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Mai 21 2011, 23h48

1349- Demonoir (black metal, ★★★)
65daysofstatic- We Were Exploding Anyway (idm, ★★★½)

A Forest of Stars- Opportunistic Thieves of Spring (atmospheric black metal, ★★★½/★★★★)
A Silver Mt. Zion- Kollaps Tradixionales (post-rock, ★★★)
Abbadon- The Great Fall (black metal, ★½)
Abigor- Time Is the Sulphur in the Veins of the Saint - An Excursion on Satan's Fragmenting Principle (industrial black metal, ★★★½)
Aborym- Psychogrotesque (industrial black metal, ★★½)
Abscess- Dawn of Inhumanity (death metal, ★★★)
Access to Arasaka- Void(); (idm, ★★★★)
Addaura- Addaura (black metal, ★★★)
Adversarial- All Idols Fall Before the Hammer (death metal, ★★½)
Agalloch- Marrow of the Spirit (atmospheric black/folk/doom metal, neofolk, drone, ★★★★
Agyrpnine- 16[485] (melodic black metal, ★★★)
Alcest- Écailles de lune (shoegaze/atmospheric black metal, ★★★★)
All India Radio- The Silent Surf (ambient/downtempo/post-rock, ★★★)
All That Remains- For We Are Many (melodic metalcore, ★★)
Amorphis- Magic & Mayhem (melodic death/progressive metal, ★★★½)
Anathema- We're Here Because We're Here (alternative rock, ★★★½)
Angantyr- Svig (melodic black metal, ★★★)
Anguine- Echo in the Conscious Hollow (funeral doom metal, ★★)
ANImousity- Torture By Animousity (hardcore hip-hop, ★)
Ankrismah- Dive In the Abyss (black metal, ★★½)
Annotations of an Autopsy- The Reign of Darkness (deathcore/death metal, ★)
Arsis- Starve the Devil (melodic death metal, ★★★)
Arts- Vault of Heaven (black metal, ★★)
Ash Pool- For Which He Plies the Lash (black metal, ★★½)
As I Lay Dying- The Powerless Rise (melodic metalcore, ★★)
Atheist- Jupiter (technical/progressive death metal, ★★★)
Atmosphere- To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blade Holy (hip-hop, ★★½)
At the Gates- Purgatory Unleashed (melodic death metal, ★★★½)
Aurora Aeterna- Aurora Aeterna (ambient, ★★★)
Autechre- FACT 122 (idm/breakbeat, experimental hip-hop, ★★★½)
Autechre- Oversteps (idm/experimental electronic/ambient techno, ★★★½)
Autechre- Move of Ten (idm/experimental electronic, ★★★½)
Autopsy- The Tomb Within (death metal, ★★★)

Barren Earth- Curse of the Red River (melodic death/progressive metal, ★★★½)
Beach House- Teen Dream (dream/indie pop, ★★★★)
Belle and Sebastian- Write About Love (indie pop, ★★★½)
Beneath the Massacre- Marée Noire (technical death metal, ★★★)
Bethlehem- Stönkfitzchen (depressive black metal, ★★)
Beyond the Dune Sea- Beyond the Dune Sea (post-rock, ★★½)
Big Boi- Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty (southern hip-hop, ★★★½)
Big K.R.I.T.- K.R.I.T. Wuz Here (dirty south, ★★★½)
The Black Angels- Phosphene Dream (psychedelic rock, ★★★)
Blacktusk- Taste the Sin (sludge metal/hardcore punk, ★★½/★★★)
Black Witchery- Inferno of Sacred Destruction (black metal, ★★★)
Blood of Kingu- Sun in the House of Scorpion (black metal, ★★★½)
Blut aus Nord- What Once Was... Liber I (atmospheric black metal, ★★★½)
Borknagar- Universal (progressive/black metal, ★★½)
Bosques de mi Mente- Nueve días de invierno... (modern classical/ambient, ★★½)
Brenden Perry- Ark (darkwave/downtempo, ★★★½/★★★★)
Brian Eno- Small Craft on a Milk Sea (ambient, ★★★)
BT- These Hopeful Machines (trance, ★★★½)
Bull of Heaven- 203: Like Vast Serpents Infold Around My Limbs (ambient/drone, ½)
Bull of Heaven- 204: For Idle Dreams of Things Which Cannot Be (ambient, ½)
Bull of Heaven- 206: Like Waters Flowing in the River's Course (ambient, ★★)
Bull of Heaven- 207: I Watched You Enter Your Home From Inside a Dumpster (ambient/minimalism, ★★★)
Bull of Heaven- 210: Like a Wall in Which an Insect Lives and Gnaws (ambient/noise, ★½)
Bull of Heaven- 214: Modern Man Is Helpless When Confronted With Death (absolutely nothing, ½)
Burzum- Belus (atmospheric black metal, ★★★)
Bvdub- The Art of Dying Alone (ambient, ★★★)

Carbon Based Lifeforms- Interloper (psybient, ★★★½)
Caribou- Swim (indie electronic, ★★★½)
Carl Sagan's Ghost- Colonial Spa EP (ambient/downtempo, ★★★)
Carl Sagan's Ghost- Especially For Them (ambient, ★★★½)
Cee-Lo- The Lady Killer (pop soul, ★★½)
Celestia- Archaenae Perfectii (L'arche arcane des parfaits) (black metal, ★★★)
The Chemical Brothers- Further (big beat/electro house, ★★★)
Chief- Modern Rituals (alternative rock, ★★★)
Clair Cassis- Clair Cassis (atmospheric black metal/dark ambient, ★★)
Clair Cassis- Clair Cassis II (atmospheric black metal/dark ambient, ★★½)
Coliseum- House With a Curse (hardcore punk, ★★★)
Cradle of Filth- Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa (symphonic black/gothic metal, ★★★)
The Crown- Doomsday King (melodic death metal, ★★★)
Curren$y- Pilot Talk (southern hip-hop, ★★½/★★★)

Daft Punk- Tron: Legacy (orchestral/electronic, ★★★)
The Damned Things- Ironclast (hard rock, ★★)
Dangers- Messy, Isn't It? (hardcore punk, ★★★½)
Danzig- Deth Red Sabbath (hard rock/heavy metal, ★★½)
Darkthrone- Circle the Wagons (heavy metal, ★★★)
Dark Tranquillity- We Are the Void (melodic death metal, ★★★)
deadmau5- 4x4=12 (progressive/electro house, ★★½/★★★)
Deathbound- Non Compos Mentis (grindcore, ★★½)
Deathspell Omega- Paracletus (progressive black metal, ★★★½/★★★★)
Decrepit Birth- Polarity (technical/melodic death metal, ★★½)
Deerhunter- Halycon Digest (indie rock/neo-psychedelia, ★★★½)
Defeated Sanity- Chapters of Repugnance (brutal/technical death metal, ★★★/★★★½)
Deftones- Diamond Eyes (alternative rock/metal, ★★★½)
Dereleech- DNR (ambient/dark ambient, ★★★)
Deströyer 666- To the Devil His Due (black/thrash metal, ★★★½)
Dimmu Borgir- Abrahadabra (symphonic black metal, ★★★)
Dishammer- Under the Sign of the D-Beat Mark (crust punk/thrash metal, ★★½)
Drake- Thank Me Later (pop rap/r&b, ★★½)
Dråpsnatt- Hymner till undergången (atmospheric black metal, ★★★)
Drudkh- Handful of Stars (atmospheric black metal/post-rock, ★★★)
Drudkh- Slavonic Chronicles (atmospheric black metal, ★★★/★★★½)

Ea- Au ellai (funeral doom metal, ★★★½)
Earth- A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extraction (drone doom metal, ★★★)
Earl Sweatshirt- EARL (hardcore hip-hop, ★★★½)
Eluvium- Similes (ambient/chamber pop, ★★★½)
Eluvium- Static Nocturne (ambient/drone, ★★★★)
Emeralds- Does It Look Like I'm Here? (ambient/progressive electronic, ★★★★)
Enslaved- Axioma Ethica Odini (progressive/black metal, ★★★★)
Envy- Recitation (post-rock/post-hardcore, ★★★★)
Ereb Altor- The End (viking/doom metal, ★★★)

Fabrizio Paterlini & March Rosetta- Viandanze Re-imagined (modern classical, ★★★)
False Mirror- Derelict World (dark ambient, ★★★½)
Fifty Foot Woman- Fifty Foot Woman (stoner rock, ★★½)
Film School- Fission (dream pop, ★★★½)
Flying Lotus- Cosmogramma (idm/wonky, ★★★★)
Forgive Me- Last Drop of Life (depressive black metal, ★½)
Four Tet- There Is Love in You (idm, ★★★★)

Galar- Til alle heimsens endar (melodic black/viking metal, ★★★)
Glitter Bones- Amulet Calls (chillwave, ★★½)
The Go Find- Everybody Knows It's Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight (indie electronic/dream pop, ★★★)
Goldfrapp- Head First (synth pop/electropop, ★★½)
Gorillaz- Plastic Beach (electropop, ★★★½/★★★★)
Gorillaz- The Fall (electropop, ★★½)
Graupel- Am Pranger... (black metal, ★★★)
Grave- Burial Ground (death metal, ★★½)
Grey Waters- Below the Ever Setting Sun (alternative/depressive rock, ★★★½)

Hammock- Chasing After Shadows... Living With the Ghosts (ambient, ★★★)
Have a Nice Life- Time of Land (shoegaze/post-punk/drone, ★★★/★★★½)
Heathen- The Evolution of Chaos (thrash/heavy metal, ★★★½)
Hour of Penance- Paradogma (brutal/technical death metal, ★★★)
Husten- Auszeit (plunderphonics, ★★★)
Hydromorphone- Phase IV (ambient/drone, ★★½)
Hydromorphone- While I Sleep and Dream (ambient, ★★★★)
Hydromorphone- Lost Fragments of Time (ambient/minimalism, ★★★)

Ihsahn- After (progressive/black metal, ★★★)
Immolation- Majesty and Decay (death metal, ★★★½/★★★★)
In Mourning- Monolith (melodic death/progressive metal, ★★★½)
Inquisition- Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm (black metal, ★★★½)
Integrity- The Blackest Curse (metalcore/hardcore punk, ★★★)
Intestinal Disgorge- Depravity (brutal death metal/goregrind, ★★)
I Shalt Become- Poison (symphonic/atmospheric black metal, ★★½/★★★)

The Jet Age of Tomorrow- Journey to the 5th Echelon (experimental hip-hop, ★★★½)
Justin Bieber- My World 2.0 (pop, ½)

Kalmah- 12 Gauge (melodic death metal, ★★★½)
Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (hip-hop/pop rap, ★★★★)
Katy Perry- Teenage Dream (dance pop, ★★)
Ke$ha- Cannibal (dance pop/electropop, ★½)
Kelis- Flesh Tone (electropop, ★★★)
Kid Cudi- Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager (pop rap, ★★★)
Killing Joke- Absolute Dissent (post-punk/industrial rock, ★★★½)
Kings of Leon- Come Around Sundown (alternative/pop rock, ★★½)
Kno- Death is Silent (southern/conscious hip-hop, ★★★½)
Korn- Korn III: Remember Who You Are (nu/alternative metal, ★★/★★½)
Krieg- Isolationist (black metal, ★★★)
Kylesa- Spiral Shadow (stoner/sludge metal, ★★★/★★★½)

Lantlôs- .neon (shoegaze/atmospheric black metal, ★★★½)
Lattice- North Rd (ambient, ★★★)
LCD Soundsystem- This Is Happening (dance punk/indie electronic, ★★★½)
Le Berger- De fe'kun.dus ad salus (ambient, ★★★)
Les Discrets- Septembre et ses dernières pensées (shoegaze/post-rock/atmospheric black metal, ★★★½/★★★★)
lil Wanye- Rebirth (rap rock/pop rap, do I even need to put a rating here?)
Linkin Park- A Thousand Suns (pop rock, ★★½/★★★)

m1dy- Lecter In The Sky With Diamorphine (speedcore, ★★★½)
Madlib- Madlib Medicine Show: No. 5 - History of the Loop Digga, 1990-2000 (instrumental hip-hop, ★★★/★★★½)
The Magnetic Fields- Realism (indie pop, ★★½)
Marc Doudin- A Chorus from 06.10AM to 01.42AM (ambient/minimalism, ★★★)
Masta Killa- The Next Chamber (east-coast hip-hop, ★★★)
Max Richter- Infra (modern classical, ★★★½)
Melvins- The Bride Screamed Murder (sludge metal/experimental rock, ★★★)
Menomena- Mines (indie rock, ★★★)
Meshuggah- Alive (math/technical metal, ★★★★)
Misery Index- Heirs to Thievery (deathgrind, ★★★)
Moon- Caduceus Chalice (depressive black metal/dark ambient, ★★½)
Morbid- Ancient Morbidity (black/death metal, ★★★)

Nachtmystium- Addicts: Black Meddle Part 2 (black metal/post-punk, ★★★)
Nadja- Autopergamene (drone/drone doom metal, ★★★)
Nas & Damian Marley- Distant Relatives (east-coast hip-hop, ★★★/★★★½)
Nàttsòl- Stemning (atmospheric black metal, ★★★)
Natural Snow Buildings- The Centauri Agent (ambient/drone, ★★★★)
Negură Bunget- Măiestrit / Măiastru sfetnic (atmospheric black metal, ★★★½)
Negură Bunget- Vîrstele pămîntului (atmospheric black/folk metal, ★★★★)
Neon Trees- Habits (alternative rock/indie pop, ★★)
Nest- Retold (modern classical/ambient, ★★★/★★★½)
Northcape- Captured From Static (idm/downtempo, ★★★½)
Nulltheist- Mortise (dark ambient/drone, ★★★)

Obsidian- Point of Infinity (progressive death metal, ★★★)
October Falls- A Collapse of Faith (atmospheric black metal, ★★★½/★★★★)
October Tide- A Thin Shell (death doom/melodic death metal, ★★★)
OFWGKTA- Radical (hardcore/experimental hip-hop, ★★★½)
Ólafur Arnalds- ...And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness (modern classical, ★★★)
Ozzy Osbourne- Scream (hard rock, ★)
Ov Hell- The Underworld Regime (black metal, ★★)

Pan Sonic- Gravitoni (experimental electronic/industrial, ★★★½/★★★★)
Pantha du Prince- Black Noise (minimal/ambient techno, ★★★½)
Paul Sharma- Safar (ambient, ★★½)
Phillip Wilkerson- Sun Tracer (ambient/drone/progressive electronic, ★★★★)
Phillip Wilkerson- Interplay (ambient, ★★★½)
Phillip Wilkerson- Familiar Voices (ambient/drone, ★★★)
Photophobia- Humana Fragilitas (depressive black metal, ★★½)
Procession- Destroyers of the Faith (doom metal, ★★★½)

Rihanna- Loud (dance pop, ★★)
Robert Rich- Ylang (ambient, ★★½)
Röyksopp- Senior (downtempo/ambient pop, ★★★/★★★½)
Rx Gibbs- Disclosure (idm, ★★★)

Sage Francis- Li(f)e (conscious/east-coast hip-hop, ★★★)
Salem- King Night (witch house, ★★★)
School of Seven Bells- Disconnect From Desire (dream pop/shoegaze, ★★★½)
Seasonal Code- Aortian Dialectus (black metal, ★★★)
Senses Fail- The Fire (post-hardcore/pop punk, ★★)
Shad- TSOL (conscious hip-hop, ★★★½)
Sigh- Scenes From Hell (avant-garde/symphonic black metal, ★★★/★★★½)
Sinister- Legacy of Ashes (death metal, ★★½)
Skrillex- My Name is Skrillex (dubstep/electro house, ★★½)
Sleeping Peonies- Rose Curl, Sea Swirl (atmospheric/depressive black metal/shoegaze, ★★½)
Sodom- In War and Pieces (thrash metal, ★★★)
Soilwork- The Panic Broadcast (melodic metal, ★★½)
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em- The DeAndre Way (pop rap, do I really need to give this one a rating?)
Stellardrone- Invent the Universe (ambient, ★★★½/★★★★)
Stellardrone- Sublime (ambient, ★★★)
Steve Roach- Sigh of Ages (ambient, ★★★)
Sun Kil Moon- Admiral Fell Promises (contemporary folk, ★★★½/★★★★)
Susperia-Electrica- When There's Nothing There (ambient, ★★★½/★★★★)
Susperia-Electrica- Intrinsic (ambient, ★★★½)
Swans- My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky (experimental rock, ★★★)

The Tallest Man on Earth- The Wild Hunt (contemporary folk, ★★★½)
Terzij De Horde- A Rage of Rapture Against the Dying of the Light (black/sludge metal, ★★★)
thegooglist- fitterhappier (noise/drone/glitch, ★½)
thegooglist- sexwiththeghost (ambient/drone, ★★★)
Therion- Sitra Ahra (symphonic metal, ★★½)
This Will Destroy You- Moving on the Edges of Things (ambient/drone/noise rock, ★★½)
Thou- Summit (sludge/doom metal, ★★★½)
Thulcandra- Fallen Angel's Dominion (melodic black metal, ★★★)
T.I.- No Mercy (pop rap, ★★)
Triptykon- Eparistera Daimones (doom/black/gothic metal, ★★★)
Triptykon- Shatter (doom/thrash metal, ★★★)

UNKLE- Where Did the Night Fall (trip-hop/alternative rock, ★★★)
Urfaust- Der freiwillige Bettler (atmospheric black metal, ★★★½/★★★★)

Venerean- Void1. (ambient/dark ambient/drone, ★★★)
Venerean- Humans Are Fragile Creatures (ambient/drone, ★★★½)
Vit- - - (black/doom/sludge metal, ★★★½)

Watain- Lawless Darkness (black metal, ★★★)
Weapon- From the Devil's Tomb (blackened death metal, ★★★)
Weezer- Hurley (power pop/alternative rock, ★½)
Weezer- Death to False Metal (power pop/alternative rock, ★★★)
Westering- Help a Body (shoegaze/ambient/atmospheric black metal, ★★★)
Winterfylleth- The Mercian Sphere (atmospheric black metal, ★★★½)
Wire- Red Barked Tree (indie rock/post-punk, ★★½)
Witchery- Witchkrieg (thrash/death metal, ★★)
Within the Ruins- Invade (deathcore, ★★½)

Various Artists- Dark as Night (witch house, ★★★/★★★½
Various Artists- This Is Dubstep Vol. 2 (dubstep, ★★★)
Various Artists- Whom the Moon a Nightsong Sings (dark folk/neofolk, ★★★★)


  • Chamalla33

    Thanks for including Lattice!

    Mai 22 2011, 16h52
  • Fatbirdsdontfly

    Cool list. Altough i would prefer an order by the amount of stars and not alphabetical. .....do you know planning for a burial - planning for a burial? You might like'em.

    Jun 30 2011, 11h56
  • White_Paws

    Thanks for the review of Aurora Aeterna!

    Out 20 2011, 19h58
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