Cybermusic Rocks the House!


Nov 6 2007, 21h55

Cybermusic has been rocking the house at Pixies Palace this week and our connected/member artists are all over our group charts. Get on over to the Cybermusic Workshop if you'd like to see what's happening on the ground.

No. 1 Track:

It's Getting Thick - Friends of redhalo

This is one of the sound-collage tracks recently produced by Artist Radio mixmeister redhalo (Canada) involving a number of music friends he has met and brought on board the project from Check it out if you haven't already. So great to see 'live' online projects happening right here and now getting this interest.

No. 2 Track: I'm Gonna Fly (with Corrientes) - Pixieguts

No. 3 Track: kcihT gnitteG s'tI - Friends of redhalo

No. 4 Track: In The Night (Mix Hieronymus) - Pixieguts

No. 7 Track: Emptiness - Alexander Blu

No. 7 Track: Tidecraft (cyberfusion mix) - Moonjabber

No. 7 Track: What's on Your Mind? - Fugdale

No. 7 Track: Tall Man (with Electromagnetic Impulses) - Pixieguts

Other tracks by group artists in the Top 20 this week:

No.17: Abacus - Dual Echelon

No.17: Passion play - Christopher Plunder

No.17: Long River (with Titee) - Pixieguts

No.17: philandrops (live) - ryadeum

No.17: Please Hang Up - Fugdale

No.17: f*me - yodashe

No.17: Long River Remix (w Titee + Adrian Carter) - Pixieguts

No.17: Ray's Hat - Friends of redhalo

No.17: Funky Guru - Prem Joshua

No.17: Nio - Bad Loop

No.17: Reconsiderate & Titee - Here's a Word - Long Version - Titee

Other group artists in the Top 100 tracks: The Wimshurst's Machine, Solipsism, 4our5ive6ix, Felixdroid, Rodrigo Rodriguez, The Peach Tree, Corrado Rossi, Deepspace, Anonimix, Ni5m0, Reconsiderate, Dj Blush.


Our artists in the album charts...

No. 2 Album - Pixieguts! - Pixieguts

No. 4 Album - Friends of redhalo - Friends of redhalo

No. 5 Album - The Barometric Sea - Deepspace

No. 5 Album - Get Outta Here - Fugdale

No. 17 Album - distilled - yodashe

Other albums in the Top 50 by group artists:

Switchkicker - Adrian Carter

Various Unreleased - 4our5ive6ix

antimatterseismographics - ryadeum

Experimental Music Therapy I - Dual Echelon

Tasty Titee - Titee

Psychosis - The Peach Tree

Collabinal Titsiderate - Reconsiderate & Titee - Titee

luo - Bad Loop

May - Alexander Blu

Other group artists in the Top 100 albums: Prem Joshua, Felixdroid, Christopher Plunder, Ni5m0, _voice, Subliminal Attraction, Dj Blush.


Our artists in the artist charts...

No. 13 Artist - Pixieguts

Other group artists in the Top 100 artists: Friends of redhalo, Electromagnetic Impulses.

Top 10 artists overall: Radiohead, Massive Attack, Pink Floyd, Bjork, The Beatles, Orbital, Beck, The Cure, Boards of Canada, Moby.

Charts are calculated weekly on the number of listeners.


Dandelion Radio, the UK net station inspired by the late great John Peel, inherited his famous yearly 'Festive Fifty' from BBC Radio 1 some time back and Dandelion has been continuing the yearly tradition. Now's your chance to vote for your favorite three tracks of the year in the 2007 Festive Fifty. Check out the journal by ace Dandelion DJ Mark Whitby for more info:

The century's festive fifty number ones thus far...


Now is also the time to head on over to the website for the International Online Music Awards and vote for your favorites of 2007. Follow the link to the online form.

The awards are set up for independent music lovers and artists to express their appreciation of independent music online. Previous award winners include palace artist-members Metricks and The Wimshurst's Machine.

Palace-connected record label Atom Sounds has also been a finalist in two consecutive years for best online record label.


There were many journals and music news articles submitted to the group this week. Check them out here!


Big welcome to the artists and listeners who have joined us this week:


It's been a little on the quiet side at the group forums lately. We have over 170 members now so surely we've got something to talk about! This is your open invitation to come on down and get a bit more action happening. Feel very free to start your own threads - serious, silly, games, nonsense, profound philosophy, anything you wish and anything goes!

Ciao from Brisbane and thanks for being here!


  • Corrientesmusic

    Yes!! Amazing like always my mate!! lol... (that's the first time I've used mate. I'm glad that our collab I'm Gonna Fly seems to be well liked :) I can't wait to finish up the studio here so I could work on some more tracks~! -ev

    Nov 7 2007, 1h55
  • redhalo

    I'd like to thank you all for listening! I enjoy working with found/random/noise sent by groups of people! It's collaboration on a large scale. It's Getting Thick came together with the use of 9 contributers sending short sound files that I mixed and manipulated to the finished piece. Thanks must go also to the contributers Pixieguts aangen mellow_boy supervegita graag Har-ri obara lgsunshine DonkeyHorseHero More projects are underway and I'm open to other folks contributing anything to be included on upcoming pieces. Drop by friends of redhalo to see what's up and join in the fun! Again, Thank You all! Lee.

    Nov 7 2007, 2h43
  • guthorm

    Great, as always! :-)

    Nov 7 2007, 4h06
  • northcape

    Its cool your own stuff is getting plays, its very interesting music.

    Nov 7 2007, 9h40
  • Pixieguts

    Thanks very much Northcape, coming from you that is a wonderful compliment. I have been loving the unique, inventive, soulful electronic sounds of Northcape for many, many months now since I first discovered your music here at You are a great artist. Might just say a few things here as Pixieguts the cyber-vocalist. First of all, thanks for listening to the music I have been making with the wonderful artists I've met online. Please check them out as they are great solo artist/producers and an exploration of their music will be rewarding! Titee (Brisbane Australia) Electromagnetic Impulses (Brighton UK) Adrian Carter (Sheffield UK) Corrientes (New York USA) Hieronymous (Netherlands) The Pixieguts! album is a live cybermusic collaboration project in which an album is being assembled 'online' and tracks are uploaded as soon as they are completed. There are further current collaborations in progress with the above artists and with: Metricks (Lisbon Portugal) The Peach Tree (Melbourne Australia) Ni5m0 (Poland) And others are being discussed and planned as we speak! Cheers for the interest in this project!

    Nov 7 2007, 11h24
  • djblush

    Thank you for welcoming my music, Pixie !! Dj Blush @ =*

    Nov 8 2007, 2h00
  • Pixieguts

    Dj Blush rocks! Welcome :)

    Nov 8 2007, 5h27
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