• someone once asked me "do you enjoy all the distortion"

    Jan 13 2009, 16h30

    i told them hell fuckin yeah i do
  • Genelec & Memphis Reigns lyrics INSIDE

    Dez 3 2008, 20h42

    Anyone who can fill in the hard-as-hell to understand parts or make any corrections definitely hit me up and let me know. Gen & Memph are the two illest emcees of all time as you should know, and in addition their songs are by far the funnest and most challenging to rap. I figured that since there weren't lyrics for any of their songs besides Anarchist Cookbook and I love rapping along because the words they choose always sound so awesome fused together that I would transcribe the rest. Check it.

    transcribed by Aidan

    Check this shit out...
    Yo, yo, uh
    Eight zero billion galaxies balancing malice and chaos,
    These men summon the words seance,
    To stay lost amidst the bass hits and spitfire snare drum kicks,
    No dumb shit, my blood run thick for the river,
    Filtering words like liquor surge through my liver,
    Who's the riddler? Who to believe?
    With ease we weave magic, maniac manic beat addicts dramatic, no static

    [Memphis Reigns]
    Samurai, megaton, with force equivalent to atom bombs,
    I raise the mic like swords and bombs of Galvatron,
    Reflect the light stream of sunbeams,
    Aim at a distant planet, too disturbingly,
    Hear the stars scream, "Firecrack the apparatus!"
    Black the skies like laser beams, I'm Prime like Optimus
    Who wanna test the deadly force I'm always hostile with?
    I colonize my words and verbs on the lands of Unicron,
    As I'm droppin' Firebombz

    Check check it, check
    This blizzard in the middle of spring hits,
    With swift unexpected foreshowing neglect for projected cores,
    Expect remorse from those not ready,
    Caught heavy when Hurricane G drops steady,
    Never before measured the method that mirrors mine,
    Effortlessly aggressive in essence, spirit and mind,
    Clearin' that fine line, terminal velocity,
    Inferno of animosity, man there's no stoppin' me

    [Memphis Reigns]
    Stomp a fleet of colonies, super sonically drop anomalies,
    Summoned through ancient indian forms of the Shamanry,
    Paradromicly launching with the harmony,
    Harnessing the velocity at impossible numerical quantities,
    Solemnly under modern technology, diatomically paired to a nucleus symbiotically live platonically

    Yo, caps lock G period, are you hearing this?
    Slingblade the universe,
    Lacerate the levels of space and create a place where I can sit and waste a lifetime,
    Calibratin' my sightline,
    Proper focus my power precise when I write rhyme,
    Vision is transmission and glisten like a prism in the midst of all this hissin',
    And spittin' and signal mixin', livin' with this addiction,
    Rippin' into the system with fists and some firey words,
    And fly higher in the eye of the birds,
    Rip-rippin' into the system with fists and some firey words,
    To fly higher in the eye of the birds

    [Memphis Reigns]
    Let the Reigns fall, my brainstorm,
    Noise that I may take form,
    Like rainstorm, the rain pulls,
    Straight words through my nasal,
    Injected through tsunamis of living type of bacteria,
    I fear for ya, hysteria, runnin' throughout yo area,
    Pairin' ya to another, maybe fatal to another, oh brother,
    I'll smother you like an overprotective girlfriend,
    Uncertain of my whereabouts, tearin' up when my words surrounds,
    Crowd and get loud whenever up your direction,
    I'm breakin' weed emcees out like artifical selection,
    I'm breakin' weed emcees out like artifical selection

    Yo, yo, firebombz on yo moms, G & Memph droppin' firebombz, firebombz on yo moms

    transcribed by Aidan

    Cybernetics, embedded and shredded with alphabetic
    Word surge from the cloud
    [Memphis Reigns]
    To rain down the sound
    On the battleground
    [Memphis Reigns]
    Simply spit material killings, label a serial
    Revealing a metaphysical miracle
    [Memphis Reigns]
    Walking water like the holy father
    What? As the mental manifests sharp points to stigmata
    Propensity for jettin thee enemy steppin to me with word weaponry
    [Memphis Reigns]
    The verbal pedigrees for next century

    [Memphis Reigns]
    Yo, yo...
    Pre-conceive through the spirit of the movement verbal soul,
    Control or train a body to walk over hot coal,
    House calls protocols of deadly chance to intercept it,
    When I said it through your speaker I let it send it in seconds,
    Leave an image created, heavy weighted, anticipated,
    Equated cranial formulated, updated a revelation,
    My penetration through your mental concentration leave your body mad frustrated and even be speaking statements,
    It's my time and unwind, re-enact the aftermath through paragraphs,
    I put my name upon the map with battle raps, this battle cat,
    I'm up to bat, I'm crackin' backs, I'll bring the end of them,
    Sending them side to side like a vertical pendulum,
    So don't be tellin' them my message in a bottle, throttle,
    Seven seas, enemies with white flags, I've come to seize,
    Causin' observation process thoughts when I behoove ya,
    Popped tops the hard knocks to rise vibes,
    Verbally a paradox, unlockin' Pandora's box,
    Releasin' my darker thoughts, fatter than Mr. Hitchcock,
    A blister, tongue twista, when I hit ya,
    Overloaded system blowin single spin transistor,
    In the mist, war reciting, I throw lightning,
    Clash of the overly excited fuckin' titans!

    Ay yo, quid pro quo doctor,
    Ya ought not drop a fishin' line into the depths of this rhyme,
    Might just find your hook tangled,
    No angle for escape when the sharp dome plate starts to shake,
    Ten quake on the Richter,
    Mr. G-Lec spell threat to the transistors, the hand blisters,
    Rip through the pain as the red pumps through the main vein to proclaim individuality,
    Casually fused with the musical reality, soul gallery,
    Gather at the front gate and buck shapes,
    These live lungs ride drums on a one way,
    Trip through the mist I twist and coexist in a myriad,
    A mental pyramid, you're hearin' it, clearin' the borders, I'm mysterious,
    Let it be known, headed my poems, for homegrown inhalation,
    Yes from the basement, nightly, Clearin' this quick with my psyche,
    Slightly off base when the bass drums strike me,
    Likely get nicely touched with one thrust of the robust word rush to crush my opponents,
    Plus my components, top quality titanium when I reign,
    Make you wonder and retain a lingering vision of this transmission with deficit for my position,
    As the chosen, pro shogun, black the sky and leave no sun,
    These current dimensions got me trapped in detention,
    Words they chip away your walls like Shawshank Redemption, ascension,
    Freedom with the bleeding of the melody, heavenly I command with brain waves extra sensory,
    Remember me centuries in a time when my rhyme fades, Genelec's sprays will live another day

    transcribed by Aidan

    Genelec: Sunwheel, listener's visions become real
    We slippin' into rhythm and livin' among the ill
    Sunwheel, listen as visions become real
    We slippin' into rhythm and givin' the drum spill (2x)

    [Memphis Reigns]
    Ha ha! My muscular lyrics possess the genetical blueprints,
    I'm in the incredible fetal type pugilance, prototype
    My flow ignite the strength and might of Lennox Lewis, I do this,
    Emitting and emanating energetic sentence to sweep the planet off the universal canvas
    [Memphis Reigns]
    We seize the planet, at the bottom of the Atlantic,
    Staticly raise Atlantis and reposition the atlas

    Breathe slow, these be the schematics for star charts fallen,
    Heavy metal heartbeats shaken the stone columns,
    Following the energy, swallowing any entity unready for twenty second century,
    Miles above the middle ground with riddles that pound,
    Slippin' thick in the compositions tricklin' down sound,
    This captain interacting with magic and mapping actions massively dramatic,
    None ready and not a single melody able to stable my firey memory,
    Cradled upon the page, spirits of ancestors have blessed us in later days,
    This maze that I choose to take power I accumulate,
    Breathe slow gather my thoughts and I'll illuminate ~light~, I'll illuminate ~darkness, the dark, the midnight~, I'll illuminate Genelec


    [Memphis Reigns]
    Visually picture me, photograph mystery,
    Undeveloped type of underwater enemy,
    Telepathic when I raise the flag might save your clan,
    Civil war with the people, scared with my evil style sharp like a needle,
    And let it be like The Beatles,
    I'm strikin' and leavin' them kneelin' like three point cathedrals,
    Heavy rays been through what you never ever seen,
    Slide between the crack in the ground without the vaseline,
    Movin' and provin' steadily improvin' I'm bruisin' all the crews
    Who's next to spark the fuse?
    [Memphis Reigns]
    Pardon me for the confused,
    I'm an enormous prehistoric tyrannosaurus,
    Rhyme so large even Columbus won't explore it


    Move (feat. Dan J)
    transcribed by Aidan

    Genelec: Move, leave deep tracks when I move,
    Move, seek new paths when I move,
    Move, let the breeze lead when I move,
    Move, I got to be free when I move (2x)

    I gotta, rearrange,
    Find myself tangled in same - similar - mundane,
    What once was strange, now grips with familiarity,
    Gotta be ??tearin the border?? cause it's scarin' me, I dislike change,
    And frost-covered windowpanes,
    I'd rather be lost in the rain, I need change, I yearn for change,
    Just some fluctuation,
    Fuck waitin' up inside my little cable ready station,
    Cause I'd rather be exploring the nation and touring the place where the city's gritty and polished,
    The life's demolished and upright, all of the sites,
    London to Santa Cruz, something I plan to do,
    Cross the earth on the move, destination let the wind choose

    [Dan J]
    Never ever let the thoughts cause the proper friction,
    The lack of movement loses clock revolutions,
    Wishful thinking wasting haste steals the taste, and I gotta peep the craving,
    I gotta make my mark stepping on the wet pavement,
    Constructed constrictions holding victims imprisoned,
    In the prism of a red traffic light, blinding sights,
    Crippled positions with shriveled dwindled visions,
    ??? thoroughbred the fear of flight,
    We-e-ell this colorblind bird dreams of stop signs and blurs,
    Was the first to leave the nest with no regrets,
    He left the rest to feel the crest of the wind's breath,
    He holds it in his chest,
    Never perched, I soar and searched with wing span from the diaphragm as I exam,
    Over the head, and below the astro turf


    [Memphis Reigns]
    ??Wake mine, great as rhyme,
    Waits for not a single man,
    The unplanned spans scourin' paths passed throughout the land,
    Yo ya chance to scan the global grass fallin' upon ya head,
    Now they slippin' through the cracks of father time's hourglass hand,
    Systematically cruisin' through the darkest jungles of Thailand,
    Strikin' with the force that's splittin' the Hawaiian Islands,
    It's my hand, artifact for art in fact, is misinterpreted,
    Direction of my path is now converted, coerced with,
    The traveling volume that shall explore,
    I'm droppin' knowledge like they ain't gonna risk the ocean floor,
    Furthermore I hover through out of seance so quite connivingly,
    I'm embracin' the melting pot of colors create on my society,
    I'm merely a camouflage curtain the hurting soul,
    See the world or get trapped in this version of Truman Show,
    It's my turn, activate and circumnavigate the maze,
    Manifest the manuscript, I traveled sixty days

    Thunderbox (feat. King 1)
    transcribed by Aidan

    Aiyyo it's G major, and I'm cold thrustin',
    Amped divine off controlled substance,
    I hold the whole world speaks story power,
    Six four tower to shower the voice energy,
    Edited in real time, spreaded embedded rhetoric said in my steel mind,
    Release pressure, measured equivalent to hot magma blast from the deepest land gash,
    I clash with word thunder, beware of the strike I draw stereotypes asunder,
    Induce wonder, quandary,
    Heads spin fast like wet laundry,
    Forget your army yet?
    Employ rhythm as a self-defense mechanism,
    I'm volatile like a Linda Blair exorcism,
    Me next to ??? dimensions of dreamscape,
    I press my existence on progressional green tapes,
    Supreme shape kick back and see me spar,
    Till these lines leave you blank like a CDr,
    See these stars reflect in my visual reception,
    Build figures and aim high for perfection,
    Unattainable like sunlight in deep sea,
    You'll never reach peak, keep peace with M-O-M-E-N-T present,
    Whether peasant or authority, adoring the time that slips mortally,
    Inhale environment, harness my chi commence firing, I harness my chi commence firing

    transcribed by Aidan

    Genelec: Yo I don't know what you do,
    You don't what I know,
    I know that I fly high with the lines though,

    Memphis Reigns: Open up ya mind think fast and do the math,
    cause we taggin' up ya path bring wrath across the map

    Genelec: I don't know what you do,
    You don't what I know,
    I know that I fly high in the mind though

    Memphis Reigns: Open up ya mind think fast and do the math,
    cause we taggin' up ya path bring wrath across the map

    Yo slip with me now through the twisted vegetation,
    Jet another circle in the cycle of the solar symphony,
    I exist outer limits unseen, undiminished by the infinite,
    With image silhouetted like Lonewolf,
    Focus all eyes to the skies, dive deep into the hive to the inside,
    And let me introduce you to design, my color texture alignment,
    In the center of it combined, sublime, with a fine time to manipulate,
    Step back, watch me ripple the face of the quiet lake, effortless,
    Just an individual chiseling atypical shapes and invisible space,
    Man, I stretch it like a canvas,
    Summon energy let the hands dance, mental transplant,
    With advanced plans to re-arrange the planets,
    Reorder the borders, make it more like my dreamscape,
    Give me time, I create, anything, anywhere, any place

    [Memphis Reigns]
    Speak to the prophet responsible for the dropping of bombs,
    Like terrorists on the holy republic of the Islamic community,
    I'm immune to the virus musically perpendicular to the eclipse and the moons and seas,
    In tune with the satellite of the apparent patterns of communication, conversation, call for interrogation,
    And I never wanna take part in this labeling,
    And if I do I'm only partaking by unveiling the sin,
    This love into the chattering vision to what I'm thinking,
    I'm driven to fantasy that is quite non-existent,
    Where am I going now?
    I find time to live tomorrow and slowly drown out the whispers inside of my hollow,
    Paranormal physical, unpredicted this miracle, captivate with a spiritual
    Supernatural channel through voodoo enacted by Vuzu, amass the wrath of the Zulu, I'm fastened to the lamp that I'm grapplin' it like you do


    [Memphis Reigns]
    Yo slide with the rhythm submissive into decision,
    I'm slippin' a figure eight to your body sitting position,
    My mission does not consist of writing verses on a topic,
    I don't give a fuck if I'm the only person really jockin' it,
    I'm confident, and when I talk that talk you know I'll walk it,
    I'm doin' it for the love, take a look inside of my wallet,
    I'm awfully sorry for my rudeness, I ruined your flow,
    I had a bigger cypher during the better part of your show,
    Tally ho, let's get it on,
    I'm spittin' rush for any appetite,
    I'm still rockin' this crowd with sign language minus the mic,
    I'm tighter than dykes, leavin you hoppin' like some horny bunnies,
    I'm kickin the illest freestyle, on techno, gospel or country,
    Kick whatever you're feelin' like redeeming your self-esteem,
    Shit I'll even let your mother or father play records for me

    And it's like yo I unleash the beast you increase the peace,
    I reach peak and release my speech; heads twink,
    Meet me in the middle of my emotion,
    Hidden in a ripple in time flowing in close to explosion,
    Flammable when handled by man or machine or animal,
    Can of the meanest grammar I sample of this mechanical,
    Method like clockwork, sockin' a jerk, stoppin' a mock worth,
    Cock this verse, my shot hits first


    transcribed by Aidan

    Genelec: Wonder if this bewildering sphere will appear clear in the borders of future vision,
    All of this rewritten,
    Wonder if this bewildering sphere will appear clear in the borders of future vision,
    All of this rewritten,
    Logic without a prison,
    All of this rewritten

    [Memphis Reigns]
    I talk to you the one of three in spare by two but four by one,
    Guilty tips for giving me life acknowledge me as your son,
    Known to run I'm quickly confused with the message that you said to me,
    Melodies with so remedies, teach me to love my enemies,
    Giving me reason to believe in spiritual authorities, priority,
    The skin; my lips exist as a minority,
    Warding me for a better tomorrow, I weep in sorrow,
    For the life you took again and let your people only borrow,
    But it bothers me, I've learned to yearn and taste the only life,
    Many times I've tried to call for help I'm out of breath,
    Peace until we meet at the pass after my death,
    Yo I've learned to live my life without any shred of regret,
    Wandered through the carousel that cycles within the seasons,
    Dreaming, but never reaching, and teaching, but never ever speaking,
    I'm losing my connection untying this true affection,
    I'm endlessly lost and off, headed for no direction,
    Swingin' my fist in anger, answer in any manner,
    Frustrated by the sound of the rain that softly pitter-patters,
    Retire my entire feelings, bleeding as I perspire,
    Find the fuel to fire my innermost needs that I desire

    Yo, picture me able-bodied offering walking atop the toppling cities,
    Then sitting awkwardly perched on the ruptured earth,
    In the shadow of those first cursed,
    I'm immersed in battle with these merciless urges to end my search,
    Quench this thirst, I'm lost, crumbling under sun,
    And I'm stumbling through the tundra, lost and alone as one,
    Faith at the gun, sever my quest for the breath of reason,
    I'll settle among the gestures and heathens and sleep forever encased in a state of freezing,
    Bleeding, like forever, I'm bleeding internal journals by the hundreds,
    Speak of power presented to those embedded in the head,
    Those threaded connections with their surroundings, pounding upon the silence for the possibilities,
    Thunder has yet to build in me,

    transcribed by Aidan

    Yo, check it..
    Yo, it's G, M-A-J-O-R,
    Relax on my back takin' in the stars,
    I throw my rhyme to the wind let the element send my energy to the planets,
    See if ancestors understand it,
    Transmit and respawn quick, will leave me thick in a question, so many questions,
    Puzzled, sift through the rubble, search for my life so elusive,
    Dream every night but the dream's inconclusive,
    Relay my thoughts in rhyme, thirty three lines in one page,
    No, not a sun ray, more like a thunderhead,
    Curse those who weave my afflictions, this man included,
    Step out the box and get booted,
    Temporary, hit the bottle,
    Temporary, hit the throttle,
    Temporary, my mothafuckin' male model for existence,
    Exist in a chrysalis state until I'm liquid, broken down chemical,
    Reform and swarm on the whole population, fresh mutation,
    Add another box to the senses, time moves endless, relentless,
    I send this, rhyme to the wind, I send this rhyme to the wind

    Yo, when the planets and the moon shift, my cocoon rips,
    Exist in a chrysalis state until I'm hittin' the bass, pace rage,
    With no oppressionist, no depression, until I get to breath in and breathin' the stress that's sweetened,
    And multiplied and divided in my system I'm tryin' to hide the tension but it's no use, fuck a death noose,
    Let the world choke thick on the smoke of my actions,
    Walk my path blastin' words, slugs, and pubs of backs of beats snappin',
    Kick snare the rip tear, the space on the planet, for ME goddamnit,
    I never planned it, womb injection, stand tall now in reflection,
    Quick stone throw from perception, second guessing origination,
    Men so vein in this nation, rather be vagrant,
    No time to whine when I dine on a finer platter,
    Than half the earth's matter,
    Brain splatter, head open for analysis,
    Acknowledging the callousness,
    Pass me the scalpel quick and I split this mind open myself,
    Who better to perform the procedure? Thick in meter, una viva, I know what you do,
    Master of my own destiny, fuck the voodoo!

    Scorpion Circles
    transcribed by Aidan

    [Memphis Reigns]
    Brick pyramids
    Me rehearsin' and cursin' the first person
    Reversin' the earth's period
    [Memphis Reigns]
    Hieroglyphic encrypted legendary figures rise from the ground of a cemetary
    The sacred spiritual mystics
    [Memphis Reigns]
    Hidden bible codes
    Clever twisted and mixed with the written scriptures
    Revisited in higher probes
    [Memphis Reigns]
    Yo, journeymen
    Waiting for heaven's gates to unfold
    [Memphis Reigns]
    Reaching the ancient Egypt
    And seeking cities of gold

    [Memphis Reigns]
    Obliterate incinerate the lands of prehistoric Earth,
    A thunder this is hard to simmer,
    When grounds I've put up to words equivalent to earthquakes,
    My verbs shake the closeup place to ripple escalating distance across the United States,
    Ridiculous rate, rampage, repetitious radical ex-factor,
    Smack ya lights out like linebackers,
    Attackin' with the force of a billion ionic-sporting bazookas choose to lose abusing your crews,
    As an example dismantle your Adam's apple,
    In fact I grapple and handle the dirty work ??? undercover operation,
    Lyrically manifested self-elected well-perfected, I'm intersecting digression for higher type of progression

    Thirty five ??? devil on the shoulder talking shit,
    I possess power try blocking it,
    Scrape it from the top, concentrated E elements,
    Rugged unplugged and well of it, drillin' through sediment,
    Archaeologists follow an excavated document speakin' on ancient prophets,
    The postmodern Tutankhamen, who you stoppin'?
    Never this indelible metal covered mind smuggler smothered in a doctrine,
    Black magic midnight medicine man spreaded this dreaded epidemic upon the land,
    The unseen hand,
    Outer body, mind, spirit & soul,
    Transparent energy scattered in furious code,
    Ha, ha! Not an engineer alive able to stable the fire warped drive inside,
    Physical phenomenon Genelec helped spawn,
    Prison rippin' the compositions of upper echelon,
    Congregation, total tectonic obliteration,
    From Mt. Olympus, label me the head mystic in charge,
    Mecha devious Prometheus figure who scorched laws,
    Earth man's polar opposite,
    All lyrics in unipresent, pressin' it above the populous, who's stoppin' this?

    [Memphis Reigns]
    Cinematic physical symbolism through lyricism, crack yo mind like prism,
    And stigmatisin' your optic vision in repetition I condition your spittin' like Ivan Pavlov,
    Hear my voice respond to a chill so you can back off, all backtalk,
    Program the monitor, a new Andromeda to analyze the unexplained type of phenomena,
    Coalesce the magic, I'll melt this wisdom to an eternity,
    Journey into attorney, be guilty without a jury,
    My fury fired by self-inflicted guilt,
    Stand still the Aziz,
    ????? like Juggernauts under stress when floors I touch get flushed,
    When I erupt I'm holding entity, mentally rearrange thoughts, facilitate locks,
    And dissonant with your inner brains box,
    I'm similar to Paul Bunyan's mighty blue ox,
    Unorthodox when I talk

    Seven six inches, thick be the mist in these trenches,
    This man resides where the water condenses
    Why wonder? The thunderhead catalyst,
    Pillage in the sky for energy so as to shatter this,
    Momentary silence, the decibels peak when speech sirens,
    Heed this release free-firing, *forever*
    Revolve with the coming of fall,
    Inject rhythm into living organisms hitting them all,
    Asteroid impact, six mile crater,
    React when I bend back, strike like a saber,
    Tooth from the paleolithic to get specific,
    Ride with the mystics, quick grab ya ticket

    Chicken Soup
    transcribed by Aidan

    [Memphis Reigns]
    Yo, I try to unify the moon and the sky,
    Useless to try, the lunar I assume a cry,
    Soon may dry, I choose to rhyme and expressin' apology,
    Empowering the coward things I often sing,
    And now I think I'm losing link to this connection,
    With all of my imbalance I center it with every action,
    The passion we once established must now be challenged to salvage,
    Dismember the path and enter as I treasure what you remember,
    Can't measure what lasts forever, now every day like December,
    Now i watch the snow that fall within the dome I'm all alone,
    And I can do this on my own, and find the road that leads to home,
    One love to all my cats I hustle through the times of struggle,
    But I'm the type of brother that wanna muscle through the puzzle,
    With a confidence I'm armored in with obstacles and many things,
    I shut my eyes, believe in me and I can conquer anything

    Man, all points progressional, swinging in perpetual rhyme,
    Moving and proving upon time,
    It's like every next letter measured with better intentions,
    Never sever connections with the past days,
    In the book of my life I'm always reviewing the last page,
    Written in transition, steadily endeavoring measuring new position on this one man expedition,
    Word up, gather my guts and cut through the landscape,
    No mad pace, I'm reppin' Evan and shreddin' the mandate,
    Wanna lend a helping hand? Then man, great, I'm all for it,
    Let's connect and form chorus, double our force I gotcha back,
    Wanna stomp through the dark forest, good looks,
    But watch in mind when I'm currently walking my own line,
    Sort of searching for some personal time,
    See I find it necessary to carry myself alone to the summit,
    Independent I'll rise and independent I'll plummet, independent I'll rise and independent I'll plummet

    [Memphis Reigns]
    Aiyyo, peace to the fifth letter,
    Memphis sit back and recollect when under the weather to feel better,
    Yo, G
    Genelec: what up
    I think my life is going crazy
    Genelec: Talk it over man you'll find the answers to your instigating
    About decisions that I choose and let God decide the way,
    And the purpose slash the reason why I'm living today,
    What is my mission today?
    Events have been scribbled and labeled in ways, confusion with ways, no escaping the maze,
    Upon the tablets of the author rewriting tragic endings,
    I'm ??? to smuggle up the river, stare helpless into the water,
    Stack responsibilities, learn to drop what you're doing,
    And never worry, why the hell you livin' life in such a hurry?
    By the day by the hour by the minute by the second,
    Not enjoying what I'm saying? You the one that chose to check it,
    Learn from mirrors like your image of circle ??? and reflect it,
    Amongst your peers to be respected goddamnit, or be neglected,
    I've said it so hence my feelings of the stress have been addressed,
    Fifth letter me and you, my damsel calling in distress *mother earth*

    Give & Take
    "GIVE & TAKE"
    transcribed by Aidan

    Genelec: Yo it's Genelec, and I give & take
    Memphis Reigns: And it's Memphis Reigns and I live to create
    Genelec: Yo it's Genelec, and I live to create
    Memphis Reigns: Yo it's Memphis Reigns, and I give & take

    Yo, I'm attackin' ya with spectacular vernacular,
    Meticulous rhymes are tricklin' down the spine,
    Find time to produce and still shoot the one twenty-two,
    From my fuckin' voicebox, like the noise box,
    Swift on the method,
    Smoke minus O & E, like candy,
    Murderous and servin' the verdict with mics handy,
    Twenty years age I phrase the life's maze,
    In a tempest, relentless, Genelec fresh with the sentence,
    Loop dig endless, obese peaks to knock creeps full senseless

    [Memphis Reigns]
    Hark the herald, the angel sings, the painful stings, my shameful stings,
    With technological, in order by chronological, using biological,
    To go against the probable outcomes that stay unstoppable,
    Hits fully created through molecules, I reign,
    Stupendous beyond the eloquent biblical Babylonial testaments,
    The heaven sent, relevant, runnin' for president, represent,
    Through miracles, lyrical spiritual, practice the use of syllables,
    Killables roll my survival, on arrival I'm kickin' recitals,
    Remaining untitled, in Catholic bibles I'll be your idol,
    Rhyme paradigm, shine fine when I define, with lines confined to be the greatest of all time


    [Memphis Reigns]
    Aiyyo, I rock like Lenny Kravitz, fuck it I'm rockin' the planet,
    And slam it completely off balance, my talents commence of any challenge,
    You dare to throw, fear me like a fucking scarecrow,
    I dare those, that pimp it like acrobatics, automatic,
    Who play perfect aerial graphics during the unleashing of my tactics,
    Commandin' it like simple fuckin' practice

    Yo pass me something goddamnit,
    I sip it back, slam it,
    Analyze beats, kick back on the hammock,
    No need to plan it, I improvise easy,
    See Gifted Mantis spit words so freely, believe me,
    Country Club breath triple X, I flex my thought patterns,
    Hit the crys meth, manifest rock caverns,
    Underground solid,
    Who wanna test the database for the knowledge?
    Too fast for college, I catch bad reports,
    Hit the nicotine, stuff shrooms in my shorts

    [Memphis Reigns]
    Hey yo Jedi Mind Tricks, hardly ever psychic,
    Fuck crystal balls, choose mics to be my sidekick,
    Widespread, hands out, meet me in the open,
    Leave for body broken, provokin' this evil omen,
    Upholding the highest degree, the nicest emcee,
    I'm rhyming for me and my super personal army,
    Hardly the low lines, always they stay compelling,
    So complex, they keep on varying on Tori Spelling

    Hey yo, twelve three double one nine seven nine,
    I'ma get it right this time and show spine,
    Rhyme to my vitals, ride the life cycle,
    Breathe as I weave, please seize my recital
    Your bible, my immediate surrounding,
    I surf the beat with my speech, get the hearts pounding,
    One two, fuck a smug in the corner,
    Jump up excite these cells and make 'em warmer


    G: Yo what up to Santa Cruz, cause we give & take
    MR: All my backup ill people, yo we give & take
    G: Send a shout-out to Boston, we give & take
    MR: Triforce represent baby give & take
    G: Lost Boyz Crew that's right, we give & take
    MR: All my people, that's right yo we give & take
    G: Master Kong one time cause he give & take
    MR: San Diego to Virginia yo we give & take
    G: Give it up for Kobe Tai cause she give & take
    MR: Newports 2-for-1 yo we give & take
    G: Country Club malt liquor, we give & take
    MR: Fuck Dick & Bush 2000, yo we give & take
    G: Yeah Rudy from Survivor we give & take
    MR: Fuck that, naked fags yo we give & take
    G: Fuck it, fuck Officer Kelly, we give & take
    MR: Poweraid drinks yo, we give & take
    G: Yo that's right, Lemme Make Love To You, we give & take
    MR: That's right cacarito burritos give & take
    G: Ha, ha, ha! One time...

    Genelec & Memphis Reigns
    Genelec & Master Kong
    Son of Ran & Memphis Reigns
    Memphis Reigns & Hypoetical
    Memphis Reigns & D-Mitch
    Scorpion Circles

    Prepare (Interlude)
    Give and Take
    Anarchist Cookbook (f. Gamma Ray)