Some punk records that will always have an impact on me


Mar 21 2011, 4h57

The Crucifucks-Wisconsin
Flipper- Generic
Crass- Stations of Crass
Black Flag-My War
Amebix- Arise
Die Kreuzen- S/T
The Mob- Let the Tribe Increase
Assück- Misery Index
Big Black- Songs About Fucking
Rudimentary Peni- Death Church
Sex Vid- Communal Living
Antisect- In Darkness There is No Choice
Stick Men with Ray Guns- Some people Deserve to Suffer
Iron Lung-Sexless//No Sex
The Endless Blockade- Primitive


  • fourtet1979

    great list! ;)

    Jun 25 2011, 7h48
  • Yikko

    good shit

    Jul 29 2011, 5h37
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