• Intro

    Mai 24 2008, 21h12

    I doubt anybody's gonna read this, but whatever, I'm bored as fuck right now. I really need more friends that actually like music beyond ironically listening to "The Final Countdown" three times a day. Anyway, I'm a college dropout taking computer science classes and writing for local papers at the moment. And I love music. Mostly noise-rock and experimental shit but also stuff ranging from classical to throwaway pop. As long as it's got something different about it to like, I'm down.

    It's kinda lame, but I got into more underground stuff freshman year of high school when I saw At the Drive-In opening for Rage Against the Machine, and they blew my virgin mind. I'd never heard anything so raw, so powerful before. After that I talked to some of the music snobs at school, got into hardcore punk, and the rest just followed from there. I still love ATDI and RATM, and hold a special place for both of them for introducing me to some awesome music.

    Despite my hard rock start, my favorite band is My Bloody Valentine. It's like noise-rock minus the aggression, and the most beautiful music I've ever heard. Nothing can ever compare to 'Loveless' for me; to remember I was unimpressed the first time I heard the album seems ludicrous to me now. Beauty in noise - that not only sums up MBV, but my how I hear music in general.

    Regarding why I have the tastes that I do, I've realized that I am more attracted to texture and timbre in music than actual melody. I also barely hear the words in lyrics, viewing them more in the context of the music and the emotions they convey than as a meaningful expression of the words of the artist. Both of these contribute immensely to my overall listening experience, and consequently explain my love of noisy music.

    Anyway, this is just a quick intro to myself in relation to music. I'll probably write more about the actual music than pointlessly rambling about myself. If you've ended up on my site somehow, feel free to leave a message or friend me or whatever people do on this site. And thanks for reading.