins of Meshuggah to atmospheric yet technical jazz-fusion. It's a pleasant surprise to see that some Afro-americans can make their talents useful in more than just pop, r'n'b, soul and jazz. (No racism intended, I just share my cynical point of view)
4. Dream Theater
DT has long been my favourite band and changed my view of progressive metal music for the better, which is why I see them as my best favourite so far. So, this month, I finally got to see their live DVD, Chaos In Motion. It's quite unusual for me to watch live DVD's, since I usually prefer to listen to their audio cd's. But as I did, I realize that my view of the band's musicianship has been changed for the better, since they really show that they really can play what they play. My dad watched the DVD with me, funny since I noticed that regardless of his rock/metal taste, he's a sucker for live DVD's. (though I wouldn't bet on extreme metal acts for him :p)
5. Fantômas
A crazy band in terms of wacky avant-garde creations! I liked their debut album, but I found more precious moments in their latest album Suspended Animation. It's pretty exhausting in the end, but I just keep smiling when there's some crazy stuff going on. : )

Worthy mentions
Mind Key
Pagan's Mind
Behold... the Arctopus
Enochian Theory
Guilt Machine

Bands and artist that I believe would have got such credit (let alone nominated) if I figured out at least 5 years ago to do this
* = Would have entered the top 5 list more than once, by my theory.
Dream Theater*
Devin Townsend*
Pagan's Mind
Russell Allen / Jorn Lande
Linkin Park
The Chronicles of Israfel
Green Carnation
Thousand Foot Krutch
Soul Secret
Beautiful Sin
This Will Destroy You
Mullmuzzler/James LaBrie (they're ideally the same)
Alter Bridge
Within Temptation
John Macaluso & Union Radio
Ride The Sky

What will November bring in next...? : )


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