Choose which overall charts to show on user overview


Mai 10 2007, 19h52

A change I slipped into trunk a few weeks back finally found its way live:

You can choose which charts you want on your user overview instead of overall charts. Great if you have a big / old profile. I've changed mine to 6 months.. considering using 3 months. My overall charts are filled with stuff i haven't played in years.

Hope this doesn't break anything :)


  • memeco

    Awesome! I always wanted that, thanks. :D

    Mai 10 2007, 20h02
  • aitzim

    Not exaggerating, but this is the best feature in last few updates.

    Mai 10 2007, 20h07
  • plazzTT

    Same here! Freshens up my charts alot! Thanks :D

    Mai 10 2007, 20h09
  • RJ

    We have more planned in the customise-your-profile department.. this gets the ball rolling at least. I think i left Dido on loop in 2002 when testing the xmms plugin - and it was still top of my track charts. Finally i can banish it from my user page :D

    Mai 10 2007, 20h30
  • eppjones

    Excellent, this has been my most wanted feature for a long while.

    Mai 10 2007, 20h30
  • ivanpavlik

    will the 3 month's chart update in the same period as the overall one do? Or will it work in the present way?

    Mai 10 2007, 20h43

    Say w00t ! Awesome update, thanks man !

    Mai 10 2007, 20h49
  • fritzon

    Hooray for RJ! Now I won't have to wipe my profile clean every six months because of my embarrasing charts.

    Mai 10 2007, 21h19
  • motionpicture

    Yesssssssssssssss thanks :D

    Mai 10 2007, 22h07
  • NjoY-1337

    Whoa! Small but OH SO GOOD feature. Can't wait for the rest of it!

    Mai 10 2007, 22h12
  • andrew_j_w

    [quote] Hope this doesn't break anything :) [/quote] It certainly confuses my Chart Changes Greasemonkey script. It still displays changes, but since it's comparing the current 6 months charts to an archived overall chart the numbers don't make a lot of sense! I can easily prevent it from calculating the changes on user pages which don't display the overall chart, but what'd be really great is to have a webservice for each of the different chart types. That way I can use them and keep the changes on the page, and my 8,000 or so users happy :-) It's a good feature though, I'm glad it's been implemented.

    Mai 10 2007, 22h15
  • the_peanut

    Thnx, great addition!

    Mai 10 2007, 22h34
  • C26000

    great addition! :) now I have an exponential 3 months profile :S, but it's much more representative of my current taste

    Mai 10 2007, 22h44
  • Regnareb

    Extra, I love it :D Thanks a lot :)

    Mai 10 2007, 23h15
  • mannis05

    nice feat, but why would you banish dido from from playlist... :)

    Mai 11 2007, 0h19
  • RJ

    andrew_j_w: i'll update the webservices tomorrow to allow for 3/6/12 month overall charts, they should be in there anyway. ivanpavlik: don't think they are quite as regular atm, but i'm going to check with our master of charts tomorrow (skr) and i'll reply with an answer. Guitar Hero is awesome.

    Mai 11 2007, 0h55
  • Larvi

    I wish I could simply delete some stuff out of my profile (like mis-tagged artists)

    Mai 11 2007, 2h27
  • chosenone76

    I love this new feature. Now my charts are much more representative of what I've been listening to recently. Great job! I love this site.

    Mai 11 2007, 2h34
  • Timbzy

    should work on getting the charts to update more often rather than things like this tbh

    Mai 11 2007, 3h45
  • lunar1126

    Excellent feature! Now people wont have to clean swipe their listening history. Thanks.

    Mai 11 2007, 4h16
  • andrew_j_w

    RJ: Thanks, that's very useful :-)

    Mai 11 2007, 8h14
  • mxcl

    Yay, now I look so much cooler :)

    Mai 11 2007, 11h55
  • ahoier

    definately a great addition :)

    Mai 11 2007, 14h00
  • adno

    That was one of the major drawbacks - that music I don't like anymore is still in my charts. 3 months is Ok for me, if you listen & scrobble a lot it's enough to make a representative profile. Another thing I would like is measuring the quantity by [i]duration[/i], instead of number of tracks. Some kinds of music just have significantly longer tracks and these genres are discriminated by the current system. (But that would probably be more difficult.)

    Mai 11 2007, 17h52
  • JS01

    Awesome, thanks.

    Mai 11 2007, 18h26
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