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  • wacko

    Ha, ik ben heel fanatiek. ;)

    15 Jul 8h24 Responder
  • iAdieux

    sorry i haven't replied yet! um, i got a chrono trigger t-shirt, i didn't bring that much money with me, and didn't feel like going to get money out. i haven't listened to either of the bands you said, or the link you showed me - although the link was pretty cool! there's lots of bands like that you should check out, like wavelets, two knights, kind of like spitting, foxing, i would set myself on fire for you, innards, mountains for clouds. (quite a lot of these bands have releases on CYLS, go buy 'em!). also, i shall point you in the direction of these subreddits: & you will find lots of great bands on these!

    19 Mai 0h20 Responder
  • iAdieux

    i only went to to the afternoon one, was all i could do, and get back in time that night. the only problems i had with twiabp wasn't 'their' fault. i thought e!e! were great. they played perfectly, and he sung pretty great too, which doesn't seem to be his strong suit live.

    7 Mai 8h23 Responder
  • iAdieux

    twiabp's mixing was pretty awful ;p you couldn't hear the back-up vocals, and it got super fucking loud at points. e!e! made me cry. and playlounge were surprisingly cool, i don't like their albums, but live was really good.

    6 Mai 18h18 Responder
  • iAdieux

    e!e!, twiabp and playlounge were pretty great! :D

    15 Abr 23h41 Responder
  • davygrohl

    No problem! I study political science, as well as history. I'm in my last year of undergraduate college, and then I plan to go on to graduate college to study public administration. What do you study? I live about 10 hours from NYC, so it's a bit of a haul. Funny you should mention it, but NYC is actually not New York State's capital. That would be Albany, which is about 2 hours north of NYC. It's understandable you would think it is though, it seems counterintuitive to have the capital anywhere else besides NYC. But New York State politics is such a mess that it may be the only way to keep the place running. And I have listened to Ape Up! There last album was indeed enjoyable, especially "Sorry All Over The Place". Have you listened to Slow Warm Death? It's more garage rock but features the lead singer from Snowing.

    31 Jan 20h12 Responder
  • iAdieux

    hopefully! :3 probably the london one too.

    8 Jan 22h10 Responder
  • davygrohl

    Honestly I've never thought of LC! tracks as faster or slower. But I would take a track like Romance Is Boring over any of the Heart Swells, which I've always considered more as interesting musical ideas interspersed among the actual songs. Of course I loved fast paced LC! songs like Drop It Doe Eyes and We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed, but at the same time some of my favorite LC! songs include The Sea Is and Too Many Flesh Suppers. I honestly don't think I've ever heard a LC! song I don't like (well, some of the early Heat Rash songs are forgettable). Wow only two weeks for break? Are you in school? If so what level of schooling? I live in New York State but I've never actually been to New York City. I live all the way east across the state, in Buffalo, which generally experiences rough winters, since we have Lake Erie to the west of us.

    8 Jan 19h40 Responder
  • davygrohl

    I believe they shipped it out late October/early November. I mean I may not have received it at all, I'll only know when I finally get back to my apartment in a couple weeks. I better have, I spent a boatload to get it shipped over to the States. That's a good point about the lyrics. I can't comment too much about it since I'm not much of a lyrics guy myself; I enjoy the musical aspect of LC! far more and just enjoy certain phrases that catch my ear. However, Gareth has stated recently that he has shifted his writing style away from the more self aware and clever style he wrote with earlier to a more earnest and football referencing style. Maybe that's what you speak of? Can't say I care either way, personally. My winter break has been relaxing if not hectic. Right now I'm snowed in as the entire Western New York area is experiencing an honest to god blizzard with temps near 0. I take it you're experiencing similar weather? How is your break otherwise?

    7 Jan 20h54 Responder
  • iAdieux

    do you want that many friend requests?

    7 Jan 18h31 Responder
  • bombthegypsy

    unfortunately not because I don't live anywhere near philly :(

    7 Jan 4h12 Responder
  • davygrohl

    No problem, it happens! I think No Blues is great, one of my favorite albums of the year. What Death Leaves Behind has to be my favorite, and I don't get all the hoopla over Avocado, Baby. Are you talking about Heat Rash #5? I haven't read it yet unfortunately. Apparently the package I ordered (vinyl + Heat Rash) was delayed super long, and then shipping it overseas delayed it even more, so I didn't get it before I left my apartment for winter break. Hopefully I can get back to you in a couple weeks? Bummer man, but that E!E! is with TWIABP I believe, that will be fantastic. Lucky you, I'm very jealous.

    6 Jan 3h11 Responder
  • bombthegypsy

    haha thanks! we'll just have to wait for Cave to put them on top ;)

    13 Ago 2013 Responder
  • davygrohl

    no problem! I was subscribed to Heat Rash, I'm damn sad it's over. Great stuff, I especially loved the articles Gareth would write. But we should have new music from them shortly so it's not all bad. This is true, I usually have a couple indie emo bands come through my town each year! I don't know how many indie emo bands you get over there but I imagine it can't be many right?

    13 Ago 2013 Responder
  • davygrohl

    Ha yeah, is the only place where I can talk (or shout, so to speak) about most of the music I like. You have excellent taste by the way, especially LC!, they're probably my favorite band ever. I'm insanely jealous you've seen them 6 times, I've only seen them once and that was an amazing show.

    5 Ago 2013 Responder
  • AvivaBing

    Weet je dat ik 1) The Maccabees geïnterviewd heb, 2) zonder muggen heb geslapen, 3) net buiten mijn koffie stond te drinken terwijl er water uit de lucht viel?

    24 Jul 2013 Responder
  • AvivaBing

    Kan ik je dan nu jaloers maken door te zeggen dat ik The Maccabees geïnterviewd heb? Nee, heb de film nog niet gezien (ik doe altijd eerst het boek, dan de verfilming). Maar iedereen was er zó positief over dat ik vond dat ik er maar eens mee moest beginnen!

    23 Jul 2013 Responder
  • AvivaBing

    Ik lees echt enorm veel :). Perks ben ik toevallig net mee bezig! Was niet op Best Kept Secret, wilde wel héél erg graag! Geld was beetje op door Motel Mozaique festival en m'n Sziget kaartje, en niemand wilde mee. Dat was op zich ook wel een probleem. Maar jij bent er dus wel geweest? JALOERS!

    23 Jul 2013 Responder
  • AvivaBing

    Beetje geeky & educatief, maar dan met humor. Heel tof gewoon. Volgens mij bijna alles ja! Alleen die boeken die hij samen met anderen heeft geschreven nog niet.

    23 Jul 2013 Responder
  • AvivaBing

    Fanatieker dan fanatiek! Naast een enorme fan van zijn boeken, ook een trouwe Vlogbrothers volger (als je dat niet kent -shame on you!-, dat is het Youtube-kanaal van John & z'n broer).

    23 Jul 2013 Responder
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