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Abr 1 2012, 1h28

The Civil Wars (, , , , , )

John Paul White and Joy Williams have an other worldly chemistry on stage. Their name comes from the notion that they are complete opposite personalities, yet together, they intersect at such a lovely musical place. Congratulations on winning 2 Grammys guys, how fitting! I also think Joy has one of the prettiest mouths I've ever seen, and well the sound that comes out of it is alright too. Favorites of mine: I've Got This Friend, Poison & Wine, My Father's Father, 20 Years, and Falling.

Billie Jean (Michael Jackson Cover)


Broken Bells (, , , , )

Another side project from Danger Mouse featuring James Mercer of The Shins. Their music is a sublime blend of Mercer's Indie rock vocals and some of Brian Burton's finest mellow electronic production to date. Shiny tracks: The High Road, The Mall & Misery, and The Ghost Inside


Sleigh Bells (, , , , )

I like to describe Sleigh Bells in two words: EXPLOSIVE FUN! Guitarist/producer Derek E. Miller, formerly of Poison the Well, and once teen pop singer Alexis Krauss make a smashing duo, blending electroclash, noise-pop, with other interesting elements, making a sort of drumline cheer crunk with huge guitar riffs. Highlights include: Rill Rill, Crush, and Never Say Die.

Cute interview

Lissie (, , )

Lissie hailing from the banks of the Mississippi itself, sounds much as one would expect from such origins. I think she has the touches of a young Janis Joplin with a little Stevie Nicks, and Chrissie Hynde in there as well. Soulful, with a touch of blues rock would be appropriate in describing the predominant body of her work, however, she has enjoyed some crossover success most notably on a deadmau5 remix of a Morgan Page track as well as some incredible YouTube cover song performances and guest appearances. Loves include: When I'm Alone, Record Collector, Everywhere I Go, and Little Lovin'.

Eventually I will get an Ellie Goulding feature up but I must shoehorn this great duet in here.


  • Mudduck

    Nice one, Thanks for putting this together :)

    Mai 6 2012, 7h26
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