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Favorite Local Band [town/city]:
Either the Madd Hatters or The Ivy League. And Thunderlip and The Needles are pretty sweet too. No I'm not gonna say He Is Legend because they have three good songs, and that is all. Suck it. [Yeah they live in my town. I see them at the mall and shit. Whoopee.]

Favorite Local Band [state]:
Oh damn. I guess Between the Buried and Me. And of course the previously mentioned ones.

Favorite band of all:
Operation Ivy. Bitches.

This vs. that.

Old Black Flag (Keith Morris and the other random people) vs. newer Black Flag (Henry Rollins):
Shit. I liked some old and some new, but I think old was a little better, though I do love Henry Rollins.

That pick vs. Circle Jerks:
Damn you. Circle Jerks.

Buzzcocks vs. 999:
'cocks. Fo sho.

Old Catch 22 (Keasbey Nights), New Catch 22 (Permanent Revolution), or in between (Alone In a Crowd, etc.)?
Gotta be old. Tomas Kalnoky > anyone. And Permanent Revolution sucked my ass, for real.

That pick vs. Streetlight Manifesto:
Oooh...damn. I think I like Streetlight a little bit more, though I do prefer the Catch 22 versions of "Giving Up Giving In" and "1234, 1234." But yeah, since "Point-Counterpoint" and "A Better Place, A Better Time" are practically orgasmic, as is their version of "Keasbey Nights," Streetlight wins.

Between the Buried and Me vs. Glass Casket:
Though Glass Casket is fabulous, I'd have to say BTBAM. Because I almost died with happiness when I saw them live. Oh my.

Stratovarius vs. DragonForce:
Stratovarius. Dragonforce is great but I prefer Strat for some reason.

The Virus vs. Cheap Sex:
Eh, Virus. Not a huge fan of either but whatever.

That pick vs. A Global Threat:
Oh god, AGT. I saw em in NYC a while back and they were fucking INCREDIBLE.

The New York Dolls vs. The Heart Attacks:
Wow, I didn't think anyone else caught the similarity between the two. Or even knew who the Heart Attacks were. Um, New York Dolls (Some day it will please us to remember even this was really good unlike what I thought). Though i do adore the Heart Attacks and want to make babies with Tuk.

Sex Pistols vs. Public Image Ltd:
Public Image, oh god yes. <3

Cruxshadows vs. Bauhaus:
Bauhaus. "She's in Parties" is fucking brilliant.

Lamb of God vs. Darkest Hour (I know they're not that similar. I know.):
Don't ask me that, that's like asking a mother which baby she'd rather kill. I love them both so much.

Rancid vs. Operation Ivy:
Please. Operation Ivy.

That Pick vs. Crimpshrine:
Operation Ivy.

Minor Threat vs. Fugazi:
Fucking Fugazi


Last show you went to:
Foxes That Fight, Andy and the Jivers, Maladroit Mafia, Madd Hatters. I got to go on stage at the end of the Hatters' set and sing "Superman" with them :)

Favorite show you've been to:
1. A Global Threat, Polyabuse, Tainada, The Heart Attacks, Bail Out!, All Day Hell
2. Madd Hatters, The Spooks, The Semantics, The Aggro-vators, Murphy's Kids, Neighborhood Friendly, Daly's Gone Wrong, and some more I forget.
3. Monkey, The Traditionals, Jason Bennet & The Resistance, The Ivy League
4. Madd Hatters, Bomb the Music Industry! (they are not good live), The Fad, Neighborhood Friendly, Smash Points

Bands with the best live performances:
Madd Hatters, The Fad, Neighborhood Friendly, Daly's Gone Wrong, The Misfits (surprisingly), Between the Buried and Me, Darkest Hour, Bullets and Octane, Against Me!, Bouncing Souls, Rise Against, A Global Threat, Monkey, The Traditionals, Polyabuse, Parkway Drive

Worst live performances:
motherfucking ASG, whatever bands they played with that time I saw them. Avenged Sevenfold, Day of Contempt, Chiodos.

Band(s) you've seen and want to see again:
Ivy League & Madd Hatters, but they don't count cause I see em all the time. Um, BTBAM, Monkey, AGT, Heart Attacks, Darkest Hour, Andy and the Jivers, Murphy's Kids, Daly's Gone Wrong, The Fad, Parkway Drive, Bad Religion

Next show you're probably going to:
Killwhitneydead, Damona Waits, and some others next weekend.

Some insanely famous bands you've seen:
Rolling Stones, Misfits, Bad Religion

5 bands you'd go to drastic measures to see:
1. Operation Ivy
2. Streetlight Manifesto
3. The Eddie Haskells
4. The Nerve Agents
5. The Ramones

At shows, do you:
Stand still and stare blankly or move?: MOVE, god.
Get in fights?: No
Hit people on purpose?: no
Go in pits: sometimes
Take the mic: Yes I do :)
Ever get on stage?: Once
Stage dive?: Never
Crowd surf?: Never
Sing along?: Yeah...that's kinda how I get the mic.
Talk to band members before/after?: Yes and sometimes on AIM
Ever get hurt?: Yeah
Worst injuries?: Nothing serious. Just some pretty bad cuts, scrapes and bruises from CBGB from being a) slammed into the goddamn stage multiple times and b) THROWN across the damn room.
Best place to go to shows (local): Lucky's
Best place to go to shows (overall): CBGB

[yes i got lazy near the end and stopped linking. Sue me.]


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