Oh dear gawd :O


Dez 13 2006, 15h43

Soooo, I'm bored XD. Let's go write something in my last.fm journal once again, like my second journal entry in what, 8 months or so? :P. Boredom probably makes you do weird things I suppose.

Recently started to use the last.fm client again to listen to streaming radio as well, it took a while but it appears that finally it is more stable again, or at least for me. For a long time before it was just extremely fucked up all the time, stopping with playing music every 3 minutes or so. Now that makes you wanna listen to last.fm radio for sure XP.

It also changes my weekly listening habit by far, being able to listen to all that other music which I don't have on CD or as MP3 myself, nice to hear something else for a change :).

As I can listen to a lot it's nice to have a change every now and then, although it's also funny when some people end up flaming you for liking certain kinds of music XD, as if you should stick to one genre or something :P. Have to love those little kiddies ^_^.

Ah well, enough boredom for now, let's go check if there's something on to watch ^^.


  • ReallehMoosic

    I'm bored too =P

    Dez 13 2006, 16h03
  • PsychoDude

    These times sucks :P, just before x-mas so all good movies on TV are being saved up. Outside it's too cold to be and most people are too busy with their last exams before the x-mas holidays :P. Ah well, luckily soon it'll be x-mas holidays, that'll be so awesome :D.

    Dez 13 2006, 16h51
  • Lillion

    xmas holidays will be awesome yah ;)

    Dez 16 2006, 13h12
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