Madonna's Top 10 Live TV Performances (According To Me)


Ago 4 2007, 4h53

10. Like A Virgin 1984, MTV VMAS
"Like A Whore"

Madonna's great introduction into the world shocked many, apparently, with her simple yet outrageous stage antics. I'm not shocked by much but one really has to have guts(or whatever it is that Madonna has or doesn't) to get up on stage and just push yourself without any inhibitions whatsoever, when nobody knows who you are or what you're about, and to actually make it work.MadonnaLike a Virgin

9. Express Yourself 1989 VMAS
"Dance and sing, get up and do your thing"

There's something about Madonna that transcends this flimsy thing called fashion. I think it's her ability to wear just about anything, even the most unflattering man's suit with the wierdest corset, with the utmost confidence that helps her pull these things off. I mean, my god, those baggy mens suits she word circa 1989--1990 were really, really ugly, and a lesser woman would feel embarrased or shy wearing them and basically look a damn fool, but not Maddy! That's why I love this performance, with the campy 80s dancing and the rediculous outfits, Madonna still looks like a star. As it should be.
Express Yourself

8. Little Star. 1998, Oprah.

This reworking of my absolute favourite Madonna song when I was but a little 10 year old in 1998 would have been higher had the thing not gone on for too long. She comes across as sincere and warm, and though she looks like she's trying extraordinarily hard to sing well, you have to give credit to her for putting such effort into her daughter's ditty. And I love the black band, she might as well be singing in a bar with transvestites and old people in Brooklyn or wherever the hell Secret was set.Little Star

7. You Must Love Me. 1997. Oscars.

OK it aint the picture from the performance, but it's a nice picture nontheless, much like the perfomance itself.
It's another case of Madonna trying extremely hard to sing very well, and well not succeeding exactly but not falling completely flat. It's the desire to succeed that I admire.

6. Mother and Father. 2003. The Today Show.
You Must Love Me

Warm and intimate - two things you couldn't say with any authority about Mother and Father... untill this perfomance that is. Singing in a pitch perfect voice and strumming basic chords on her guitar, she turns this tacky wannabe disco song into something you could actually be proud to like.

5. Vogue. 1990. MTV VMAs.

Mother and FatherVogue

This perennial favourite of MadonnaNationer's would probably end up a lot higher on other people's lists, but not mine. It's quite good, I think, after all it's classic Madonna: sexy, campy, classy, trashy - all the paradoxes. But points have to be subtracted because of the lip synching and the fact that some things, even the good ones, can go on for too long.

4. Bedtime Story. 1995. Brit Awards.

Well, I'm having a bit of a dillemma as to whether (uh how do you spell that word) this performance should be at number or 3 or number 4... anyway, I guess I'll go with number 4. Number three is quite a special one and deserves that spot owing to it's nature.
Anyway, Bedtime Stories as a song just aint that interesting for me, particularly on it's own. Without Sanctuary, and the blending in of the two songs... borin. But, woah, it appears that during the worst period of Madonna's entire career - when her brain was so fried and that bit that comes up with all the ideas and creativitiy we've come to expect was completely drained - THERE WAS LIGHT. And it came in the form of this luverly, lively and licious performance. It needs no words, just click the link.

3. Everybody. 1983. Somewhere.

Bedtime StoryEverybody

This apparently is Madonna's very first live TV perfomance, but to be honest I don't really care. I've recently become interested in Madonna's early years and it's really fascinating to see this girl who wasn't famous at all just go for it. She sings live in this perfomance which is probably the only reason why it's so high.

2. Sooner Or Later. 1990. Oscars.

WOW is the only way to describe this performance. It's a Madonna you've never known, sexy and assured and most importantly completely FLAWLESS. Yes, even the vocals are well done too.
I only discovered this performance recently, and I'd heard all the praise heaped on it (which I naturally didn't believe, owing to Madonna's fan's way of overtop praise for mediocre things), and it was as good as they say. Something to be proud of, if I were Madonny

1. HUNG UP. 2005.

So I sat down to watch the MTV European Music Awards, which are normally quite shit - giving awards to Ghristina Aguliera and Timbershit left and right - and I really wasn't expecting much. Madonna had this new song out, which I had only heard a few time before (the video had only come out a week before) and I was barely familiar with it.
Watched all the boring introductory bits with Sugababes tits spilling out of their dress, Shaggy attempting to get some from them, John Legend who was too blist to get a performance on the main show singing some dull song on the preshow and then all of a sudden, a big mirrory disco ball appears on the screen. Tick tock, tick tock tick tock... it's all history now.
The sheer momentum and build that this perfomance had, mostly because of the audience that Madonna had in the palm of her hand (despite the fact that most of them probably didn't even know the song at that time) and ofcourse because of the perfectly executed choreography makes this my absolute favourite live tv performance of Madonna's.
She was truly la Reina de Nuit.

Hung UpSonner or Later


  • MusiQ3985

    Interesting. Good selection, however I think 1994 was a GOOD year for Madonna creatively. Especially after the DIRE "Erotica" period/

    Ago 1 2008, 3h42
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