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  • deathless87

    muchos holas! i'm was currently listening to BIRP! playlist while working.. i got stuck at Furns – Dreaming of the Sea.. it's so lovely. muchos besos from germany ;))

    25 Jun 8h27 Responder
  • busysignalbeats

    omg you were lust listening to his older album sorry this is so embarrasing

    20 Jun 20h33 Responder
  • busysignalbeats

    whats do yu think of the new lone album

    20 Jun 20h32 Responder
  • OidosSangrantes

    Today must be my lucky day....

    28 Mai 5h47 Responder
  • deathless87

    hola ;)) como estas? sry i'm replying so late - i got lots to do right now. White Rainbow is amazing. mille gracias por compartir! what else did you discover ;)? xx

    22 Mai 15h33 Responder
  • deathless87

    nice to hear from you ;)) I'm still alive. I currently think of trip to south america in september. I would do a backpacker trip from caracas, venezuela, to quito, ecuador. it would be the first time, i'm in america. I think it'll be exciting ,)) did you discover new music in the meantime? muchos saludos con mimo

    22 Abr 17h56 Responder
  • deathless87

    heyho! how r u? fur is so nice ;) yesterday i watched "deadlock".. well it's an awesome vintage movie, filmed in the desert of israel. a dirty cruel neo western movie. the landscape and the german krautrock soundtrack flashed me a lot ... muchos besos a mexico

    4 Abr 11h48 Responder
  • deathless87

    hola! i've just looked up some other songs from young hunting.. I don't know, but this song fascinates me somehow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6HVq-uJdJ0 i'm listening to it in an endless loop.. i see, you fell in love with chrome sparks - still sleeping ,)) yeah, it's tooootally addictive xx

    25 Mar 23h25 Responder
  • deathless87

    hello ;) just wanted to leave you a pointless shout, that i'm currently loading the german movie "deadlock" from 1970.. it's the movie from the thieves' vid of headlong into night ;) good night xxx

    21 Mar 0h17 Responder
  • deathless87

    hola rosa! do the thieves work on a EP? the last vid i send you was the first song i heard from broken social scene some time ago. then i got some albums from them, but i was a little disappointed about the rest. i like when they're singing 'now its time, that we grow old and so some shit'.. because its contradictory to what you expect. today it was very windy here for the first time in the year, so i was having a nice windsurfing session on the river - my arms still hurt ;) i finally finished my collection of songs ,)) most of the songs i lost parts of my heart to, also for a longer time. btw this is the way taxis look in guinea, africa http://www.thisfabtrek.com/journey/africa/mali/20061228-bamako/guinea-transport-taxi-4.jpg my friend and me did the same thing on the roof of the car, when we were on the western africa trip. hope you're fine on the other side of the earth xx

    16 Mar 21h24 Responder
  • deathless87

    did you ever try to recreate past events caught up in your head? copies can be such an empty fix... i like the song and the video ,)) i just read that the members of the 'thieves' first met each other at berlin in a park. there's also an old movie with the same name of 1974 (which was based on a novel). what do you think about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK-91jT1f2E ? thank you for beeing such a lovely girl xx

    11 Mar 18h46 Responder
  • deathless87

    yeah, I also don't have a lot of friends with similar taste. some don't have a "taste" at all.. and they listen the same dull music over and over, without making the effort to find new amazing sounds. instead of writing a diary, you only have write down the songs you've currently lost your heart to. today i listened to your collection on the "autobahn" to frankfurt. hope you're fine. besos xx

    6 Mar 18h10 Responder
  • deathless87

    haha, this morning i woke up and at first read your shout on my cell phone. it made me laugh :D this was the best thing all over the day! I'm still listening to your compilation.. i love "Elephant - Shapeshifter", "Les Yeux Verts", "I Only Have Eyes for You". I wish i knew a girl having your music taste xx

    4 Mar 14h35 Responder
  • deathless87

    uhm, what about your play list? ;) I recenty found another nice youtube channel, which I fully absorbed http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0487qnRah-6XlG7Bq-9NCQ muchos besos d'Alemania

    25 Fev 15h32 Responder
  • deathless87

    buenos dias ;) finally I returned back to good old germany. the time in western africa has been a great experience, though I can not speak of a real "spirit of africa". people are very friendly and like to talk to white travellers a lot ;) I still have a lot of fresh pictures in mind, I have to store them somewhere in my head. I've put some pics here http://www.flickr.com/photos/stereotraum/ I loved your comments a lot, when I was lost somewhere in the woods ;) since guinea-bissau was a former portgiese colony, we had communication problems sometimes - I would have appreciated your company very much ;)) we spoke much much french, and english in The Gambia, since it's a former british colony. being back, I can live my obsession for music^^ in senegal I also listened to 'wanna go' on my phone xxx

    25 Fev 15h27 Responder
  • deathless87

    hola! im glad to hear from u ;)) im writing from gambia, africa. here i don't have good internet access. the last days were pretty hard, since heavy backpacking at this climate ripped us of. we love the people very much. i think its a nice experience which will last for a long time. tomorrow we continue to senegal. good music is also rare. in the jungle i got out my mp3 player.. hope you're fine! i'd love to hear from you again xx

    16 Fev 20h33 Responder
  • deathless87

    in the last days i fell deeply in love with this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIFlhzdILMc there's another song some by chrome sparks i became addicted to some time ago, which will also be on the compilation. espero que estas bien xx

    3 Fev 12h24 Responder
  • deathless87

    hola rosaura! haha if you're making your valentine's day playlist, I'd be keen on listening ;)) on my cover there will a vintage view on the sunny ocean with the windsurfers while sitting behind the wheel of my van. yeah i'm really exited this year. i'll probably start my Phd and there'll be a lot of nice music and surfing. on friday i'll start a backpacker trip through western africa with my best friend. we're going from guinea to senegal. there're no trains or busses.. it'll be exhausting, but it's surely a great experience making the way somehow ,)) lol, i just found out that the vid of 'drugs in my body' is also taken from a german movie called "wir kinder vom bahnhof zoo", here in germany the movie is well known^^ muchos besos y buenas noches xx

    3 Fev 0h44 Responder
  • deathless87

    miiiiil gracias por tu ayuda! etas realmente amable =)) sure i'll send you the compilation. i'm also making a cover with photoshop. there'll be the thieves, grimes, port city, summer heart,.. on it. i started windsurfing in summer two years ago - it's pretty much fun)) in may i plan to go to the netherlands with my blue surfing van. last summer we're surfing until it started to get dark. then we slept in the van ;) btw have u ever been to europe? do u know http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwaCYZ6NujI ? haha, the song is completely made up by sound snipptes, taken from disneys' alice in wonderland xx

    27 Jan 22h57 Responder
  • deathless87

    haha i love to hear that.. wanna go also makes my day. i'm working on a compilation of surf songs. i think i will also put wanna go on it. from the EP i also like the last song. actually i'm flashed by "so clear" by the thieves. i tried to look up the lyrics - but there's nothing :( i hope that the thieves will come to germany some time ,)) desire is also pretty good. this is me in december http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyWIEcnu5AI me gusto el zumo de manzana tambien ;) estoy contigo

    23 Jan 12h51 Responder
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