6/6/6 - playlist for the End of Days


Jun 6 2006, 10h28

While we sit tight and wait for the apocalypse my workmates and I are enjoying the following music:

Muse - Apocalypse Please. The perfect start, with marching feet and a piano being bashed like it's never been bashed before. This leads nicely into Aim's Demonique which samples Carl Orff's Carmina Burana (the famous music from the original Omen) to scary and ominous effect.

Next, The Fugees, and while The Beast may be a social metaphor, Lauryn Hill does say 666 in it. U2 choose today of all days to get all plangent in Until the End of the World before the beast himself makes an early showing in Satan from the normally chirpy Teenage Fanclub.

All that distorted noise finds its antithesis as Kylie looks on the bright side with Better The Devil You Know. Then we take a quick peek at what the Whore of Babylon's up to as Ella Fitzgerald gives us delicate prostitution ballad Love for Sale.

Reactions to the crisis are mixed; on one side of town Super Furry Animals are in denial with It's Not the End of the World, and on the other Pet Shop Boys are relishing the 'sun, sex, sin, divine intervention, death and destruction' in the fabulous disco of The Sodom and Gomorrah Show.

Finally, it's hard to square the Sympathy for the Devil that The Rolling Stones ask us to feel with the terrifying noise epic of Mogwai's Mogwai Fears Satan.

Two songs to calm down with: Black Box Recorder put things into gentle perspective with It's Only the End of the World ('It's not a death in the family!... our ashes are scattered in space, all of the answers fall into place') and The Sandpipers' Guantanamera is the perfect song for our final moments on earth, as you'll know if you've ever seen best-ever end of the world movie Last Night.

Apocalypse Please
The Beast
Until the End of the World
Better the Devil You Know
Love For Sale
It's Not the End of the World?
The Sodom and Gomorrah Show
Sympathy for the Devil
Mogwai Fears Satan
It's Only The End Of The World


  • bellamysprotege

    Wow thats a cool set of songs! Good choice with Muse and Mogwai - I was surprised to see Teenage Fanclub in an 'end of the world' playlist but it actually makes sense - wouldn't have thought of that Nice one! ali

    Jun 6 2006, 17h34
  • _agent_orange_

    A rendition of Stairway to heaven (backwards) probably wouldn't go amiss either.

    Jun 6 2006, 17h54
  • Orange_Anubis

    i like those backwards clips in your link, _agent_o. Pokemon rap made me laugh!

    Jun 6 2006, 18h05
  • Raelthelamb

    Genesis - Supper's Ready is about the end of the world, probably worth a mention. Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons isn't, but I'd listen to it if the world was ending! Now that my life is done, we look in to the sun...even though I'll be gone, I will live on.

    Jun 6 2006, 18h31
  • Raelthelamb

    Oh, and R.E.M. - It's The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) of course. I don't like double posting, but I can't edit my last one, and that really needed to be mentioned!

    Jun 6 2006, 18h32
  • Bengingermin

    wicked post. May i suggest: Devil Walks In The Sand - The Cooper Temple Clause Evil Rabbit - Roots Manuva Armageddon - Alkaline Trio Ride With The Devil - Raging Speedhorn And my fave: The End Starts Today - Bis ...Actually, think i'll give that a listen now, tempt fate and all that :P

    Jun 6 2006, 18h38
  • dookiehead

    Nice list, but I agree with Raelthelamb. You need REM, it's the definitive apocalypse song.

    Jun 6 2006, 19h37
  • Orange_Anubis

    Cheers for the recommendations guys! Sorry Rael and dookie, i was deliberately trying to avoid r.e.m., i like about half their songs and that one's in the wrong half!! Ben you are on the money with the Evil Rabbit, I am kicking myself. And I love the Coopers' Kick up the Flames album so I should really get off my arse and listen to some more of them.

    Jun 6 2006, 20h12
  • U2Angel

    What about Dave Matthews Band 'When The World Ends'.

    Jun 7 2006, 9h20
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