2010 Reviews - Part 1


Jul 22 2010, 13h38

I noticed that I haven't posted these in a long time. So here is some of the reviews I've done during this year. Next ones should come out in a month or so.

ATBThe Dj 5

CD 1
01. ATB -9 Pm Reloaded (Club Version)
02. Fischerspooner - Supply & Demand
03. Arty - Gentle Touch
04. Alpha 9 - Bliss (Alpha 9 Club Mix)
05. Dash Berlin With Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Man On The Run
06. Cor Fijneman Feat. Melissa Mathes -Disappear (Carlos Sun Juan Remix)
07. Jaco – Unreachable
08. ATB Pres. Flanders - Behind (Edx Ibiza Sunrise Remix)
09. Simon Patterson - Different Feeling
10. Estiva - I Feel Fine (Piano Mix)
11. Signalrunners - Meet Me In Montauk
12. JPL - Waking Up With You
13. DJ Tatana - Somebody (Leventina Remix)
14. Mossy - Come With Me

CD 2
01. ATB - Gravity (2010 Atb Club Mix)
02. Kyau & Albert - I Love You (Cosmic Gate Remix)
03. Steve Brian – Starlight
04. Josh Gallahan - Shades Of Love
05. ATB - L.A. Nights (Atb`S 2010 Energy Club Mix)
06. Cold Blue – Fever
07. Akesson - Flavour Park
08. ATB & Josh Gallahan – Mythology
09. JPL - Summer Skin
10. Ferry Tayle & Static Blue - L`Acrobat
11. Henrik Christensen – Overseas
12. Oliver Smith- Cirrus
13. Adam Nickey – Callista
14. Ronski Speed - Aural Slave (Thomas Datt Remix)
15. Walsh & Mcauley - Beyond Belief

CD 3
01. Dance 2 Trance - Hello San Francisco
02. Zyon - No Fate (Struggle Continious Mix)
03. Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Three N One Remix)
04. Chicane Feat. Moya Brennan – Saltwater
05. Hidden Logic Pres. Luminary – Wasting
06. Breakfast - Dancing In The Moonlight
07. Jam & Spoon – Stella
08. Three Drives - Greece 2000
09. Airwave - When Things Go Wrong
10. Moonman – Galaxia
11. Andain - Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Mix)
12. Moby – Go
13. Cosmic Baby – Liebe

Look! I can spin trance!

After last couple of reviews I decided, that it is time to move back into trance. Of course since it's january, it's bit hard to find any record to be reviewed. And with trance that problem is even bigger, since there isn't that many trance-albums or compilations around. But because of that, it's easier to spot some certain album, or compilation in this case. And look what I found! ATB is here again with the latest addition for his The DJ-series!

First of all, I have to admit that the first three ATB-albums weren't that bad. Movin' Melodies was ace. But productions became more and more uninteresting during the years and the last couple albums were just unmemorable. The DJ-series then again... Well the first two compilations had some good tracks but mixing was next to horrible. And The DJ 3 was the last one I checked. I don't really know why, since it was full of tracks every trance DJ played at the time. That album just shouted ”Look! I can play the same f**king tracks everyone else plays!”. It wasn't bad. Not at all, it has some good tracks when I look at the tracklist, but it was just insignificant. I didn't even notice that there was The DJ 4 so I guess it's as good time as any to move back to mr. Tanneberger's mixing.

What can I say about the first disc? Well it does have couple of good tracks (I liked especially Gentle Touch) but there's a big problem. It doesn't have any sense. Consistency is non-existent. It basically offers everything which is trendy in trance. There is some buzzing electro-bassline, some uplifting trance, some tracks with deadmau5-ish feeling and some vocals. So to sum it up, it has as little as if Tijs would play ice-hockey naked. But what I especially can't understand is 9PM reloaded. It's just unbelieavable how André can make pretty catchy track into really irritating track. And why? Because he probably thinks that 9PM needs to be introduced into wider audience, because he thinks that it needed to be changed, because it is way too hard to put track which is older than one year into the mix or because he thinks that he gets lots of euros from that track.

Second disc is closer to proper mix. It doesn't jump from one place to another. But unfortunately it doesn't jump anywhere either. After first track it just stays in one spot. It is just uplifting trance without any changes. There isn't anything which changes. I actually begun to want some vocals just for the sake of a little bit variation. But because this just stays in one place, I begun to ignore what the track really sound. And because of that, this album stays in background without any highlight and I just waited when it stops so I can put something else on. Something that actually is memorable, something that is different. This disc definately isn't anything like that when it is the very same thing over and over again.

And of course there is disc 3. No, I didn't listen to it. Not at least yet. I don't consider it as a part of this compilation. Because I think it's bad? Not at all. Majority of all those tracks are very good. But it's just yet another classic mix with tracks everyone has mixed during all these years and with tracks I can remember perfectly. So what's the point? I know that disc is good but why bother when I can listen all those tracks individually too.

In the end I have to think, what this really offered? First disc full of randomness and couple good tracks and second disc with the same thing over and over again. The same thing we all have heard for the last 5 years. And of course there is that one disc with classics which definately are good but would you buy this album just because of those? You probably have heard those already and many of us already has those tracks. And the mixing? Okay at most times. But there are couple really ankward transitions too. So there isn't really anything that special.

4/10 (Not counting disc 3)

Ace tracks:
ArtyGentle Touch
Random pick from disc 3

Massive AttackHeligoland

1. Pray For Rain
2. Babel
3. Splitting The Atom
4. Girl I Love You
5. Psyche
6. Flat Of The Blade
7. Paradise Circus
8. Rush Minute
9. Saturday Come Slow
10. Atlas Air

Borderline case

It's somewhat unbelievable that the first album released by Massive Attack was already released in 1991. Blue Lines already had some great moments back then and it didn't stop there. It's almost just as unbelievable that Heligoland is only the fifth studio album from Massive Attack since the band never have been really on hiatus. Protection came out in 1994, Mezzanine in 1998 and 100th Window in 2003. But because every album has been done for quite some time, the quality has been astonishing. I especially like 100th Window and most of all Mezzanine, which I listened just before I begun to listen Heligoland. Now that album is one of the best albums of all time!

So it's no wonder that I was expecting this album. And since it was been made for quite some time, expectations might go even too high. At the same time it's somewhat amazing to finally have this album. Already in 2004 Massive Attack was in the studio, but that stuff isn't here. But after that it was announced that “Weather Underground” is coming. No-one thought that it would take so long to actually have this album. During that time title Weather Underground was changed into “LP5” and finally into Heligoland. And now it's here. After so long time. Maybe even too long?

Pray For Rain is the first track of the album which at least shows that there isn't that much change. This album is still pretty downtempo and triphop-elements are still there. But it almost sounds like many tracks in one track where couple good parts are spoiled by few parts which aren't that good. And somewhat I was fond to that dark atmosphere of last two albums. Babel is pretty “uptempo” for downtempo and it's dominated by in my opinion pretty odd vocals which doesn't have any appeal to me whatsoever. Splitting The Atom has some nice elements which made Massive Attack great, including even vocalists which are well-known from Massive Attack before, but it gets annoying after 4 minutes since it just stays where it begun and it really don't have that necessary catch in it. Girl I Love You is then again one step into better direction which almost feels like a track from Mezzanine. Clear highlight so far! The same goes to Psyche. Maybe this album is now taking a step into better direction?

Nah. I don't find Flat Of The Blade that good at the beginning. It grows towards the end nicely but it's not just enough in my opinion. But it's not a bad effort either. Paradise Circus is a strange case. Yes I love the track and Hope Sandoval's vocals are definitely interesting. But I can't help out thinking that maybe this should not be in Massive Attack's album. Somehow I feel like it should be under some other name, like Air or something. Great track nevertheless and maybe the best track of the whole album. Strange, yet dark and atmospheric and it just builds up more and more. Rush Minute and Saturday Come Slow aren't that special especially after that track. They just runs in the background and you could just skip those two tracks. Atlas Air ends album nicely and this 7 minute long trip is nice in the end of the album.

And that was it. Was it worthy of waiting? Not really. Track just aren't that interesting for the most parts. There is no new Angel or Teardrop here. And some tracks are just boring and unimaginative, even annoying. Also what I liked Massive Attack in the past was that albums sounded like ones. Mezzanine was a trip, Protection was a trip, 100th Window was a trip. Those took you into the other world when you put them on. This album tries to move away from 100th Window but doesn't know if it should sound like Protection, Mezzanine or even Burial's Untrue. The result is somewhat confusing which is the first time with Massive Attack. And when that has happened and the tracks just aren't that good for the most part, the result is the first big disappointment of the year. This is not necessary a bad effort, but not something you would expect from an act like Massive Attack.


Ace tracks:
Paradise Circus
Atlas Air

BTThese Hopeful Machines

Disc 1
1. Suddenly
2. The Emergency
3. Every Other Way
4. The Light Of Things
5. Rose Of Jericho
6. Forget Me

Disc 2
1. A Million Stars
2. Love Can Kill You
3. Always
4. Le Nocturne De Lumiere
5. The Unbreakable
6. The Ghost In You

Unemotional technology

Ah yes. BT is here once again. It is time for his 6th studio album and I was pretty excited. I don't hide my love and appreciation for BT. I really think he can do really good music. Actually I think he has done two excellent album, two good albums and one which was a huge letdown. Also he has done some really good tracks like Firewater, Flaming June, Namistai, Godspeed... The list goes on. And since This Binary Universe was really good album, I expected this to be at least nearly as good.

But first of all. What I think that describes BT's sound is his love for technology. He is more like technological prodigy than actual producer. First album IMA was more like a product of it's time full of usual Epic House-stuff, but already ESCM had some unique sounds and ideas while it also sounds complete making that album in my opinion his best up-to-date. Movement In Still Life was still good but it was also full of different tracks making it bit jumping from one place to other. Tracks were also full of odd solutions. Though I have to admit that some tracks from that album are really, really good. But Emotional Technology was just a let down and full of way too overproduced pop trying to show how many different effects you can use with vocals. This Binary Universe then again was interesting downtempo-album. It maybe lacks soul but it is very interesting and it sounds like an album with some good tracks. That's why I think it's the second best album from mr. Transeau. Now it's time for These Hopeful Machines.

If I would choose one word to describe this album, it would be confusing. Yes, even after three listens I find this album confusing. Why? Let's take those three tracks I had heard before listening to this album for example. Rose Of Jericho is BT-track for clubs (which doesn't really work in that environment) which wanders between progressive house and trance. It seems pretty simple if you don't really listen to it, but all those little things makes that track interesting and when the most energetic parts sound good, it's one of the best tracks of 2009. Every Other Way relies highly on Jes's unique voice. Vocals works fairly well but this downtempo track doesn't have that much appeal and even though it's nice, there's nothing that would take your attention. Still it's fairly solid track. Suddenly works in my opinion well as a radio edit. It's a good pop-track with trance and post rock influences. But the longer version just plays around for too much and vocals which works pretty well in short version becomes irritating in the end. But come on, three tracks and all of those are totally different and also full of weird technological effects.

And the same thing continues in the album. First four tracks goes like this. Suddenly is that post rock / trance hybrid with passable vocals, The Emergency takes influences from this modern “minimal”-trend and it almost sounds bit deadmau5ish and it has very average, almost annoying vocals. Every Other Way is “just nice” downtempo-track with vocals. The Light Of Things is trancier track with pretty good vocals from Jes. So there you go, already after four tracks you got the feeling that this just jumps from one place to another. And next track is by the way Rose Of Jericho, again totally different tracks compared to others. Explanation comes from the sleeves. BT has co-produced tracks together with many different names including Boom Jinx, Airwave and Ulrich Schnauss for an example. It doesn't really surprise me since BT often has gotten aid from other producers with his best tracks. BT rarely has made a good track all by himself and many tracks that have that catchy part is made together with someone else.

This goes back to BT's love for technology. He seems to want mostly make technologically good track but he has forgotten that humans are emotional, technology isn't. The result is that this album looks very good from the outside, almost perfect. But inside this album is empty. And this leads yet another two points. Lack of emotion is sometimes hidden with vocals which sometimes work, mostly not. This album has couple tracks with really annoying vocals. Also what I find odd is that I find most of the tracks two minutes too long. I don't usually have problems with long tracks but here it feels just like that even with couple good ideas, BT tries to play around with his tracks way too long and he just tries to show what he can do with technology he has and he puts that one more glitch or effect into the end of the track.

So in a nutshell, this isn't really a bad album. There are couple pretty annoying tracks but those won't dominate the album. The problem is that it's not a good one either. Tracks just aren't memorable or catchy. There is nothing what would pull me back to this album. This album is soulless. It's dead, artificial. It lacks emotion. Production here is top notch as you would expect from BT but the quality of production just isn't enough. And when this album just fails as a album since it sounds like collection of tracks BT has made during the last two years in a random order, this album is probably the second worst album in BT's history winning Emotional Technology barely. I am officially disappointed when BT album reaches 6/10 and even that rating comes just barely. And I tried to like this album. I really did.


Ace tracks:
Rose of Jericho
The Light Of Things
Every Other Way

V/A – Anjunadeep:02

Disc One:
1. Jaytech & James Grant - Moth
2. Hernan Cerbello - Reach Your Soul
3. Jody Wisternoff - Lassoo
4. Oliver Smith - Sunday
5. Paul Keeley - Disco Belle
6. Jamie Matrix - Rotation
7. Solarity - Diophantine
8. Michael Cassette - Kilimanjaro
9. 16 Bit Lolitas - Singularity
10. Daniel Portman - Elder (Peter Horrevorts Remix)
11. 16 Bit Lolitas - Re-Murdered
12. BT - Flaming June 2010 (Jaytech & James Grant Mix)
13. Monakhov & Que - Hola
14. Solarity - Red (Redder Mix)

Disc Two:
1. 16 Bit Lolitas - Cold Energy
2. Paul Keeley - Cloud 9
3. Dave Horne - Q.E.D.
4. Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer - By All Means
5. Marcus Schossow pres. 1985 - London
6. Jaytech - In The Jungle
7. Jamie Matrix - Gold Rush
8. Roddy Reynaert - Fellowcraft
9. Sergey Tkachev - Alien & Butterfly
10. Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer - To The Six (Martin Roth Remix)
11. Hydroform - Shine (Andrew Bennett & Rico Soarez Mix)
12. Tom Fall - Cubic
13. Jaytech - Ozone
14. Solarity – DNA


Anjunadeep-series has reached it second version. First one had some potential. It had a clear red line and some really good tracks. But even though it had potential and that compilation was already on the breakaway, it couldn't score. Now is turn of James Grant and Jaytech and Anjunadeep:02. James Grant is more unfamiliar in the field of producing to me. All I know is that he is brother of Jono Grant. But Jaytech is a good and solid name. Everything Is OK-album was more than just OK. It's in my top 3 of Anjuna-albums of all time. Also Pepe's Garden and it's awesome bassline is one of the best tracks released during the last few years. So this is promising.

And unlike parent label Anjunabeats, I like Anjunadeep. Exactly why? Because it's somewhat different. Anjunadeep offers slower paced trance with some house-elements. Someone calls it progressive, but it's kind of hard to put under progtrance. It doesn't sound anything like 90's progtrance, not progtrance from the beginning of millenniumm, not even the kind of progtrance Markus Schulz has played for years. Anjunadeep doesn't have that much those annoying elements from “minimal” or “electro” either and it isn't as much about unicorns and rainbows like Anjunadeep usually is. This stuff isn't played to death. A lot of it has been played for sure but the doses are still manageable. That's why I will check this one with a lot of interest. But how I should view this one. I decided to analyze three the most important elements. Mixing, flow and track selection. So here we go.

First Anjunadeep-compilation really suffered from mixing. It didn't destroy that record but some of the transitions were bit ankward and you didn't really get into the good vibe. Second coming is better. Now mixing is exactly what you can expect during this computer age. It's fairly smooth and it doesn't have much flaws. But it's just that. It's just that basic mixing. There aren't those memorable transitions which you remember years after years. Mixing here is just that basic thing. Nothing more, nothing less.

The second point of mine is the flow. Yes, here we have clear red line and idea of using Anjunadeep-tracks works pretty well. At least it doesn't jump ankwardly from place to another. But it's also the greatest weakness of the album. This album just barely moves from the place it was in the first place. This album just developes too slowly, if at all. One CD is passable but two CD's and 2,5 hours is just bit too much. If you make this long compilation, there must be something to keep you interested. And the other option is the tracks. Those must be really good to keep your attention. But are they?

Actually yes. This compilation is full of sweet tracks. Overall level of tracks is surprisingly good, especially if you consider this to be somewhat connected to Anjunabeats. I don't find any annoying tracks in this compilation. Not single one. But there aren't that much tracks that stands out either. There isn't too many tracks which you want to listen over and over again. Especially in the first disc there was like two tracks I really noticed. Jaytech's disc is better since it has more really good tracks. But then again there is more tracks which are totally unmemorable and worthless. But I have to point out to one of the tracks. New version of Flaming June? Really? What's the point of remaking that track? I'm asking this from you Jaytech and James Grant, what's the problem with the original track?

It is a strange thing. I think that this is really solid compilation, but there is one major flaw. I tried to listen both discs in one try but I couldn't do it. After 1 hours and 45 minutes the amount of similar tracks was just too much. But when I listened these discs separately, both discs sounds like 7 or 8 out of 10 discs. So my recommendation is that listen one disc at the time and you will get the most pleasant listening experience. Because this compilation really has some good moments and lots of potential. If the first Anjunadeep-compilation was already on the breakaway but wasn't nowhere near to score, this one already hits the post. Maybe Anjunadeep:03 finally scores. And one last thing. Rating is based on what I felt after listening to both discs at the same time. If you will listen to those discs at different time, you can add one rating more to the score.


Ace tracks:
16 Bit LolitasRe-Murdered
Jamie Matrix - Gold Rush
Hydroform- Shine (Andrew Bennett & Rico Soarez Mix)

Hybrid LeisurelandScroll Slide

1. Division And Composition
2. Traditional Drugs
3. Gentleness Color
4. Imagination Of Imagination
5. Breeze Is Nice
6. Exist Unreality
7. Breathing Smoke
8. Threshold
9. Balance
(9b. Puppeteer)

Background music

I haven't heard even one truly amazing album this year. Some good compilations and artist albums yes, but all of those I have heard have some certain flaws which have caused them to be just nice. And of course there has been big disappointments with the likes of BT and Massive Attack. It's definately not like the last year when there was immediately John Tejada's Fabric and albums from Telefon Tel Aviv, Yagya and Solar Fields. But this year is already in third month and I put my hopes on familiar label. It's Ultimae time.

During the last year I begun to finally trust Ultimae Records. Not that I wouldn't have enjoyed artists from the catalogue, but I came to realize what is the connection with many of the artists. Last year Ultimae released albums from Solar Fields, Aes Dana, H.U.V.A. Network and Cell which all were either good or at some cases, exceptionally good. So now when new album from the label is coming out, I'm interested. A lot. Even though I had no idea who Hybrid Leisureland is, I thought I could count on Ultimae. By the way it's no wonder I had no clue who Hybrid Leisureland is. Discogs states that Hybrid Leisureland is Hidetoshi Koizumi who has released only one album under the name Hybrid Leisureland and pretty much nothing else.

But this is not actually the most common Ultimae album. Sure, Ultimae has released pretty chilling albums before too. But this album is much more relaxing than Ultimae usually releases. Because Ultimae Records has usually more upbeat-tracks in their albums too. This don't have those. Instead this is pure ambient and tempo is down all the time. It is music that makes you relaxed and which you can't listen when your eyes are shut or when you don't need to hurry anything. It is also fairly beautiful music and tries to create nice and calm atmosphere.

But to be honest this might be bit too calm. Because the main problem here is that almost nothing here stands out. It's just that music which is heard in elevators. It just stays in the background. Some tracks are maybe bit better than others but I really had problems trying to pick ace tracks. Not that tracks would be bad or anything but nothing stands out. Well except for Breeze Is Nice. That track at least is bit different than others and even though it's not that special downtempo-track which uses piano, it still is the most interesting track from the album in my opinion.

The problem here isn't that this would be bad. This album is way too unmemorable for that. But that is exactly the problem. This is unmemorable. If there is nothing you remember from the album, it fails. Even though the overall level is good, something must stand out. Something which makes you come back to the album. This album has nothing. I can't say that this album would disappoint me either but this isn't as good album as I would have wanted it to be. Search for the good album continues. I put my hopes on Hybrid.


Ace tracks:
Breeze is nice
Imagination of imagination

Ferry CorstenOnce Upon A Night

Disc 1
01. Yuri Kane - Right Back
02. Yuri Kane - Around You
03. Alpha 9 - Come Home
04. Progressiver pres. FineSky - Fine Sky
05. Fred Baker pres. Saona - Saono (Andy Duguid Remix)
06. Tritonal feat. Soto - Forgive Me, Forget You (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)
07. JPL - We Move In Symmetry
08. Salt Tank Pres. Meet Me At The Burning Man - Leaving Town (Allende Remix)
09. Phynn - Hello Love
10. Amurai feat Melissa Loretta - Unconditional Love
11. Arty - Hope
12. Fender Woods - Ain’t She Pretty (Amurai’s Yerevan Remix)
13. Cramp pres. Sliders - Meteor

Disc 2
01. Mark Sixma - Forsaken
02. The Airstatic - Worldwide (Anton Firtich Remix)
03. Tempo Giusto - Metropolitan (Alex O’Rion Remix)
04. Breakfast - Slow Motion
05. Bart Claessen - Hartseer
06. Rafaël Frost - If Only
07. Mike Danis - Sweet Dynamite
08. Anton Firtich pres AF Project - Something Wrong
09. Akira Kayosa - State Of Origin
10. Ferry Corsten pres. Pulse - Once
11. DJ Eco pres. Pacheco - Dancing Under Streetlights
12. BT - The Unbreakable (Breakfast Remix)

Lost in motion

I think that some of the old producers still have a lot of potential to make a good music. Even the big names. At least compared to many new producers, older ones seem to make good tracks more often. I don't know why but it might have something to do with the fact, that when for an example Solarstone and Ferry Corsten begun their career, they had to use hardware. Then you had to make a track from a scratch and be more innovative compared to nowadays. Back then they learned how to make music and not just tracks. Ferry Corsten in my opinion is a pretty good producer. Every now and then I still find some good Ferry-track from back of the days, when he had more aliases and when he remixed a lot. And to be honest, back when he made uplifting trance he knew how to make good track. He was one of the names which created that genre and he knew exactly how to do it. Later on he was creating trance with a hint of electro when there yet wasn't bandwagon.

Under his own name, he has made two pretty good albums. L.E.F. was in my opinion a miss, but even the latest album Twice In A Blue Moon was pretty good. Surely it had nothing special and innovations were pretty much non-existant. But tracks were well done and they sounds good. And since Ferry knows how to make a good track, I believe he knows how the good tracks even from the other producers should sound. That being said I have to admit one thing. I have never really liked compilations or mixes I have heard from Ferry Corsten. Always I have felt that something is missing. I have checked few compilations but no. It might have been the style or lack of good tracks but I wasn't just that impressed. But I know that the potential is there.

And to my surprise, he shows some part of that potential. Yeah, I actually liked most of the first disc! It's nothing special but it has some good uplifting trance with the hint from the more progressive side. Disc also gets more and more energetic as the track goes which is only a good thing. I almost have lost hope that some of this stuff would be good. But for the most part of the record it is. Like the Yuri Kane's Right Back. It's not groundbreaking or anything, but piano works well and vocals aren't annoying at all. The other track from Yuri Kane is pretty good also. But I begun to thought that the quality would go down with tracks from Duguid and Tritonal. Luckily it didn't. JPL already made pretty good job with We Move In Symmetry but it's Allende's version of Leaving Town (I thought this was Chicane's track which featured Salt Tank?) which hits the spot. This track has been around here in Finland for two years and now it seems like it's finished. Basically it's more energetic version of the track and it works! After that the quality drops and there are couple silly vocal-tracks but then again not all of the remaining tracks are bad. Quality still remains pretty good.

Second disc isn't unfortunately that impressive. It has it's own flaws. The biggest problem is that unlike the first disc this CD stays in the same spot. It's uplifting trance all the way and there isn't that much change. Also it doesn't have that many highlights and only Breakfast's Slow Motion and Ferry's own track Pulse – Once were better than else. But then again this has it's own good sides. The quality remains good almost all the way through and when thinking about regular level of uplifting trance, this is really good. Quality also becomes better when the disc continues and tracks become more interesting. Also this doesn't have annoying vocals. And then comes the last track. I wasn't impressed with the original version of BT's The Unforgivable and when those male vocals the track has are placed in regular uplifting trance, it just doesn't work. Instead it becomes pretty annoying and if the last track of the compilation is annoying... Well it's not really a good thing.

But I have to admit that this is pretty good compilation. Actually one of the best records from uplifting trance in the recent years. I can't remember when I would have been this excited about uplifting-album. Usually if I like trance, it's from proggier or darker side of trance or psy. And this is probably the best record I have heard from big trance DJ's since Tiësto's ISOS 6. This compilation shows once again why I think Ferry Corsten is the best from the big trance DJ's. In his case, it's still possible to hear some good music. I think that this record shows that there might just be a little bit of hope in trance. But what fresh things does this record offer? What new it brings for the year 2010? Just like Twice In A Blue Moon it probably doesn't offer anything new but instead it offers well made tracks. And it just might be enough.


Ace tracks:
Yuri KaneRight Back
Salt Tank pres. Meet Me At The Burning Man -Leaving Town (Allende Remix)
Ferry Corsten pres. PulseOnce


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