• Amazing

    Fev 18 2010, 0h24

    Wed 17 Feb – Fear Factory, Sylosis, October File
    I went for Fear Factory but I also enjoyed the two opening acts, now I've heard of but never listened to October File (they were on first) and to be honest, I enjoyed them and will be downloading an album or two of theirs, I also enjoyed Sylosis but not as much.
    Fear Factory, however were great. Opening with Mechanize, then going right the way through their earlier and newest stuff, from Shock, through to Linchpin, from Final Exit, through to Resurrection and finally finishing with a bunch of tracks from Demanufacture.
    Replica was played as an encore, which was simply incredible.
    I thoroughly enjoyed tonight and will be seeing Fear Factory whenever I can again. (Once I get my hearing back at least).