The New Audioscrobbler Software


Jun 23 2006, 23h15

As mentioned elsewhere in various threads - a beta version of the new audioscrobbler is available, currently supporting winamp, windows media player and itunes on windows. Other platforms and players will be supported soon.

Here is a screenshot of the development version running on Linux/KDE:

Download the windows beta installer here.
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  • closedmouth

    I love it

    Jun 24 2006, 5h41
  • Jaden13

    It's awesome. Thanks a bunch.

    Jul 16 2006, 19h43
  • ardent11

    I think when I installed it, it uninstalled the normal winamp plugin, the general plugin for winamo which I liked alot, this new program takes up too much RAM, well I'm sure it would be fine on most ne machines, but I need all the RAM I can get on this machine and I like scrobbling, but yeah I miss the practially zero resources winamp plugin! Any chance I can get it back? if you don't mind give me an e-mail on garry.taulu at

    Jul 29 2006, 13h30
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