New Songs, July 26-August 1, 2009


Ago 2 2009, 0h29

Well, I watched the musical episode of Buffy, so Once More, With Feeling was my first obsession album of the week. Favorites: I'll Never Tell! (fun lyrics) and Walk Through The Fire (surprisingly powerful ensemble number).

The Gates - recommended it and I ended up downloading it. Quirky but entertaining.

Just as Long as Me - Far from my favorite JoCo song. Apparently I'd never listened to it on iTunes. But here it is.

And then I discovered James Marsters' solo stuff. Smile ZOOMED up my most-listened tracks and made it into my last 6 months playlist, with 19 plays in about 5 days. 7 of those were on the first day I discovered it, and most of them in a row.

I also played around with Anthony Stewart Head's solo album and added Owning My Mistakes into the mix, but it hasn't really hit yet.

One Semester of Spanish Love Song has made its rounds on YouTube and now resides in my music library.

Some new versions of Still Alive - a dance remix and a version that includes both GLaDOS and JoCo singing together, which is fun.

Listened to some A Midsummer Night's Dream but it's not clicking with me at this point. May have to just sit down and listen to it all the way through to see what it sounds like.

I found other people's shared libraries on my visit to Dartmouth, and cheerfully listened to what looked like interesting songs from them, including You Oughta Know, Me & Mr. Jones, Shut Up, and Smile.

So lots of new interesting things in my library this week. No way will I be able to top it next week.


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