This is Me Smiling: " We're done for now. Sorry."


Mai 24 2008, 18h20

This Is Me Smiling are "somewhere between a hiatus and a breakup"

Here is the entire 21st of May blog post on Myspace:

The state of things...

Well, as for the ambiguous "We're done for now, sorry.":

Our attempt at making a record was a failure in the studio and we pretty much blew our budget with nothing to show for it. The experience sucked the remaining life out of the songs that we'd already spent countless hours practising and demoing, and it created personal tension within the band that will probably take a long time to ease. We're somewhere between a hiatus and a breakup you could say.

I hope that at some point we will be able to enjoy making music together again, but I can't really say if or when that will happen. I know that the other guys are writing and working on their own projects, as am I, so we'll use this myspace to keep you up to date if anything happens there. Ideally the record will still get made, as it is hard to justify ditching the songs and all of the work that's been put into them, but the album cannot get recorded unless the conflict within the band has been resolved and everyone is excited to work together again.

The rest of the band and myself would like to apologize to anyone who's been eagerly anticipating the new record. Thanks for all of your support!

- Dan D. and TIMS

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