Best of 11


Fev 3 2012, 12h43

Having three broken computers for the last few months really put a damper on my thoroughness this year. However:

1. Wugazi - Wugazi
The Doomtree crew created not only the only mashup album I've ever liked, but really one of the most beautiful, brilliant albums I've heard in a long time. Even the name works. (Also worth noting: Doomtree's album was pretty great, too.)

2. Touche Amore - Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me
This is one of those bands that just blows you away both live and recorded. So much sincerity.

3. The World/Inferno Friendship Society - The Anarchy And The Ecstasy
On the one hand, these guys just refuse to mess up. This album has two of my favorite of their songs ever, if not my favorite, in Canonize Philip K. Dick, OK? and 13 Years Without Peter King. But on the other hand, they just can't get it together to make a perfect record -- the rerecorded songs are not up to the originals.

4. Madeline - Black Velvet
One of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard.

5. The Vaccines - What Did You Expect From The Vaccines
This is male-fronted indie-pop. The fact that it is so far beyond my normal comfort zone/what I normally like really speaks to how great this album is. Full of hits.

6. Poly Styrene - Generation Indigo
A master's parting shot. Refusing to be pigeon-holed, as always.

7. La Dispute - Wildlife
With King Park this year and Why It Scares Me last year, La Dispute has written two of the best three songs of the last two years.

8. P.S. Eliot - Sadie
So catchy!

9. Spraynard - Funtitled
Almost as catchy!

10. Yacht - Shangri-La
Dystopia and Shangri-La are two of the ten best songs of the year, easily. I dare you not to sing and dance along!

The One EP That Made The Rest Irrelevant:

Punch - Covers Postcard EP
It is a postcard. Sent through the mail. That plays on a turntable. And features a Minor Threat cover. And it's fucking Punch.


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