Triple J's Hottest 100, 2009


Jan 26 2010, 0h42

Once again we've come around to the countdown to the supposed world's biggest music poll. Much like any poll or list, it's fundamentally flawed, but that hardly stops people from enjoying it.

I'll be providing some commentary as the countdown happens, mostly just ramblings bout the past year in music.

And of course, the song that just missed out this year was Ain't Telling The Truth by Bluejuice. I'm kinda surprised really, I was expecting this one to make it in. For some reason, I always found this song kinda annoying.

100. Wheels by Foo Fighters.
Man, did this one get a thrashing on commercial radio last year. Actually, I don't think I can even recall it being played on Triple J. Not that that's stopped songs making it in before.

99. Hell by Tegan and Sara.
Not one of my favourite's from the year, but I always enjoyed it when it came on. This was one of the one's I thought could go either way as far as being included.

98. New Fang by Them Crooked Vultures.
Considering how hyped this album was, I'm surprised this only came in this low on the countdown. I was expecting them to get in much higher.

97. Laughing With by Regina Spektor.
Considering the rather mute response the album got, I was unsure whether Regina would pull through this year. But it seems that she's still got enough fans to make it in once again.

96. Ghosts N Stuff by deadmau5.
I remember this one getting a lot of airplay goes, both on Triple J and commercial stations if I remember. I always thought it was an alright dance track, but with plenty of better one's around. Still enjoyable though.

95. Panic Switch by Silversun Pickups.
I really liked this one. Probably my favourite from the album, in fact. This was another one that I thought could've gone either way, as the album wasn't nearly as well received as their first one.

94. Blue Lips by Regina Spektor.
Whoa, another Regina Spektor track already? I wasn't expecting anymore of her songs to make it in at all. This was probably my favourite from the album, though I thought that some of the other songs were far more likely to make it in.

93. Thump by Bertie Blackman.
I was pretty certain that Bertie Blackman might make it in this year, though not necessarilly with this song. I guessing that she'll get in again further on, probably with "Byrds of Prey".

92. Skelton Boy by Friendly Fires.
I was wondering why I didn't recognize this one much, since it came off of an album from last year, though was released as a single early this year, I think.

91. I've Got Friendsby Manchetser Orchestra.
Now this one got a lot of airplay on Triple J. Not one of my favourite's of the year, but I always did enjoy hearing it.

90. Kiss with a Fist by Florence + the Machine.
I never thought this one fit in right on the album. Just doesn't seem similar at all with the rest of the band's style. But an tribute to domestic violence? Why not, it certainly was popular enough on the radio.TBA

89. D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune) by Jay-Z.
Holy shit, Jay-Z finally made it in?! He's gotten the snub from the lists so many times, I didn't think that he'd ever make it in. Technically his second appearance if you count the remix of Amy Winehouse's "Rehab". But as far as Jay-Z songs go, I always found this one kinda grating.

88. Creeping Out Sara by NOFX.
I wonder if this counts as Tegan and Sara's second entry? Afterall, the songs all about them. Always found this one pretty amusing, if silly.

87. The Darkest Side by The Middle East.
Oh nice, I hadn't expected The Middle East to get in at all, both due to the fact that they're very new and still pretty obscure. But this is an absolutely lovely songs, and one of the many I ended cutting from my voting shortlist in the end. Good to see them getting some love.

86. Too Many Dicks (On The Dancefloor) by Flight of the Conchords.
I just didn't enjoy the second FotC album as much, mostly due to the heavy emphasis on the dance and rap style rather. On it's own, I rather enjoy this one, but as a part of the album, I just found it annoying.

85. Underdog by Kasabian.
Ah, the first appearance by Kasabian, and likely not the last. This album really had people split on opinions, some loving it, and others (most noticeably, the internet) absolutely hating it. I bet this one's got them whining already.

84. United States of Eurasia by Muse.
And the first (and certainly not last) appearance from Muse. And probably the song that was the most polarizing from the album too. And certainly I'm no exception either, cause I really hated this song. Though I was expecting it in here.

83. Raindrops by Basement Jaxx.
Wasn't so fond of the album, but I really loved this song. It'll likely be the only representation of Basement Jaxx this year, but it's a good one.

82. Sometimes by Miami Horror.
Didn't think Miami Horror would make it in, but it's nice to see them make, especially since they don't actually have an album out yet. I'm looking forward to seeing what it's like when it finally does.

81. The Cave by Mumford &Sons.
Mumford * Sons success down here surprises me in many ways. They're a very recent band, they're not exactly getting heavy hype, and they're hardly a mainstream band. And yet, somehow they're getting constant airplay on both Triple J and mainstream radio, and having one of the most popular albums of the year from the former's audience. This certainly won't be they're only entry either.

80. Holiday by Dizzee Rascal.
One of Dizzee's more commercial tracks, and certainly the one that had the most internet outrage over it. I rather enjoy it for what it is myself, though I can understand why people don't like it.

79. Getting Wise by Yves Klein Blue.
Wasn't sure that Yves Klein Blue would make it in, but seems they've pulled through this year. Though this will likely be their only entry.

78. Remember Me by Tame Impala.
The first cover for this year's countdown. This was another song that had people's opinions split, some loving it, others hating it. There's certainly no pleasing everyone.

77. She's A Genius by Jet.
And this here is the sound of a million indie hipster's heads exploding in a giant fit of rage. Seriously, those guys hate Jet. I don't mind them myself, but I did find this particular song to be incredibly average in every way. This is the mainstream listeners who were voting here.

76. 11th Dimension by Julian Casablancas.
Well, I didn't expect The Strokes singer to make it in. Not that I mind at all, since I quite liked what I heard from his album, although I never did get around to giving the entire thing a listen.

75. New Moon Rising by Wolfmother.
How the mighty Wolfmother's star has fallen. Back in 2005, they were the hottest thing ever, but now the same people who once championed them are dismissing them in turn. That may be more due to Andrew Stockdale's rampaging ego more then anything else though. I still find myself why this song was pushed as the main single from the second album though, since there were much better tracks on it.

74. Friend In the Field by Art vs. Science.
The closest thing that AvS has made that resembles being something sensible? Perhaps. It still managed to be a great crowd pleaser though, especially during their live shows. I cannot stress that AvS are a live act more then anything. It's all about big dumb fun.

73. Heartbreaker by MSTRKRFT.
Despite it being one of the better tracks from the album by far, I still find this song pretty meh. There were much better dance songs this year, one's I certainly would have put in here above MSTRKFRT.

72. You've Changed by Sia.
Ooh, hometown girl! I'm pretty fond of this one, and I'm intrigued to see how her next album will shape up once it's out.

71. Byrds Of Prey by Bertie Blackman.
And as I predicted, Bertie Blackman's in for a second time, and with the same song I thought would get in. Probably my favourite from Secrets and Lies.

70. My Girls by Animal Collective.
Yay for Animal Collective. I wasn't sure that they'd even get in the list, even though MPP is their most accessible album. But I'm happy to see one of my favorite songs of last year (not to mention one of my votes) actually make it in.

69. Meet Me on the Equinox by Death Cab for Cutie.
Now who let the Twilight fans vote in this? Actually, I'm a little surprised that this didn't get in much higher, due to the strength of that particular rabid fanbase. On a side note, 69 seems like such a fitting number for this.

68. Omen by The Prodigy.
This is shaping up to be a pretty dance/electronica heavy list so far. Hell, even The Prodigy gets a spot in this, even though they're merely a shell of what they were a decade ago. I didn't mind this one, but I prefer it by itself rather then on the album.

67. Cement by Washington.
Nice to see the Unearthed entries getting some love. For some reason, Washington always reminds me a bit of Florence and the Machine. This is a good thing.

66. Footprints by Illy.
The first representation for the Australian hiphop scene, and certainly not the last either. I found the album a bit samish, but this one was a real standout from it.

65. Foreign Land from Eskimo Joe.
Another entry likely from the more mainstream listeners. Eskimo Joe didn't have nearly as much success with this album as previous efforts, and I'm not sure if they'll manage to get another song in.

64. Blood by The Middle East..
Damn, The Middle East got in a second time? I'm impressed. Two entries in one year, when I hadn't even expected them to get in even a single song. Once again, it's good to see love for these guys.

63. All I Know by Karnivool.
The first hard rock song to make it in this year, though if any more do get in, they'll probably be by Karnivool as well. They've been getting some major love down here this past year, and with good reason too, since the album was damn good.

62. One More Chance by Bloc Party.
This is the third time now that Bloc Party's gotten a stand alone single in this Hottest 100. And depending on what happens with the band, possibly the last time as well. Though certainly not one of their bigger songs, this one did pretty well down here, even getting a bit of airplay on the commercial stations.

61. Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear.
Another song which was one of my favourite's from last year (and one of my votes), 2009 went pretty well for Grizzly Bear, and they certainly attracted a number of new fans to them, myself included in fact. Though additional songs getting in is rather doubtful.

60. 22 by Lily Allen.
I'm torn on Lily Allen. On one hand, I think she's a mouthy brat who should really learn to shut her mouth. On the other hand, I really quite enjoy a good number of her songs. This is likely not the last appearance from her, as I can see Not Fair getting in pretty high this year. Pity she just doesn't know how to shut up.

59. "I'm Not Alone" by Calvin Harris.
Now this song did very well last year, and probably helped to introduce a lot of people to him. I certainly remember hearing it a lot on Nova, which is something of a relief really when you compare it to the general quality of music on that station. It didn't get quite so much on Triple J, but certainly was well received enough on there.

58. Love Lost by The Temper Trap.
While I quite like a few of The Temper Trap's other songs, I just found this one to be really bland. I guess there's some nice vocal tricks toward the end of it, but it's a bit of not much.

57. The Good News by Philadelphia Grand Jury.
Another Unearthed success, The Philly Jays have done very well for themselves last year. Multiple shows around the country, a very well received album by both the indie and mainstream groups, not to mention having their own mini Festival Day for their album launch.

56. Islands by The xx.
Vote #3 for me, I'm pretty surprised to see these guys make it up so far in the list, since I didn't think that they'd actually make it in at all. Obviously, another of my favourites from 2009.

55. No You Girls by Franz Ferdinand.
Not surprised to see this one make it in, though it'll likely be their only entry for this year. The album wasn't nearly as good as the Self-Titled or even YCHISMB, but I always had fun listening to this one.

54. Crying Lightning by Arctic Monkeys.
Not surprising to see Arctic Monkeys make in this year, even though I wasn't all that big on their album. I thought this was one of the better cuts from it.

53. Animal by Miike Snow.
Whoa, didn't see Miike Snow making it in at all. This was one of those songs I could see maybe making it in the 101-200 list (if they actually post it again this year, that is), but not the top 100. I really liked this song though, and the whole album in fact.

52. Horchata by Vampire Weekend.
And with song, the internet is in a uproar, with one side claiming that OMG VMPRE WEKKND R TEH BST BND EVARR!!!111!!" and the other half side all "VMPRE WEEKND IS RPING MY EAARS!!!1!!". Goddamn, how can one band have such stupid opinions from both sides on them. Fact is, you can't please everyone, and it's pointless to try a make out that something is perfect when nothing is, and on the other spectrum, whining about how bad you think something is just makes you look like a douche. Grow up, internet, grow up. Oh, and yeah, I like this song.

51. Where Did All the Love Go? by Kasabian.
This might be my favourite from Kasabian's latest, though I can certainly see Fire getting in higher then this one. Possibly in the top 20, in fact.

50. Buttons (CSS Remix) by Sia.
Another one from Sia, and this time a remix, which usually don't do too well on this thing. Quite a decent remix too, in fact.

49. All of the Dreamers by Powdefinger.
I like Powderfinger, but this song of their always felt a bit like it's "By-numbers". And it's doubtful to see them get anymore in this time. It wasn't all that long ago when they ruled these lists.

48. Science of Fear by The Temper Trap.
Well, I certainly like it a lot more then their previous song that got in, but I can think of many, many songs that I would have included over this.

47. Set Fire to the Hive by Karnivool.
And as I thought, another entry by Karnivool. I'm somewhat more partial to the former song that got in, but this was the one that got the most attention from the album.

46. Blood Bank by Bon Iver.
Now this one's certainly a surprise, both because it came out at the start of the year (things from that period usually don't fare so well), and because there hasn't been all that much buzz about him recently. Nice to see that he's being recognized for more then just Skinny Love though.

45. Drumming Song by Florence + the Machine.
Certainly a better representation of Florence and Co's sound, though I think this one only managed to get so high due to the amount or airplay that it had been getting on Triple J recently. Still, a nice song, though certainly not my favourite of theirs.

44. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) by Florence + the Machine.
Well, that wasn't much of a break between different groups at all, though it has been known to happen in the past. I'd have thought that this one would get much higher then" Drumming Song", but I guess the recent airplay helped get that one up so high.

43. Awesome by The Bloody Beetroots.
I'm really not a fan of The Bloody Beetroots, but this song is decent enough, I guess. There was better on the album, but there was also much, much worse.

42. Vanilla by British India.
Another song from an album that has yet to be release, this one proved pretty popular last year. It certainly went off when these guys performed it live, that's for sure. Not my favourite song by them, but one I enjoy a lot.

41. Audacity of Huge by Simian Mobile Disco.
Didn't think that this group would actually make it in, but considering the heavy emphasis on dance/electronica this past year, I guess it's not too surprising. This was my favourite song from the album, though I quite fond of the one which had Beth Ditto guesting on it as well.

40. And the Boys by Angus & Julia Stone.
Another song which is yet to be part of an official album, though word is that there's one on the way. It's a very cute song from a very cute band.

39. One Way Road by The John Butler Trio.
No official album release yet, this one seems to have gotten some peoples opinions on the band soured. It's not one of his better tracks, but I enjoy it well enough. As far as the album goes, we shall see.

38. Little Secrets by Passion Pit.
The first appearance from the annoyingly cheery Passion Pit. I'm far more partial to The Reeling myself, though I did rather like this song, and it's likely gotten so high due to the fact that the commerical stations very recently picked this one up.

37. Still Standing by Hilltop Hoods.
Not too surprised to see The Hilltop's make it in, though I'm wondering how many more they'll get in. Likely just the one song at this point, I'm thinking. This song got a lot of airplay on commercial stations, likely cementing the recognition of Australian hiphop (and Hilltop Hoods in particular) in the public's mind.

36. (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To by Weezer.
Perhaps one of Weezer's catchiest songs in years, and also one of their silliest as well. Certainly it's big and dumb, but I rather like it. Songs like this are hardly gonna change the world, but not everything needs to.

35. Resistance by Muse.
The second entry from Muse, and one I much, much prefer over Eurasia. I think they've likely got at least one more, if not two, still to come later. We shall see.

34. Brother by Little Birdy.
Wasn't all that big on the album, but this was by far the highlight from it, I'd say even ranking among the band's best songs. The Paul Kelly influence certainly shows through on this one, and it's all the better for it.

33. Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi.
Didn't think that we'd see an appearance from Kid Cudi, as he didn't exactly get the big hype or exposure down here. Though I guess people liked this song a lot.

32.Ramona Was A Waitress by Paul Dempsey.
I was beginning to think Paul Dempsey wouldn't get a showing in this year's list, but he's finally gotten one in, a bit higher then I thought, as I'd imagined him to slip in more around to 40-60 range and that was it. This past year's been very good for him, and probably bought him an entire new legion of fans.

31. The Waitress Song by Seth Sentry.
Perhaps one of the bigger names to come from the Unearthed competition last year. And this song was certainly very popular with the listeners. I wasn't too fond of this song the first time I heard it around, but it's since grown on me over the year.

30. Hurt Feelings by Flight of the Conchords.
Another entry from Flight of the Conchords, and a much more amusing one then the previous entry. While it is in the same rap style as the previous one, this one just stood out that much more to me.

29. All I Want by Sarah Blasko.
Ah, the lovely Sarah Blasko, I was wondering when you would turn up. One of the more accessible songs from her third album, lovely as it is, there were some others that I did prefer over this one.

28.We Won't Run by Sarah Blasko.
Two Sarah Blasko songs in a row? This certainly pleases me greatly. Perhaps moreso then any other song on the album, I always felt that this one had the most obvious influence from Björn Yttling of Peter Björn and John fame. It was a coupling that worked out far better then I imagined.

27. In for the Kill by La Roux.
I was wondering when La Roux would turn up. They've certainly been one of the bigger success stories on the commercial pop stations go. I won't be surprised if I see another song of their's come up later, most likely in the top 10.

26. Help I'm Alive by Metric.
Before this album, and perhaps more specifically, this song, came out, no one down here had any idea just who Metric were. And now they've gotten to be one of the more popular bands of last year down here. Funny how things work like that.

25. Zero by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
I was wondering when Karen O and Co. would sneak in here, and it's down rather lower then I imagined. I was certain that they'd make it in high, but this does make me wonder on wheter they'll get anything else in.

24. Carol Brown by Flight of the Conchords.
The third and likely final entry from our favourite New Zealander comedy duo, this time in a more soft rock style. I have to say, I certainly do like the vocal addition from Sia in this one.

23. Warp 1.9 by The Bloody Beetroots.
And this is what I meant when I said there was much worse on the album. Damn, do I hate this song. I've always found it extremely grating, and that it just doesn't go anywhere.

22. Cousins by Vampire Weekend.
And a second entry from the inappropriately named Vampire Weekend. The internet's likely having a fit again. Depending on who you ask, it's either one of their best or worst songs. I do like it, but I can think of many others of their's that I prefer, since this one can get pretty annoying fast.

21. Fader by The Temper Trap.
The one Temper Trap song I was sure would get in, and around where I expected it to as well. This is one of the band's better songs so far, and certainly more catchy and immediate then the majority of their work.

20. Sleepyhead by Passion Pit.
If it weren't for the singing, this song reminds me a lot of something that The Avalanches might have come up. I quite like this one, though like many other, I was pretty surprised to find that was a guy singing in it. I am kinda surprised to see Passion Pit get a second song in though.

19. Undisclosed Desires by Muse.
Since this one has been getting all the airplay on mainstream stations recently, I'm not surprised at all to see it get in so high. Those this is another song of their's that has had opinions divided. I actually rather like this one, mostly since it was something completely different for the band.

18. Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders.
Wow, I hadn't expected this to come in at all, let along this high. Pick #4 from me, and I'm eagerly awaiting to see what the band's does on their album for next year.

17. Fire by Kasabian.
While I would've have preferred seeing Where Di All the Love Go up here instead, I'm not surprised in the slightest to see Kasabian get up so high, since it's been such a big year for them.

16. Heavy Cross by Gossip.
While the album itself wasn't nearly as good as expected, this song stands out as a giant highlight from it, since it actually still had the punk edge that many of the others lacked. It also stands out as being the song the broke the band through to many people, so that's certainly something.

15. Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes.
Whoa, talk about a surprise entrant. While it did get quite a bit of airplay on Triple J, at this point in the countdown it's usually dominated by the more mainstream acts. I'm glad to see a rather obscure act make it in so high.

14. Sticks 'n' Stones by Jamie T.
I hadn't expected Jamie T to make it in. I'd figured if he hadn't made it in by now, he wouldn't be in at all. But once again, I've been proven wrong. This song might very well be the catchiest thing that Jamie T's released so far, and considering how catchy his tunes can be, that's saying something.

13. 1901 by Phoenix.
I was beginning to think Phoenix might not show at all. It would have been a shame if they hadn't, since it's been a big show for them, and them also having the favourite album for the Triple J audience of last year. Still, there's a possibility that they may even show again, since Liztomania was pretty big down here as well last year.

12. Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal.
I think we just found our candidate for one of the dumbest songs of the years. It really irritated me at first, but this songs grown on me over time.

11. Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
I hadn't expected that this song would get in higher then Zero, but here we are. I actually prefer this one myself, mostly because of just how odd it really. Plus we get to hear both sides of Karen O's vocal range within the one song, and that's always a bonus.

10. Dog Days Are Over by Florence + the Machine.
Not too surprised to see Florence make it up so far. Besides being the song being the one that introduced us to her, this still might be her band's best work. 2009 was very good for her indeed.

9. Uprising by Muse.
I thought this would be the song that would get the #1 spot actually, due to how big the band became last year and how heavily this song was pushed across the radio. While I like it, I'm also glad to find that the most obvious choice is in this case not the winner.

8. Not Fair by Lily Allen.
Lily Allen's tribute to sexual impotence was all over the radio last year, both Triple J and the more mainstream Nova and even SAFM, which is probably the safest radio station I know of. Though the song does lose it's power when the bits about wet patches and giving head are removed. This one I've always found good for a laugh.

7. Coin Laundry by Lisa Mitchell.
And finally Lisa Mitchell shows up with by far one of the cutest songs of last year. I would've like to see a few more of her songs make their way in here, but having this make is so high will have to do.

6. Bulletproof by La Roux.
Thought this one might crack the top 5, but it's just missed out this time. This song was absolutly loved by the Nova and SAFM crowds last year, and evidentlly well received by the Triple J audience as well. Though that may not be entirely accurate, since all the other radio station audience's go and vote in this poll anyway.

5. Broken Leg by Bluejuice.
A bit higher up then what I expected them to make, but there's no surprise in seeing Broken Leg make it in higher. It's not quite a "gimmick single" as what their 2007 entry was, so that may explain why this song is the one that has gone and made the group so popular. Having a great video clip to it certainly helped too.

4. Liztomania by Phoenix.
And as I thought, Liztomania did indeed get in, and much higher then what I expected it to get in as well. I think this one may just be my favourite Phoenix song yet. It's good to see the love for it.

3. Chase That Feeling by Hilltop Hoods.
And once again, the Hilltops manage to pull in the #3 position, much like they did back in 2006. And much like the song that got them that position 3 years ago, Chase That Feeling is one that greatly expanded their fan base and helped cement their status as Australia's biggest hiphop act. A little bit of repeated history here.

2. Parlez vous francais? by Art vs. Science.
One of the biggest indie dance hits down here last year, and AvS doing what they do best, big dumb singalongs. This one absolutly goes off live, and it has one of the best music videos from last year. Epic Mime Battles for the win.

1. Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons.
This was my second pick for what would make the #1 spot this year, and I'm right this time. It's a nice little story though, a small band from the UK get popularity by word of mouth, and go on to having the most popular song of the year of the (supposed) world's biggest music poll. It's been a very nice year for these guys.

Final thoughts: It wasn't a perfect countdown. It never is. There was some things I would've liked to have seen included. There was entries I felt weren't worthy of being included. But all in all, it was a pretty enjoyable event. I'm happy to see something other then the most obvious choice top the list. And it'll likely make for a pretty good comp CD once they go and put it together in a few months time.


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    Great review!

    Jan 26 2010, 9h42
  • Jeboo-

    Nice coverage of the countdown.

    Jan 27 2010, 10h53
  • Kanetoad1992

    Very, very good review :) I wish Silversun Pickups had had a bit more coverage though .. 'Panic Switch' deserved a lot better than #95 =)

    Fev 18 2010, 1h30
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