15,000th song


Jun 8 2007, 5h20

I set the last 5 songs to be picked randomly from my ITunes library, and it turns out it is Heaven And Earth. Of course, this is after I skipped ANOTHER SUNNY DAY. I just didn't want that as my milestone song.


  • rtreynor

    At least you kept track enough to set it...I've always discovered after I was about 20 songs past a milestone, and had to back-track to figure out what the the milestone song was. My worst moment was Wordy Rappinghood by Tom Tom Club. I think that was at 10,000

    Jun 13 2007, 15h35
  • PMaz

    LOL...not sure I ever heard that song but it doesn't sound too good.

    Jun 13 2007, 18h34
  • DudeTheMath

    Dang! I did the same thing. Here I'd been trying to pay attention, and my 15,000th slipped past sometime Friday night: King Of The Road. Thanks, Last.fm, for the recent tracks list.

    Jun 18 2007, 16h18
  • rtreynor

    I *love* REM's king of the road. I bought the South Central Rain 45 back in the day, thinking it was....I'm not sure what I was thinking it was, but I really disliked the song. But their jam on King of The Road was the b-side. And while I had been a Roger Miller fan since the Disney Robin Hood soundtrack, I wasn't aware of it at that point. I had thought at the time that King of the Road was the best song written by REM.

    Jul 5 2007, 6h31
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