• Blue Öyster Cult (3/25/11-OK)

    Mar 27 2011, 8h41

    Fri 25 Mar – Blue Öyster Cult

    The venue, The Pavillion at Downstream Casino, is currently the smallest venue I've been to. But that didn't stop the excitement of the music.

    BÖC have been around for decades and decades, and I would have never expected for them to stop in Quapaw, OK (which is like 5 minutes away from my house.) But they did. And for old men, they rocked. All of the classics were played. The setlist was short, but the band and the audience meshed well together creating a wonderful and friendly atmosphere. The majority of the audience comprised of older people, which I imagine are olf friends who saw these guys back in the 70s.

    All in all, this made for a memorable night. Wish I could relive it!

    Blue Öyster Cult setlist:

    Before The Kiss, A Redcap
    The Golden Age Of Leather
    Burnin' For You
    Harvest Moon
    Buck's Boogie
    Then Came The Last Days Of May
    Godzilla (With Bass/Drum Solo's)
    (Don't Fear) The Reaper
    Hot Rails To Hell
  • Ozzy Osbourne, Slash (2/10/11-OK)

    Fev 12 2011, 21h34

    Thu 10 Feb – Ozzy Osbourne, Slash

    The BOK Center located in Tulsa, OK is a brilliant blend of architechture. It is very modern, many clean bathrooms, helpful workers, good sound, can hold around 21,000 people, etc.

    Me and my party took our seats (Front Row, Section 310) which is in the upper level. However, our view was excellent. And as soon as Slash's band took the stage, I found that the sound was amazing.

    Slash opened with Ghost, a song off his new album, which I dig. Soon they were blazing threw old Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, Slash's Snakepit tunes, and his new material. Throughout this set, I was especially taken with Myles Kennedy, Slash's vocalist. He has an excellent vocal range, being able to sing all of these difficult numbers. And Slash himself was of course, excellent.

    After closing with Paradise City, there was around a 10-15 minute renovation of the stage while people milled around waiting for the main act. I stayed in my seat, afraid that I might miss a single second. Hahah.

    Then, it happened. The lights dimmed, the roar of the crowd emerged, and a montage of spoof videos rolled around on the screen, poking fun at Avatar, Jersey Shore, The Hangover, Twilight, etc. As soon as that ended, the man himself, Ozzy, took the stage. The roar of the crowd erupted even louder than ever. Then the magic, or should I say Madness, began.

    Opening with Bark At The Moon was incredible. This man has to be seen live to fully appreciate his music. He has been performing since the late 60s, and his voice is still in top shape. He doesn't seem to age much, which just adds to his image as The Prince Of Darkness. Throughout his set, there were fireworks, water buckets, foam hoses, and in almost every song Ozzy encouraged everyone to help him sing. The energy he can create is immense, and you can't help to get caught up in it.

    It was like a dream, finally seeing an icon, live in the flesh. It wasn't fake, it wasn't artificial, it was all reality. I thought he ended too soon, but then again, I could have watched him perform for hours. I strongly suggest seeing this man live if you ever get the chance.

    I will never forget that night. It has been by far the best concert experience I have ever attended.

    Slash setlist:

    Mean Bone
    Been There Lately
    Back From Cali
    Rocket Queen
    Mr. Brownstone
    Sweet Child O' Mine
    Paradise City

    Ozzy setlist:

    Bark At The Moon
    Let Me Hear You Scream
    Mr. Crowley
    I Don't Know
    Fairies Wear Boots
    Suicide Solution
    Road To Nowhere
    War Pigs
    Shot In The Dark
    Guitar/Drum Solos
    Rat Salad
    Iron Man
    I Don't Want To Change The World
    Crazy Train
    Mama, I'm Coming Home
  • Alice In Chains, Deftones, Mastodon (10/2/10-KS)

    Out 3 2010, 23h04

    Sat 2 Oct – Alice in Chains, Deftones, Mastodon

    Sandstone was packed. And a lot of people who had seat tickets attemped to make their way to the pit anyway. Which resulted in zero personal space. Loved it!

    Mastodon opened strongly with Naked Burn, great performances. They also played my favorite song of theirs, The Czar. They were intense.

    After a short renovation, Deftones took the stage. Electrifying performance. The opener Rocket Skates was killer. Well, so was their whole setlist. Several people were crowd surfing during Diamond Eyes, which was incredible!

    Then there was an around half an hour wait for Alice, which was mainly thousands of people talking and waiting. Several people were yelling for Jerry behind me. Hah.

    At around 11-ish The BlackDiamondSkye curtain dropped and led to a performance of Them Bones. Which then proceeded into the other two opening tracks of 'Dirt'. Throughout their set, William and Jerry made comments on how fucking cold it was, and then proceeded to throw picks into the crowd. The highlights of their set would have to have been Them Bones, Again, Sludge Factory, and We Die Young. Wish they would have played Nutshell though! Even though it happened throughout the evening, crowdsurfing, intensified during Rooster, and the three encore songs. There must have been like 30 people floating above the audience, and I even got knocked in the head by some guys shoe.

    The end of the evening held a performance of Would? that Layne would be proud of, and I even managed to get a pick from William! Pretty sweet. All in all, the BlackDiamondSkye tour is fucking great, I just wish I could go again. :)

    Mastodon setlist:

    Naked Burn
    Crystal Skull
    Colony Of Birchmen
    The Czar
    Blood & Thunder

    Deftones setlist:

    Rocket Skates
    Around The Fur
    Be Quiet & Drive (Far Away)
    My Own Summer (Shove It)
    Diamond Eyes
    You've Seen The Butcher
    Change (In The House Of Flies)
    Engine No. 9
    7 Words

    Alice In Chains setlist:

    Them Bones
    Dam That River
    Rain When I Die
    Check My Brain
    Your Decision
    No Excuses
    Sludge Factory
    We Die Young
    Acid Bubble
    Lesson Learned
    Man In The Box