2012 Releases: An Evolving Journal


Fev 7 2012, 22h15

Yep, lets see if I can pull this off this year:

Black Metal

Alcest (Fra) - Les voyage De L'Ame (Shoegaze/Atmospheric Black) 8/10
Annorkoth (Rus) - Annorkoth (Depressive Black Metal/Ambient) 7.5/10
Azaghal (Swe) - Nemesis (Aggressive Black Metal) 7.5/10
Dodecahedron (Hol) - Dodecahedron (Experimental/Atmospheric Black Metal) 8.5/10
Moonfrost (Swz) - Starfall (Atmospheric Black Metal) 7/10
Owlscry (US-WI) - Fruitful Wounds (Atmospheric Black Metal) 7.5/10
Sear Bliss (Grc) - Eternal Recurrence (Atmospheric Black Metal) 9/10
Wildernessking (SA) - The Writing of Gods in the Sand (Atmospheric Black) 8.5/10

Death Metal

Abominable Putridity (Rus) - The Anomalies of Artificial Origin 6/10
Desecravity (Jap) - Implicit Obedience (Brutal Technical Death) 8/10
Horrendous (US) - The Chills (Old School Death Metal) 7.5-8/10

Black/Death Metal

Melo-Death Metal

Eluveitie (Swe) - Helvetios (Folk/Melo-Death Metal) 5/10

Extreme Metal

Nihternnes (UK) - Subterfuge (Progressive Blackened Extreme Metal) 7.5/10


Corrosion of Conformity (US-LA) - S/T (Crossover/Southern Thrash) 7.5/10

Extreme Doom

Bezoar (US-NY) - Wyt Death (Psychedelic Extreme Doom) 8/10
Licht Erlischt (Ger) - ...And Below, The Retrograde Disciples (Black/Doom) 8.5/10
Swallow the Sun (Fin) - Emerald Forest and the Blackbird (Melodic Death/Doom) 8/10
The 11th Hour (Swe/Hol) - Lacrima Mortis (Melodic Death/Doom) 7/10
Woods of Ypres (Can) - Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light (Black/Doom) 8/10

Traditional Metal

Metal Detector (Ita) - Metal Demon (Traditional Metal) 4/10
Orange Goblin (UK) - A Eulogy for the Damned (Traditional/Doom-Stoner Rock) 7.5/10
Primal Fear (Swe) - Unbreakable (Traditional Metal) 5/10
Stone Magnum (US-IN) - Stone Magnum (Traditional/Doom) 6.5/10


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