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  • b-radhole

    Thanks so much for this well written and thoughts on the countdown! Great read. Was quite the enjoyable countdown. I wasn't overly shocked BJP got number one though. :)

    Jan 27 2011, 7h42
  • Fat_Dogs

    Good reading. I couldn't agree more about We Speak No Americano and Barbra Streisand, horrible songs. I also was suprised that Big Jet Plane knocked it off, I think they've had many clearly better songs, I guess that's what commercial radio does to music these days

    Jan 27 2011, 23h08
  • markpcronin

    i thought it was a pretty good countdown except for the We Speak No Americano and Barbra Streisand. they make me want to SMASH my radio. I'm pretty happy Parkway Drive are getting more recognition now too, even though you didn't think so. :P good read.

    Fev 22 2011, 12h35
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