151a - Kishi Bashi: not really an album review


Abr 19 2012, 16h33

Room For Dream, the 4 song EP was amazing. I'm a fan of Jupiter One but Kishi Bashi's solo stuff sounded much more interesting to me. I was super excited when I heard that K was going to wright an album. The excitement came down a notch when I found out that a song from the EP was going to be on the album. Ok, whatever. Then TWO songs from the EP. Alright I can deal, but wait there's only 9 songs total! I'm not talking Between the Buried and Me 10 - 15 minute epics, these are 3 - 4 minute songs that total just over 33 minutes. I'm not opposed to short albums of all new material, but when 1/4 of it is OLD matieral it's disappointing. On his bandcamp page The EP is now described as a single, and the album is described as an EP. OK OK whatever. That said, the songs on 151a are beautiful, well constructed works of art. They don't all pack the same punch. Each song has its own distinct personality and they seem to fit different moods. Some songs will stand out more than others and the stand-out songs seem to change depending on my mood. It's refreshing, I'm really enjoying it, and I'm looking forward to more.


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