• pfmboidi

    Are you serious? How can Sunn O))) - Monoliths & Dimensions be there?

    Ago 14 2009, 8h32
  • Puppies_On_Acid

    I think its their best release so far, but I also need to update my list again, so it may or may not be in the top ten anymore.

    Ago 14 2009, 22h37
  • aethernaut

    White Tomb is indeed amazing.

    Nov 2 2009, 14h41
  • Puppies_On_Acid

    It is!! This list is going to completely change, I'm almost sure. The new Between the Buried and Me might come out at #1.

    Nov 6 2009, 20h23
  • Lemminkainenf

    Well the only one i listened to is Black Clouds & Silver Linings by DT and i loved it specially The Best Of Times.And i think that one song by White Tomb that i don't remember if was good but yes i think so lol heh.But as you(Tasha) have a nice taste i think i'll check some of those bands, im totally free for recommendations!!!

    Dez 17 2009, 5h56
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