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  • HollandVampire

    I don't even know how that person found that picture in the first place. xD Well I looked horrible, especially my hair. I couldn't straighten my fringe that day ;_; It would have been cool if we actually were a couple but we weren't and we still aren't. I'm friends with the bandmembers on Facebook, which makes me happy since I still love their music a lot! The drummer liked some of my postst which is quite funny. Oliver's always listening to great music on Spotify. They're cool guys :) How come their lyrics are too much? xD "Head Held High" for example is absolutely beautiful. This is a song that could save someone's life. Well I just don't like certain languages, and one of them happens to be French (Don't want to insult anyone, I don't even like my own language xD).

    Ontem 16:00 Responder
  • megthelifter

    I just finished with school a few days ago. I miss you too. <3

    Ontem 13:05 Responder
  • God-Dog

    Here is my fav Silva's song http://youtu.be/67fFO_XVUbA let me know what you think ;D I can't get over Rhye, it's so damn sexy and calm. hahaha

    Ontem 07:23 Responder
  • God-Dog

    Erik Satie is a master, his music makes me feel so good, just like João Gilberto 's music. I love Morcheeba, Perfume Genius, Trust, Nicolas Jaar, Gazelle Twin and Pallers... God!! How I missed Gentle Touch, I love their album, I need to download their stuff again ASAP, thank so much to remind of them :D. Some artist might not appear here because I listen in other computer, while working. Like Perfume Genius that I listened a lot, he made a really beautiful album this year. I need to check Jonathan Johansson, RÜFÜS and Pariisin Kevät. Well, my fav album this year was [album]Mexico[/album] by GusGus , there are great lyrics using the "audio world" words like crossfade and sustain and other as metaphors for relationships and feelings, also Moderat , The Acid , Sophie and a brazilian called Silva who made a lovely album named [album]Vista Pro Mar[/album]

    Ontem 07:22 Responder
  • megthelifter


    19 Dez 23h22 Responder
  • HollandVampire

    In all honesty, I am not a fan of the French language (I don't like Dutch either) so that ruins it a bit for me.

    19 Dez 22h02 Responder
  • HollandVampire

    I've got no idea what's going on inside their heads. One of the pictures is on his last fm page. I have no clue how it ended up in there! http://www.last.fm/music/Rob+Vitacca/+images/71339736 I looked horrible ahaha but still worth the shot. xD We look like his groupies though, wich we aren't >< What do you think of their music? My taste never really changes, but I'll add more and more music. I got into Kpop a few years ago ;p I'm gonna check out the band after I replied to you xD I don't mind going to large concerts, as long as I'm getting a nice spot. I'm usually in the first 3 rows so I'm doing great! xD Lots of bands come to our country, I only have to travel a lot. Most of the time they'll visit Amsterdam, but I live at the other side of the country.

    19 Dez 21h57 Responder
  • HollandVampire

    I didn't even know you had a beard in the first place xD

    19 Dez 20h36 Responder
  • HollandVampire

    But I wasn't crying because he didn't came outside, like they were xD. It's a pity, I'd have loved it to meet him, but maybe next time. I was surprised when Slash showed up! But even if he didn't I wouldn't have gotten mad. I can totally understand it if they don't feel like seeing their fans all the time, it must be tiresome! Especially with crazy ones O_O We had some crazy fans behind us at the Ledapple concert! The boys must have been happy we were standing in the frontrow and not the girls behind us. They were seriously talking about grabbing them from stage!!! And they freaking tried to do that as well!!!!!!!!! My friend and I tried to help the guys by blocking the girls as much as possible. We were totally standing in their way :) People like that shouldn't be allowed to go to concerts ><

    19 Dez 20h36 Responder
  • HollandVampire

    I am a bit of a fangirl, but I'm not crossing the line. And if I ever want work in the event industry I have to act professional right? I got a bit speechless in front of Slash though, I didn't really know what to say hahaha. I got to meet Rob Vitacca from Lacrimas Profundere years ago. Backstage a woman told me to 'do with him whatever I felt like' and to 'grab his butt'. I only wanted to take a picture and was thankful for his time. I did have this crush on him but I have never been a girl like that. He's a guy, he's human, it's harrasment and I would never do that. If I ever get to meet Ashton I just want to talk about music and I really want to know what he thinks of The Doors. Musicians are usually interesting for me because of their taste in music xD I've watched the video hahaha. I was happy as well when Myles gave me a hand so I can relate to them a tiny bit.

    19 Dez 20h31 Responder
  • HollandVampire

    Screaming is fine, at the end of a song haha. I want to hear the music & sing along, I don't want to hear people screaming like they're about to die >< And there are scary stalker fans as well, they should be punished. A celebrity needs privacy as well. The whole "He's mine thing" doesn't have to be anything serious. I jokingly say that to my friends, without the bitch part. But my celebrity crushes are usually married or dead, and if they're married I just hope they're happy. Girls who threaten the wifes are crazy as fuck O_O I'm not a fan of Justin Bieber, that guy needs to go to a therapist. Thank you, I hope your future will be bright ^^ Well actually I just have some yellow 'spots' in them, it's hard to notice ><

    19 Dez 18h45 Responder
  • HollandVampire

    I don't care about his looks. Besides, I wear make up myself, why would I judge a guy for wearing make up as well? Besides, I've seen worse. His own pictures look pretty natural most of the time. Well some are way too obsessed indeed, I've got a weakness for musicians, not gonna lie about that. But I'm not crossing the line, celebrities are only human. Actually at the Slash concert there was this 'Myles' fangirl and she annoyed the shit out of me. I told my friend "Oh wow Myles is cute. Alright he's really cute" and stuff like that. That should be alright to say. But there was this girl, screaming "MYLES MYLES MYLES" and jumping and pushing my friend to get closer to the stage, because we were standing right in front of him. In the end I had to push my friend because she couldn't even stand there anymore, so we had to make some space. I also hate girls who scream 24/7 during a concert. I hate reailty, I tend to live in my own fantasy world, where everything is possible.

    19 Dez 18h39 Responder
  • HollandVampire

    That's a pity! My biggest problem is I am looking (well not really looking but 'if I met someone like that) for someone who has a similar taste in music, a similar lifestyle and similar interests & he has to be funny. Usually I end up having celebrity crushes because of that. There's this new band a friend of mine likes '5 Seconds of Summer' and I really like Ashton because we've got a lot in common. We even wear the same clothes hahahaha. I think the hardest thing for someone is to like me for who I am but yeah, let's see what the future will bring. The eyes sound beautiful by the way! Mine are weird. It's like blue with yellow, or green with yellow. I have no idea. It depends on the light I guess.

    19 Dez 14h13 Responder
  • God-Dog

    thank you so much, your library is quite impressive too ( telefon tel aviv is perfect <3 ) well, i think its ok to be music soulmates lol. any recommendation ?

    19 Dez 6h27 Responder
  • WeOwnTheSky32

    Hey! trouble is my middle name too! No wonder we get along so well. =) . I am doing ok just working a lot. Erin and I are still in two different countries and we are going on two years of separation and we now have a beautiful little daughter together but we should finally be under the same roof in one country by end of January. So finally it's coming to an end!. What are you doing for work now?

    16 Dez 19h53 Responder
  • HollandVampire

    I don't really believe someone's out there for me hahaha. I've got a strong personality and it's hard to live with. xD I kind of agreed with them, people look like animals and in my case it's a cat. xD Oh that's cool! Wish my eyes were special like that, or two different colours.

    16 Dez 12h32 Responder
  • HollandVampire

    But that's so sad, they should be able to experience love as well. Love, when it comes from two sides, how can that possibly be wrong? Humanity saddens me a lot :( Your cat story made me laugh a bit. I've never had any food in my head when they came to me! My former classmates once told me I look like a cat, so maybe that's the reason hahahaha.

    13 Dez 19h48 Responder
  • WeOwnTheSky32

    Hey buddy! So glad to hear from you. Glad your staying busy and out of trouble. =P I have been busy as well but still continuing my music listening or else I would be in a padded room by now. =) Hope life slows down enough for you to enjoy the simple things in life. Don't be stranger! It's good hearing from you friend.

    13 Dez 8h15 Responder
  • HollandVampire

    I followed you on Tumblr (my blog sucks haha) and read your 'About me'. You seem to be a smart person with a great life spirit! You like cats haha! It's weird to say this but cats usually like me xD Even at parties they pick me as a victim to rest on :P

    12 Dez 10h50 Responder
  • HollandVampire

    Thank you for your explanation :D I understand your situation, it's a shame they're giving your country a bad name. I think our view of life is really similar! Extremists are really scary and they're in every religion. Although I believe in God (Christian) I do not believe most of the Bible. Some things are really contradictory and confusing. Actually I'm a supporter of gay-rights and horror is my favourite movie genre. I'm pierced and tattooed. I'm going to hell according to people, oh and I listen to music of the devil of course xD I try to live my life as good as possible and I'm trying to be nice to others and I judge/hurt them as less as possible.

    12 Dez 10h47 Responder
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