Les Nuits Botanique


Abr 25 2006, 17h31

I've looked at the program for the festival Les Nuits Botanique that takes place from 28/04 until 7/05/2006 in Brussels.

I've marked 22 artists that looked interesting to me according to their description or because I allready liked them.

That doesn't mean I'm going to all these concerts, I would be broke. But I can allready check out their websites and music. So feel free to comment your favourite artist for me.

Are coming all the bands I've tagged left and more.

And, on 21/05/06 Neko Case also gives a concert. With reduction it's only 7 EUR so I'm definately going.

For the people who've allready been to the Botanique is it true that it's a dangerous place?

So it looks like tomorrow I'm going to buy me a Bota'Carte which gives reduction and free entrance to one concert. And perhaps allready buy a (few) ticket(s) before things are sold out.

Anyone want to come with me? I don't have someone to come with me yet. Normally I should be going by train then. Contact me!



  • Ikkempc

    Hi Questra, Unfortunately I can’t make it to the Nuits Botanique this year. Relatives from Germany are staying at our place for a week during that period. I hope that you will have a wonderful time. AFAIK I don’t think the Botanique is a dangerous place, but be careful (money in safe place, no expensive clothes, ….) as usual. Personally I wouldn’t have missed Calexico + Iron & Wine, Andrew Bird, CocoRosie or Architecture in Helsinki (same day but in different locations). I hope I can make it to the Nekocase concert though. Greetings from … Belgium :D

    Abr 25 2006, 19h16
  • Questra

    oh yes Calexico interesses me too

    Abr 25 2006, 19h45
  • ElBandido

    I'm going to the Calexico & Iron and Wine concert this Friday, which has a big chance of being sold out, I'm afraid. I want to go to Neko Case too, but these are busy times for a student in his final year, so I fear (again) that I'll have to wait for Neko to come back another time.

    Abr 26 2006, 8h35
  • sparadrap

    i don't know about that part of brussels being too dangerous. it's probably because the gare du nord neighbourhood isn't too far from there. in any case, i was there last week-end and going back tonight for plaid, tomorrow for great lake swimmers and on sunday to see howe gelb.

    Mai 4 2006, 13h03
  • kronaar

    Plaid was absolutely brilliant. As usual hardly any known tracks and those that ring a bell were hardly recognisable. Great visual show too by BOB. Botanique is hardly dangerous, specially around Nuits Bota cause there's always lots of people. Unless of course, you stray off around the gardens on the other side, where I was mugged once when I was 16. But that was just cause I did steer into the wrong direction trying to find the place :)

    Mai 7 2006, 19h07
  • scarsandglasses

    you forgot Raymondo which was really cool ! NA !

    Mai 15 2006, 17h32
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