5 bands


Jun 14 2009, 14h13

Tomáš Klus was playing right after the rain. I found his performance rather boring. Just the improvising parts were good. But the girls liked it all.

Lucie Bílá was great, really good vocals. She sang some of her old hits, so this was the best band of the Friday.

I was involuntary on the Lunetic concert and it was indeed one of the worst bands I've ever heard live.

Michal David's discotheque was rather a joke concert but overall a good performance by the band. Everybody in the crowd was drunk. Any band concerting after Lunetic would be remembered as good.

On the second day, UDG left a neutral feeling. They weren't bad and they did that joke - they enabled the crowd to get up on stage and the festival organizers (probably) shut them down. Their concert was over after half an hour.

Imodium was the best band of the day and I think the best performance of the festival. There was just twice as much people as on Tomáš Klus (which is still just a few hundred), but the band drove whole crowd jumping all over the place. They are best known from UDG concerts but on saturday they outperformed UDG easily.


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