• A guide to "Masterpieces" playlist

    Out 26 2014, 16h00

    Note: Work in progress! Will add more, as I'll have time/inspiration. :)

    The world of the music is like an ocean. Whatever one’s musical taste and listening scope may include, there’s always more to discover. These are few of the songs, that I really enjoy listening to, and consider being masterpieces. It may be because of the lyrics, arrangement, vocals, or maybe sum of it all – “good music” is hard to define, and it’s deeply subjective, ofc. Happy discovering!

    Björk Jóga

    Her one of the more “accessible” masterpieces, “Jóga” is lyrically as simple, as musically rich - from arrangement of chords, to Björk’s unique voice. It’s a product of influences, crafted in a masterfully artistic way, and the end result is amazing.

    Florence + the Machine Cosmic Love

    Florence Welch paints a stunning soundscape with her voice, backed up by spine-tingling drumwork, describing falling in love in apocalyptically celestial metaphors of light and darkness. This is a song, where great lyrics, amazing voice, and great instrumentals comes together, to form a musically “cosmic” masterpiece.

    Bent Swollen

    The ending may seem a bit streched-out, but the intro is amazingly rich, etherial and organic. At over seven minutes long, it’s clearly not for Billboard radio tops; this amazing downtempo piece of relatively unknown artist can be considered one of music lover’s private playlist pleasures.

    Alanis Morissette That Particular Time

    Better prepare your dictionary (and maybe some tissues), when diving into the lyrics of this beautifuly sad Alanis masterpiece about broken relationship. There’s no creschendo’s, no deep revelations, no spine-tingling soundscapes, just an experience, translated into a song with lyrics, that says it all.

    Christina Perri Human

    Buildup is the key element of this emotionally powerful piece, and it’s executed perfectly. As with many musical masterpieces, this song is not for cheap audio equipment. Many details are too faint and obscure, especially with youtube sound compression. A quality cd rip on a good sound equipment reviels a detailed and sonically rich masterpiece.

    Dire Straits Brothers in Arms

    A timeless masterpiece about war, death and brotherhood. One of the song’s interesting aspects is the lyrics, describing our world, as one of the many out there – a very “sci-fi” notion, that one may not expect from a piece, such as this.
    Intro is simply chill-inducing, and those guitar chords are musical threat for ears and soul. For those, who have invested in a good sound equipment - this is one of the pieces, where it seriously pays off.

    Tori Amos Winter

    One of the more recognizable Tori’s pieces, “Winter” is a heartbreakingly touching musical story about father-daughter relationship, years that goes by, unfunfilled dreams, and things in-between. Tori’s piano chords dominate the rich sounscape, and creschendo part is a tear-jerking treat for a melancholic music aficionados.

    Audioslave Be Yourself

    Disbanded Audioslave’s rich and dynamic masterpiece hits hard not only with guitar chords, but also with lyrics. While Jessie J. was stealing top spots on charts withWho You Are, one can only nod in a notion, that these “new” topics in contemporary musical landscape are times and times already reflected in some forgotten masterpieces.

    Clint Mansell First Snow

    A soundtrack from "Fountain", this hauntingly beautiful soundscape is a stunningly powerful augmentation of this great movie. The buildup is amazingly atmospheric. Trully a musical piece “not from this world”.

    God is an Astronaut All Is Violent, All Is Bright

    A post-rock masterpiece, starting with a lyrical intro, and building towards a rich and powerful conclusion.

    Amanda Marshall Beautiful Goodbye

    This musical gem starts with a slow opening, building towards a cathartic, soul-tearing crescendo, backed up by powerful lyrics, and Amanda’s stunning voice in reverberation. Not quite a song for parties with friends, but it can be viewed as a musically emotional "treat" for broken hearted. Or just "melomans" in general.

    Gwen Stefani Cool

    The organ play in a pop piece alone is noteworthy, but this song just keep on giving - from Gwen’s excellent singing ability, to arrangement, to discussion-worthy lyrics – it’s as good, as pop can be.

    Uriah Heep Free Me

    An oldschool piece, that has transcended time. A punchy rhythm, fantastic singing, and lyrics, that is more rich and complex, than most today’s radio hits offer.

    Marilyn Manson Tainted Love

    The most powerful cover of this song, Manson’s “Tainted Love” is an oldschool jazz piece, unapologetically “tainted” with heavy industrial chords. Soft Cell may have revived it, but Manson had really reanimated it - in a grotesquely beautiful monster of a song.

    Marc Cohn Walking In Memphis

    Cohn’s signature song is one of the landmarks of 90’s music, with it’s uplifting lyrics, great arrangements, and inspiring singing.

    Cat Power The Greatest

    This rhytmically rather asymmetric ballad has really captured an emotion in a timeless shell of musical awesomeness. Made for a deeply personal listening, this will be a music lover’s “baslam for soul”, for generations to come.

    PJ Harvey A Place Called Home

    As long as there will be someone, longing for a place that he could trully call a home, this song will be a relevant PJ’s masterpiece.

    Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven

    So classical, and so widely considered a masterpiece, that I don’t have to come up with complex, prising lines, to say, that it is.

    Tori Amos Gold Dust

    Not many will truly appreciate the beauty of this hauntingly sad piece, and it won't be played on the radio, but for those melancholic moments in life, when you want to drench your soul in something musically gorgeous, and not from this world, Tori’s “Gold Dust” is the one masterpiece, to include in that oh-so anti-Billboard playlist of yours.

    Delta Goodrem Extraordinary Day

    Perhaps not the most well known Goodrem’s song, it’s an expression of her fear and uncertainty at the time, when she was diagnosed with cancer on July the 8th, 2003. The intro is quite stunning, with its deep bass and dark piano chords, that cascade further with Goodrem's well-controlled vocals. There’s an emotion running throughout the song, and the production quality puts an icing on this musical masterpiece cake.

    Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man Spider Monkey

    “Out of Season” is a landmark album in musical melancholy, and “Spider Monkey” is, perhaps, the most haunting song, with its reverbal chords, Beth’s smoky gentle voice, and bit creepy lyrics about time and memories.

    Dido This Land Is Mine

    Dido may be better known for songs, like “White Flag”, “Life for Rent” or ”Here With Me”, but this sonically gentle piece, about keeping love at bay, is one of the more hidden musical pearls in the ocean of music.

    Tori Amos I Can't See New York

    It's hard to find the right words for the piece, that I consider the most important song in the Universe. On its surface it’s a musically stunning memorium of 9/11, but below that we have an otherworldly journey in human soul, searching for love, revelation, redemption and fulfilment, across the sides of both, life and death.

    Florence + The Machine Shake It Out

    It’s hard to write a really powerful and dark lyrics, without ending up with something corny, but Florence Welch seem have this unique, uncanny ability. This psychedelic musical piece about spiritual rebirth is an artistic landmark, in a sea of flashy, but otherwise cheap, cash-milking radio pieces.

    Sarah McLachlan The Path of Thorns (Terms)

    Sarah McLachlan have many great emotional ballads, but “Path of Thorns” is, perhaps, her one of the most lyrically rich and complex depictions of hardships of love. This is a song, that grows together with its listener, and it ages like a good whiskey, as the years go by.

    Tori Amos Flavor

    Tori paints an otherworldly etherial musical landscape, questioning our choices, beliefs, place in this Universe, and God, in this stunningly produced masterpiece. This song is outside the confines of time, space, and genre.

    Björk Army of Me

    Aggressively dynamic, and dominated by Björk’s unique voice, “Army of Me” is a splendid opening of her amazing 1995 album “Post”.

    Dire Straits Telegraph Road

    At 14 minutes 20 seconds this is a “Holy-lenghtofasong-Batman!”, but it’s worth getting to the tenth minute, where guitar, piano and drums combine in a stunning creschendo, that totally justify your ridiculously expensive audio system.

    Stevie Nicks Edge of Seventeen

    Fantastic voice, lush instrumentals and hauntingly familiar 80’s vibe. And no auto-tune.

    David Bowie Moonage Daydream

    Crazy lyrics, psychedelic Bowie personality, and a kick-ass guitar solo. Talking about psychedelic - you can dig up talking racoon, aliens, the Goblin King, and who knows what else, through this song.

    To be continued...