I miss our smiles...


Fev 10 2011, 0h51

That's not all...not by far... But I miss how you could touch the center of me... Make my heart sing and feel 10 feet tall...and consequently...the ever present, perpetual smile...

I miss touching your heart... I miss sharing hopeful dreams of us together..Venice, moonlit concerts, hand in hand walks on the beach, playing in the kitchen... I miss sharing thoughts born of a full moon, or a firey sunset. I miss sharing a song lyric that swept my heart to yours...like, "I want to wear out the words, I love you, and you're beautiful"... I miss looking at your pictures...I miss our beach now knowing we may never walk it's sandy shores together again...

I miss your beautiful soulful hazel eyes, your silky golden hair, your silliness, your approval, your friendship, your soul lifting smile...every essence of you...I miss everything about you...

God I miss you my precious baby girl....


  • OurMusic1979

    As some time has passed, I still miss you intensely. But as the initial shock has begun to lessen and realizations have dawned... I'm missing what always has been and is most precious. ..your friendship. I'm not there yet, but from where I am, I can see the landscape where that friendship can resume and be embraced. :-)

    Mar 2 2011, 19h41
  • OurMusic1979

    And I so look forward to the day you make me smile again and me to know you're smiling too!

    Mar 2 2011, 22h06
  • OurMusic1979


    Mar 4 2011, 20h28
  • OurMusic1979


    Mar 7 2011, 18h30
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