• 100,000th track

    Fev 19 2012, 1h59

    Gastr Del Sol - Dry Bones In The Valley
    From the album Upgrade & Afterlife

    One of my favorites that I've discovered in recent years. Originally by John Fahey, although this version comes from a totally different place. Jim O'Rourke really makes it his own, and it is a perfect end to an otherwise awkward and beautiful album.
  • 80,000th track

    Jun 11 2009, 0h53

    L'ocelle Mare - 03
    from the album l'ocelle mare

    I wish I saw him when he came to Prague, but I was really sick :(
    one of my favorite guitarists now...
  • 60,000th track

    Abr 17 2007, 1h40


    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Formicary, from the new album "In Glorious Times".

    And yes it kick's ass.

    Maybe I'll write more later.
  • My 40000th track is...

    Mai 26 2006, 21h29

    Everyone I Went to High School With Is Dead

    Because they are (I graduate today)
  • Charts/Suggested listening

    Mar 12 2006, 6h26

    Seriously people, listen to something new. Of the top 10 for last week, 7 were on the top 10 a year and a week ago. I mean, Radiohead , Pink Floyd, and The Beatles cool and all, but there's other stuff out there. What's even more sad is that 4 of the top 10 tracks are on the top ten from the year before. Really, Wonderwall is not a good song, you can stop listening to it all the time every day.
    The thing that bugs me most is that Coldplay is one of the most overrated bands ever. I know that title gets thrown around a lot, but this time it's actually true. And stop comparing them to Radiohead. They're a poor man's substitute for Radiohead. And as much as I don't like The Arcade Fire, I have to admit they're better than any Death Cab for Cutie shit. I'm not sure if just isn't diverse in listeners or if music listeners in general tend to all listen to the same thing...
    People hate listening to mainstream music so they look for more obscure alternative stuff - but now the alternative stuff is mainstream because everyone decided to listen to all the same alternative stuff! Here's some severely underappreciated artists on that you should really check out and knock Radiohead or Coldplay off of your top artist slot:

    The Residents - the world's most well-known anonymous band
    MF DOOM - stop listening to Kanye West and Eminem, listen to some of this or Viktor Vaughn, Kool Keith, Tech N9ne.
    They Might Be Giants - You know the themes to Malcolm in the Middle and the Daily Show? Yeah, them. They're actually waaaay better than those themes too.
    Frank Zappa - Classic rock is ok (Led Zeppelin is quite a ripoff), But Frank Zappa is where it is at. Get his earliest stuff, his composition and musical skills can't be beat.
    Opeth - Metallica? No.
    The Monkees - Sure there are 10 times as many Beatles listeners, but the Monkees are still good.
    Birth - This band has 94 listeners. If you can find this stuff, listen to it. The best Jazz/Drums n Bass/Loud noise experimental stuff ever. So sad they probably won't play again. I have some of their stuff in mp3 if anyone wants it. Probably one of my favorite bands ever.
    The Mountain Goats - guy and guitar, but actually good. Unlike Bob Dylan.
    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - For fans of Mr. Bungle, or maybe even King Crimson
    Syd Barrett - Like Pink Floyd? Good. Like early Pink Floyd? Great. Listen to the acid-riddled mind to lyrics work of Syd Barrett.
    Estradasphere - Gypsy jazz jam metal swing virtuoso all in one band. REALLY GOOD. Seriously, if you ignore everyone else on this listen, at least take this suggestion. And at least listen to the track "Hunger Strike", it's amazing.
    Bill Hicks - think Dane Cook is funny? Think that random shitty comedian from Comedy Central is funny? hah. Goatboy laughs. heheheheh

    Now, if all you're trying to do is be obscure, listen to Volcano the Bear, Merzbow, Renaldo & the Loaf, and John Oswald. No one will have a clue what you're talking about, and you'll be the most indie kid on the block you motherfuckers.
  • My 30000th track is...

    Jan 29 2006, 17h39

    The Plastic People of the Universe - Man With No Ears From the album "Man With no Ears" aka "Muz bez usi"

    Yeah, if anyone can find any album for sale by the plastic people of the universe, and would like to buy for me, I'd be very grateful :-)
  • My 20000th track is....

    Set 27 2005, 20h22

    - If It's in You !

    This has to be the best song ever. Either you agree with me, or you completely disagree with me (which is usually the case), but I think everything about this song makes it the best song ever, and I'm proud to say this is my 20,000th track played logged on
    Everything about "If It's In You" is great. The singing, the cadence, the lyrics, the guitar playing, the length... everything.


    Yes I'm thi-i-*i*-i-i-i-i-inking of this, yes I am
    puddle town, Tom was the underground
    hold you ti-*i*-i-i-i-i-i-ighter so close, yes you are
    please hold on to the steel rail

    colonel with gloves
    strauss leeches
    he isn't loved on 'Sundays Mail'
    all the fives crock Henrietta
    she's mean go-getter
    gotta write her a letter.

    Did I w-i-i-i-*i*-ink of this, I am
    yum, yummy, yum, don't, yummy, yum, yom, yom...
    Yes, I'm thi-i-*i*-i-i-i-inking of this, in steam
    skeleton kissed to the steel rail

    fleas in Pamela
    strauss leeches
    chugging along with a funnel of steam
    all the fives crock Henrietta
    she's mean go-getter
    gotta write her a letter...
  • Music that I listen to more than anybody

    Set 25 2005, 18h42

    Maybe AS isn't big enough yet. Maybe the majority of users are a certain type of music listener (which may explain why Green Day, Coldplay, Radiohead, etc. are on the top of the charts week after week...)
    But for some reason, I am the top listener, or have more plays total, for many artists.

    The first one is Cheer-Accident (some tracks formally mistagged as Cheer Accident) For some reason I listen to this chicago-based band a lot. I found out about them through Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, and since I've downloaded a few things, I listen to them all the time. I own 5 albums, and if I ever find more for sale in a local record store or have the opportunity to buy online, I'll buy any missing albums in a heartbeat. They're great, and they have so many different sounds. My favorite album is either "Enduring the American Dream" or "Introducing Lemon", although they're all good. I don't think I have heard anything of theirs that I didn't like, and I really want to see them live. If anyone has any live bootlegs of them (I have one I downloaded off of a bit-torrent) please let me know!

    The next is the infamous old czechoslavic/czech republic band The Plastic People of the Universe. Although there is one person that has listened to them more than I have, it probably won't be for long. I'll get you user snakeradio! Anyways, I have a ton of their stuff downloaded, and if I had enough money I'd buy their 15 cd box set from the czech republic (my birthday is coming up :-))

    Then, there's another great band from the Czech Republic, the more recent Uz jsme doma. They're different, but still good, more modern than PPU. I don't know why czech music is so good yet so unheard of in the US. Czech it out, one or more of their albums are produced by Dan Rathburn (of Idiot Flesh, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum...)

    Another undiscovered gem that needs more listens on is Volcano the Bear. I don't know how to describe them. It's definately not for everyone, and most of their releases are very limited, but they have one album that is easy to find that I recommend; you can even find it on

    And again, I'm 2nd place with John Oswald. Check out plunderphonics, it's very interesting to say the least.
    And AGAIN I'm a runner-up but close with Renaldo & the Loaf, but maybe that's because half of my tracks are labeled Renaldo and The Loaf instead... but everyone should listen to them now. Right now. I almost had the change to work with 'Renaldo', and I missed out...

    And then there's Birth. Oh Birth, one of my favorite bands ever. I've seen them 4 times, plus various side projects. It's too bad they're no longer a band since the bass player moved to Arizona... But I still listen to the 2 cds and 4 live official bootlegs all the time... Too bad the top two tracks and other tracks on their "most listened to" on AS isn't actually this jazz-loud-drum-bass-sax band, it's some shitty electrionic band or something called Birth. Don't listen to them. Listen to the real Birth.

    Oh, and I'm one of 5 people that ever listened to . QWE. Wonder why?