• Azealia Banks 29th of September, Glasgow

    Out 9 2012, 13h24

    Azealia was one of my favourite new artists and I bought ticket instantly. The concert was amazing, as I thought it would. She played most song on her mixtape and all from the EP. She sung my two favourite songs, L8R and Esta Noche! She was amazing and ended the night on a high with 212, can't wait to see her again!
  • Emeli Sande 10th of April, Glasgow

    Abr 13 2012, 10h46

    I have been a fan of Emeli Sande since Heaven came out and loved the album when she released it! The concert was amazing! Coming home to her home town made the night even better! She sang ever song on the album perfectly and even gave us a new song!! (which I cannot wait for). Overall, the night was amazing and the venue was unexpectingly really nice. Even the supporting acts Daley and Seye were really good! Would go see her again and recommend everyone to if they get the chance.
  • Cher Lloyd 2nd of April, Glasgow

    Abr 3 2012, 21h33

    I was a big fan of Cher when she was on x-factor but lost interest afterwards. However, my girlfriend bought her album and I heard a few songs on it that I liked. So she asked if we could go and I thought why not. Turns out that I liked more of the songs on the album that I thought. She surprised me! she was really good and the night was overall really was a success. I would go back again, can't wait for new material now!
  • Lee Evans 15th of October, Glasgow

    Out 16 2011, 15h30

    He has always been my favourite comedian and I was over the moon when heard that I was going to see him live. He made me laugh from start to finish. Nothing this man does isn't funny! Absolute legend!
  • Rihanna 10th of October, Glasgow

    Out 16 2011, 15h25

    Before I went to go see Rihanna I was not much a big fan. I liked her as much as the next person, some of her songs were okay and I loved Rated R. However, after the concert she is now one of my favourite artists. I never knew how good she could sing, because she always gets stick for her voice. But it was absolutely amazing I would go back tomorrow!
  • Katy B 5th of May, Glasgow

    Mai 21 2011, 15h17

    This has got to be one of my favourite concerts i've went to. I was not sure if she would sing "Louder" but it was her opening song, so I was pleased with that. My favourite was "Go Away" it was amazing! After the event I have not stopped listening to her album. Would go see Katy again in future!
  • Shayne Ward 19th of March, Glasgow

    Mar 20 2011, 16h07

    To be honest I'm not much of a fan, I only went to support my girlfriend. However, it was a good night. I never knew that he could sing as good as he did. I thought that he was going to just stand there and sing but he put on a show and covered some songs, which, made it more interesting. The one thing that I'm disappointed about is that i didn't know much about his new album before I went and after that night I still feel that I still don't know much. I thought that he would of used the night to try and promote it more, but okay. Overall a really good night.
  • Drake 4th of January, Glasgow

    Jan 10 2011, 0h00

    When I found out that Drake was coming to Glasgow I got my ticket was straight away. Even though I was standing outside waiting to get in for an hour and that he was late like an hour it was all worth it. Due to the time took I was worried that I wouldn't get to hear my favourite Drake song but he done me proud and sung it first. 'Up All Night' was the first song and in my opinion the best song he preformed. Even though Drake wasn't shy to describe his sex life to the crowd which put some people off the performance he still amazed me. The Rap side to the night was on top and I didn't know that he was that good. The R'n'B side was just as good (even though critics didn't seem to think so) I thought that it could not of went better and would go back and see Drake again in the future.
  • Alicia Keys 23rd of May, Glasgow

    Mai 24 2010, 12h39

    I never thought that she would be so good, she sounded amazing :) and she sung my favorite song "un-thinkable(i'm ready) amazingly good :) one of my favorite artist be far now after the concert :D ! No words to describe her, hope she brings out another four album and tours in Scotland again
  • Alphabeat 23rd of April, Glasgow

    Abr 25 2010, 20h18

    I never thought they would of sounded so good :) it was my first gig actually. Im glad they sung songs from their last album and from their new album. Didn't enjoy the supporting act as much, but before the concert i'd never heard of them. The only bad thing was that they never sung "heart failure" but I guess that was down to the time limit. Overall great night, would go back and see them again. I think after the concert they will impact my charts :) !