5 great albums


Mai 31 2006, 15h37

(Deze doe ik in het Engels)

Here are some of my favourite albums that I just felt like writing a journal about...this isn't my top 5 of all time or something (because that would have to change daily), but 5 albums put down without any order. ^^

Use Your Illusion II
I think this is the Guns N' Roses album I like most, although I think they're all very awesome (heck, I even like The Spaghetti Incident?.
The songs that attracted me to start listening to this album (talking about UYI II again) were the famous ones (I wasn't the hardcore GN'R fan that I am now when I started listening to it) like Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Civil War and Yesterdays, but I found a whole lot more!
Favourite songs:
-Pretty Tied Up
-So Fine
-Get In The Ring

One Way Ticket to Hell ...and Back
Yup, I love The Darkness. Haven't always did though, I pretty much hated them at first, when I Believe in a Thing Called Love was a hit. But it was because of a karaoke video game (you heard me) that they started 'growing on me.' First it was I Believe In A Thing Called Love, and then I got their first album, Permission to Land, as a birthday present, and loved it. Read on their site someday they were coming up with a second album, and I was very much looking forward to it. When it came out last year (it was in november, if I remember correctly), I was very pleased, I think it's better than their first!
When I heard they were coming to Amsterdam on their European tour, I bought a ticket, and they rocked my socks off!
Favourite songs:
-Is It Just Me?
-Dinner Lady Arms
-Hazel Eyes
-English Country Garden

The White Album
I've been a long-time fan of The Beatles, and I think this is my favourite album, because it has the perfect mix of John Lennon- and Paul McCartney-style songs on it. And we must not forget George's classic While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Ringo's extremely relaxing Good Night!
There's one thing on the album I don't like though, and that is Revolution 9, you can't even call it a song IMO.
Favourite songs:
-Helter Skelter
-Cry Baby Cry
-I Will
-Rocky Raccoon

Veni Vidi Vicious
Well, call this a youth sin, but I (still) think The Hives are awesome. This album just has so much energy that I'll probably still be listening to it sometimes in 10 years. Veni Vidi Vicious is the first Hives album I listened to, and still my favourite (their debut record Barely Legal has got some good songs but isn't great, their latest Tyrannosaurus Hives is great though).
The Hives are also great live (singer Howlin Pelle's voice isn't clear but who cares?), I've seen them on Lowlands 2004 in Holland, and I'd love to see them again.
Favourite songs:
-Die, All Right!
-Main Offender
-Introduce the Metric System in Time

Hurricane Bar
Mando Diao is one of the best upcoming bands today, in my opinion. I have a feeling these guys are gonna be pretty big someday...
I got into this band because I liked their first album; Bring 'Em In. I saw them live too when they were touring with this album, liked it a lot. Then the follow-up to Bring 'Em In, Hurricane Bar, came out. I love this album a lot. It's a step away from the first album, which had a garage/punkrock sound. Hurricane Bar sounds like The Beatles and The Hives having a baby, I guess. It's got a good mix of rock & roll and quiet songs, so you can listen to it all the way through without it getting boring.
Favourite songs:
-God Knows
-You Can't Steal My Love
-If I Leave You
-Ringing Bells

Well, that was it...if you've read through all of this, you deserve a medal.


  • Frietje

    Hahah Joey je gaat helemaal los op deze shit, (Heerlijk!!!)

    Jun 11 2006, 19h51
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