LetThisColonyKnow is registered on RYM


Jan 26 2012, 18h15

LTCK (well, me) has registered on Rate Your Music. You can find us here: http://rateyourmusic.com/~letthiscolonyknow

If you recall, I used to write for my friend's site PressonThis before it went defunct due to domain issues. RYM will prove to be a more stable space for reviews, since I don't see them going belly up any time soon. The added benefit is that those POT reviews will live on and be revised to reflect my more mature and seasoned opinion of those albums I reviewed.

My vision for RYM is to be an extension of our features on LTCK. Yes, we post mostly songs, occasionally show reviews, and our lists at the end of the year. Now I want to add to that album ratings and reviews, favorite bands, and various lists of my choice.



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